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How To Wear A Wrist Watch Properly – The Lesson of Style

When purchasing watches, no one is questioned with how to wear watches, actually. This appears to be logical and rational. Nevertheless, the simplest things happen to be complicated sometimes. Everything is made from details and details sometimes mean far more than the whole. People who really wander how to wear watches properly exist and they are really concerned in this issue.

Cigar Lighters – Torches To Splash Delight

The Cuban leader Fidel Castro, a revolutionary Che Gevara, politicians Winston Churchill and Bill Clinton, writers Somerset Maugham and Mark Twain, the actor and the political figure Arnold  Schwarzenegger – these names are well-known and these figures are best known to the world for their political, social, literary and other achievements. Moreover, the abovementioned people highly esteem cigar smoking and, thus, they come as people who own the greatest number of tools and accessories so requisite for this leisurely process and among others there are cigar lighters.

Crystal Glass Tableware – A Song of Crystal

In the light of a variety and availability of glass items, glass ware is still appreciated by plenty people, especially when it comes to cut glass. The cut glass produces a long, lingering and musical tune when you put your finger at the cut-glass edge. So, in Japan the craftsmen make unique musical instruments. A crystal violin, completely transparent, is estimated for fifty thousand USD. Crystal glass tableware is not so much expensive though it is able to produce the charming, unique and so brittle music providing it is properly cared.

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Queen Nefertiti's Secrets

Thursday, 28 May 2009

NefertitiNefertiti, Queen of Egypt, was considered to be the most beautiful woman at her times and even till now her makeup style is in vogue, and plastic surgeons try their best to imitate the shape of her eyes, lips and nose. Style by Nefertiti became in style among the fashionmongers that even designers create dresses, ethnic jewels and sandals to look like Nefertiti.

Queen Nefertiti was born in 1370 B.C. though Egyptologists cannot still come to one conclusion about her parentage for sure. Yet, almost all of them guess that the secret is in her name.

Nefertiti is translated from Egyptian as «beautiful one is come» which means that she came from other places than Egypt. There is another version that Nefertiti was the daughter to Tushratta, the King and Juni, the Queen, from the neighboring Mitania, a kingdom in Mesopotamia, place of residence of the legendary Aryas. The parents called the princess Tadukhipa and raised her in traditions of monotheistic Aryan religion according to which she worshiped the Sun as the one and only Deity.

12 year-old Tadukhipa was likely sent by her father to Egypt as the present for the Pharaoh Amenhotep III for the «House of Jewels» (Harem) and became one of foreign princesses among many others to give birth to King's heirs and to get older in a lonely. But her fate was more victorious.

Soon after Nefertiti arrived to Egypt, Amenhotep went aloft and according to ancient traditions all Pharaoh's wives should have been sacrificed to death together with him and buried in the tomb. However, the son of the deceased, Amenhotep IV, escaped Nefertiti from death and married to her. And that was the real love that forced him to do that. He signed every public document swearing in love to the God and Nefertiti. He called Nefertiti «The Queen of joy pleasing the Heavens and Earth with her sweet voice and kind heart».

The reputed bust of Nefertiti discovered by the German archeologist Ludwig Borchardt in 1912 in the desert is deemed as a genuine wonder of the world art. Borchardt in secret took the artifact to Germany and granted to the Berlin museum. In its turn, Egyptian authority required the artifact back under the treat of fatal damnation by Nefertiti. There was a rough negative response from the German government, and likewise, the Fascist leader took the sculpture in his bunker and looked at the silent beauty for hours.

Currently the bust is in the Berlin Museum though the government decided for ongoing return of cultural heritage back to Egypt and Nefertiti will come home soon, perhaps.

The hands of the ancient craftsman shaped the Queen as a green-eyed beauty with well-lined black eye-brows, full and sensitive lips, fine nose, resolute cheeks, a swan-like neck and a tiny shapely figure.

Though, as any woman of fashion, the Queen was familiar with techniques on how to get more attractive. She dyed her nails with henna or liquid gold, took bath with sea salt, and rubbed aroma oils into her skin. Instead of the traditional powder, she used powdered natural minerals, she outlined her eyes with antimony, made her lips brighter with berry fondant; she used to wear shear linen dresses and showy jewelry, with two earring in one earlobe. The spouse to the Pharaoh liked wigs with braids, many-colored locks and gleaming hair clips.

Nefertiti was very experienced in politics and she was highly practiced in the skill of persuasion. She called herself «Nefer Nefer Aton» (Beautiful of Aton). She convinced her husband to refuse from Deities of his ancestries and take her religion worshipping the one single God - Aton of the Sun. Soon after Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten (pleasing to Aton) and built Akhetaton, a new capital in Sahara. The Pharaoh announced his wife as a joint Ruler and caused all her orders executed. Nefertiti decided to destroy ancient temples and persecute priests of old religion.

The nation accepted the new religion mutely and prayed in sun rays every morning. The Queen regularly appeared on the balcony of her temple and rained the Egyptians with golden coins persuasive in her words that the gold is gifted by Aton, and on holidays she creatively performed in front of her subjects. Her speeches absolutely hypnotized the public that they listened to her with open mouths.

The personal life of Nefertiti was not triumphant though. She gave birth to six daughters and when the six infant came to world, Akhenaten decided for a new wife. Young Kiya, his new wife, granted him with  a «golden baby» Tutankhamun ensuring the new generation for the XVIII dynasty. As for Nefertiti, she had to live out of town raising Tutankhamun as the heir to the throne. In a year the Pharaoh missing his wife allowed her come back to the palace though they were not fated to live together.

In a while exiled priests united and rioted. 40-year-old Akhenaten got blind and was put to death.   Nefertiti was 35-year-old then and she managed to reign some time as the Pharaoh named Smenkhkare but finally she was killed to death as well. Rebellions destroyed all the temples in Aton; they annihilated Akhetaton and all evidence of the royal family. Nefertiti's tomb was robbed and her body was terribly disfigured.

Yet, in 2003 the British archeologist Dr. Joann Fletcher announced that she discovered mummy of Nefertiti. The scientists put the anonymous mummy through digital scanning and determined that the appearance of mummified stranger complies with the look of Nefertiti in ancient sculptures.

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nono  - hola   |2009-09-30 14:15:28
yo me gusta el parafo mucho
sarah  - love it!   |2009-11-02 00:48:07
love all the info!
youdontneed toknow  - huh?   |2009-11-11 10:14:42
is it true?
jessica  - hey   |2010-01-02 18:25:16
nice information, but i heard that king tut was her son,and that later she got married with him to not loose power, but; it is said that she was killed by many of her enemies, and after their mumified her their enemies change her from the tomb and destroy her face, because she still look gorgeous.
Asjia  - .......   |2010-01-17 20:26:48
King tut was her step-son. Nefertiti had 6 daughters. Her husband wanted a son to that the throne. Kiya was king tut's birth mother. Later Kiya died, and tut was raised by Nefertiti. Some say she had his mother killed, because of the love tut brought to her husband.

King Tut was married to Ankhesanamum, who was his half-sister (Nefertiti's daughter).

Egyptians believe that if you destory the body of a mumified person, their soul cannot travel to the afterlife.
tiffany  - what...   |2010-03-18 04:26:04
where was the queen discovered and how?
catelyn  - hey   |2010-03-01 01:40:51
i am doing a project on her and tut was her step son i am pretty sure. she got married to akhenaten his dad i dont ever think she married tut. she had 6 kids with his father.
Lydia   |2011-10-07 04:50:37
No I'm pretty sure king tut was kiyas son but kiya died in childbirth so Nefertiti accepted him as her own son
ceres  - her bath   |2012-01-23 04:30:34
most of her secrets and rituals I studied still did anyone know what her bath looked like, these women were the masters of spas!
Sandy  - Project   |2010-03-10 15:10:25
by the way, the information about nefertiti's childhood might not be true, i have been on many other websites and says nothing about her childhood... but everything is else is true :) Thank you x
marisa  - kiya   |2010-04-19 17:38:12
did she really kill kiya or did kiya die on her own?
Lydia  - No   |2011-10-07 04:45:39
I'm pretty sure kiya died in childbirth. Not because anyone killed her but simply of childbirth. Then her sun was brought Nefertiti and she took care of him.
Sonya   |2012-02-25 21:56:48
No Nefertiti disappeared and then Akhenaten got married to someone else and then they got a son. (their son was king tut)
kishore  - childhood   |2010-05-11 05:25:41
i have read books about her childhood
her lovely nature and her gaining love from the king is explained extraordinarily
the above story is almost true but she gave birth to twins on her first pregnancy those are boys. and on her first pregnancy she started praying the god Aton this is true
Lydia  - Ya   |2011-10-07 04:47:35
I thought akhenaten believed in atenolol first and Nefertiti wanted to become queen so she played a trick and madder her husband believe she was the one for the thrown because she believed in aten to.
taylor moore  - how did nefertiti die anyways?   |2010-05-24 01:31:19
how did Nefertiti die anyways? I'm going to find out how nefertiti died. I didn't know that Nefertiti had six daughters as well as six infants.
kishore  - she was assasinated by priests of aton   |2010-08-08 16:12:55
after ther death of her husband Akhenaten due to the plaugue , every body thought god of old religion got angry then nefrititi regained the power as the queen and king herself and started ruling egypt by herself and stopped praying aton then due to this the preists of aton got angry and they assasinated her in her royal palace they killed her in such a way that every one scared about them then the son of kiya second wife of Akhenaten and last daughter of nefreitit became the king and queen of egypt and after the death of them again nefretiti father ayi became the king and again he was assainated by the then general hombern or somether name , he assaisinated complete family of King Ayi, but her second daughter and sister of nefrititi was alive by chance and as she was the last heir of king the general married her forcefully and became king and King Ayi's second daughter and Queen Nefrititi's lovely sister Mohamb became queen and she deied in her child birth and this is how the complete dynasty of nefrititi gone and 18th dynasty of eygypt ended but in 19th dynasty the daughter of nefriti's sister was married to the then king of egypt and she became queen of egypt like this the complete family of nefrititi stood on the throne of egypt.
kishore  - re: childhood   |2010-08-09 08:42:26
i have read books about her childhood
her lovely nature and her gaining love from the king is explained extraordinarily
Lydia   |2011-10-07 04:48:40
I thought she died after she was murderers because after her husband died she went back to the old gods and then the high priests of aten didn't like this and he murdered her and one if h daughters
karry  - DNA testing was done.   |2011-03-30 18:53:44
The DNA that Dr. Zahi HAwass did on the younger female body in KV63 proved that to be King Tuts birth mother. However he neglected to call the body that of Nefertiti. Because he believed so strongly that his birth mother was the princess Kiya from Mespotamia. I believe that is Nefertiti she was also proven to be Ahkenatens half sister through dna also. They had a t.v. show on History a few years ago over all the DNA Hawass had done.
amanda  - Nothin   |2011-05-03 23:07:53
Um. This was very helpful. Although I wish there were more pics
Erin  - MAKEUP?!?   |2011-05-23 00:38:12
Hola. This is kinda helpful. But what can you tell me about the makeup that Queen Nefertiti wore???
Taryn  - amazing   |2011-12-09 13:59:07
She was very beatiful.
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