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Helena Bonham Carter Money is not Everything for Aristocrats

We know there is a special stratum of actors in this world and we know the part of the high society with the evidenced genealogy to be aristocrats throughout centuries, really nobles not those who acquired titles of nobility in various «societies». As for actors who come from real aristocratic families with old history, there are some of them who we are aware of. Helena Bonham Carter is the actress who is in the group of this exceptional people who can boast with the noble blood. Her great grandfather, Lord Asquith, was titled the Prime-Minister for Great Britain who headed the government of His Majesty within 1908 and 1916, and her grandmother was the Baroness Bonham Carter.

The Occult Minerals Magic of Stones

Stone is one of mysterious things in nature. They stones appear magic to humans since they are durable; humans die and disappear but stones look the same. Actually, stones undergo changes either, due to weathering, for example, though this is far lasting process that it goes too invisible for human beings. It is obvious why people who tend to live eternally aspire to give the stones the magic features as the symbol of unattainable eternal life.

Plaza Athenee Hotel the Heart of Paris

The variety of the Leading Hotels of the World unites several hotels that belong to the network Plaza Athenee. So, the buildings named like this are built in Bangkok and New York. However, the absolute symbol and pride of the Plaza Athenee is the hotel of the same name in the center of French capital. This is the hotel where everything was initiated from.

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Regaining Shape after Childbirth

Thursday, 20 August 2009

regaining shape after childbirthYoung mommies especially those who love perfection and are very sensitive about their body image have mixed feelings when they look in the mirror after their baby is born. On the one hand, they must keep to a diet but on the other they obviously cannot, they have to exercise but have no time for working out. Add the permanent sleep deficiency, stress, and anxiety for a small screaming lump - all of this, of course, has its toll on the well-being of women, and their dissatisfaction with their shape builds up and develops into self-deprecating obsession. Flabby thighs and legs, raging cellulite, sagging tummy, no muscle tone... This is a standard post-childbirth picture.

Some moms, however, are willing to find some quality «me-time» in the intervals between breast feeding. They are ready to start working on their shape immediately after childbirth. But crush diets are strictly forbidden for young mommies as well going to the gym right after the hospital. You cannot put your body to extra stress by starving and working out, because your body needs some time to recover and lose that «pregnancy load».

However, you can help to make it happen, but the main thing is not to overdo it and not expect quick results. When you have selected appropriate body-shaping routine and diet, you can return to your pre-pregnancy body within 9-12 months after childbirth.

Eat Well, but Eat for One

A message to all pregnant and lactating women that you should eat for two is hopelessly outdated. A baby in the womb and in the cradle will take its portion of nutrients when the mother keeps to a well-balanced diet. If a mom wants to lose weight, and tries to limit the intake of harmful foods (the list can be easily found on the web, see «How to Lose Weight in a Week without Leaving Your Couch»), then she should shorten sail on dieting.

The deficiency of essential substances, vitamins and minerals will affect the well-being and health of the baby. What about the delicious extras like junk food, etc.? They should be banished from your diet and left on the shelves of the malls where they belong. By «junk food» we mean pickles, smoked foods, sausages, cakes and other bake which make mommies feel better in the short moments of post-childbirth rest. But lean sorts of fish and meat, some cheese, dairy products, cereals, nuts, vegetables and fruits can stay. These foods are quite enough for eating and losing weight, if you think about it.

Slow Steps to Slim Shape

If you gave birth during the summer both you and your baby are lucky. First, it is the season when fresh fruit and vegetables abound hence plenty of vitamins, and second, you have an opportunity to take long walks with a pram in the open air which are beneficial both for your health and your body.  Nutritionists say there is nothing better for effective but not exhausting process of weight loss, than walking as it provides cardio exercise which improves metabolism and promotes «slimmimg».

You can engage in full-scale fitness not earlier that a couple of months after a natural delivery, or more in case of a caesarean. You cannot rush to perform the traditional crunches on the floor - there is a risk of suture line disruption, if there is any, or aggravation of other labor after-effects. It is better to give preference to hoop, swimming, aqua-aerobics, and treadmill. In the first post-delivery months weakened abdominal muscle will gradually regain tone and restore to their regular condition without extra effort.

What You Can Do

Both during pregnancy and after childbirth you should use cream for the prevention of stretch marks, which are much harder to remove than to prevent. If the thighs and buttocks are covered with cellulite bumps, you should definitely combine exercise for this area with anti-cellulite cream. Later, you can go to beauty or spa parlour for mesotherapy or massage which will help to achieve perfection and smoothness of the skin.

When walking and at home, with a pram or a baby in your arms, you should never forget about your posture, do not slump under the weight of the problems. Straight back and posture transform your look dramatically. Straighten your back and shoulders - you're a mom, be proud of yourself!

Inessa Hyder

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hema  - meso   |2009-12-17 04:11:10
How r u? I read ur info. I just want to ask is it ok if I do mesotheraphy after caseran section. I gave birth 3 months back. Is it safe to do mesotheraphy????
And can I get pregnant after mesotheraphy??? What are the side effects??
Pls reply soon
neethu  - lavana thailam   |2010-03-25 18:57:04
is it advisable to use lavana thailam or such ayurvedic oils on fatty areas to reduce fat.its heard that such oils have certain side effects.
Bejusu  - re: lavana thailam   |2010-04-04 07:40:30
whether it is addvisable or not dont know, but certain ingredients which are included in that are decribed as poisonous plant by FDA and which acts on DNA and chromosome structure.
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