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How To Wear A Wrist Watch Properly – The Lesson of Style

When purchasing watches, no one is questioned with how to wear watches, actually. This appears to be logical and rational. Nevertheless, the simplest things happen to be complicated sometimes. Everything is made from details and details sometimes mean far more than the whole. People who really wander how to wear watches properly exist and they are really concerned in this issue.

Cigar Lighters – Torches To Splash Delight

The Cuban leader Fidel Castro, a revolutionary Che Gevara, politicians Winston Churchill and Bill Clinton, writers Somerset Maugham and Mark Twain, the actor and the political figure Arnold  Schwarzenegger – these names are well-known and these figures are best known to the world for their political, social, literary and other achievements. Moreover, the abovementioned people highly esteem cigar smoking and, thus, they come as people who own the greatest number of tools and accessories so requisite for this leisurely process and among others there are cigar lighters.

Crystal Glass Tableware – A Song of Crystal

In the light of a variety and availability of glass items, glass ware is still appreciated by plenty people, especially when it comes to cut glass. The cut glass produces a long, lingering and musical tune when you put your finger at the cut-glass edge. So, in Japan the craftsmen make unique musical instruments. A crystal violin, completely transparent, is estimated for fifty thousand USD. Crystal glass tableware is not so much expensive though it is able to produce the charming, unique and so brittle music providing it is properly cared.

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Patchouli in Aromatherapy

Thursday, 26 March 2009

patchouli aromatherapyThe fragrance of patchouli essential oil is exotic, luxurious, bitterish, sensual and incredibly persistent. Patchouli is a bushy herb of the mint family. The stems of the plant are erect and villous reaching two or three feet, with big featherlike leaves, and pink-white flowers. The essential oil of the patchouli is of healing effect and is in widespread use in aroma therapy. Dry leaves of patchouli are distilled with the water steam and the outcome is only 3 to 4% of oil.

Baths with some drops of the patchouli have a rejuvenating and health-improving effect to the organism; it increases immune system to resist infections which is most significant during fall and winter.

Essential oil of the patchouli is successfully applied for people with excess weight due to its characteristic to flash out excess water from the body and control the appetite.

Patchouli is an excellent skin tonic; it is used in many synergistic skin care formulas. Its essential oil is effective to strengthen and enliven skin after the heavy and result-oriented diets. It is well-known that it has an excellent lifting effect.

Essential oil of the patchouli prevents stagnation of fluid in the organism, thus is good to add to anti-cellulite skin care cosmetics.

Aroma therapy effectively applies bactericidal properties of the patchouli essential oil; therefore it is successfully used in healing of various skin diseases. Patchouli essential oil is used to treat eczema, dermatitis, acne; it heals cuts and scratches, is effective in cases of mattering wounds and fungal infections.

Cosmetics industry also effectively uses patchouli essential oil since it is perfect cosmetics to care the greasy and spongy skin.

It is observed long ago that the influence of the patchouli essential oil onto the central nervous system and the emotional status of a human being is very important. It helps relaxing, it relieves stress and depression, it facilitates overcoming the nervous exhaustion, relieves the feeling of sorrow and uncertainty.

Patchouli also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, increases capacity for sexual arousal impaired as a result of difficulties of a psychological nature. Frigidity and sex impotence gradually give up.

Eroticizing effect of the essential oil is apparent and is not subject to be disputed. Aroma bath with some drops of this essential oil is the perfect prelude to the night of love.

Patchouli essential oil is also widely used as a hair care means, dandruff care, to strengthen the scalp.

Methods of application of the patchouli essential oil and dosage to use in aroma therapy are as follow:

  • For hair care: add 10 to 15 drops of oil to the shampoo, and this is normal for 100 ml of shampoo. Wash your hair as usual.
  • For enrichment of creams and strengthening of effectiveness thereof:  add 4 to 5 drops of the patchouli essential oil to 15 to 20 g of the basement.
  • Bath for feet: add 3 to 7 drops of the patchouli essential oil to the warm water.
  • For face skin care: mix 10 to 15 drops of the patchouli essential oil with 100 ml distilled water and wash your face with this mixture every day. This stuff is especially effective in acne treatment.
  • For aroma lamp: as a rule, take 1 to 2 drops of the essential oil to 5 square meters of the desired area.
  • For massage: take 4 to 6 drops of the essential oil to 20 g of the basement. If at home you may use vegetable oils as basement for massage procedure (olive oil, maize and Soya oils).
  • Add 6 to 7 drops of the essential oil of patchouli to the bath of warm water. It is recommended that you dilute a required amount of oil in one glass of sour milk, yogurt, milk or cream. It is known that essential oil can never be diluted in water. Also you can add some oil to one tablespoon of sea salt.
  • Apply 3 to 4 drops of the essential oil to the wet compress from gauze or soft napkin.

Patchouli essential oil as well as any other aroma oil may cause allergic reaction. Prior to using the essential oil we advise that you make a simple test of compatibility. Dilute some drops of the patchouli essential oil in some vegetable oil; apply the mixture to the wrist zone. Should the oil does not cause allergy within the consequent 12 hours including burning, redness, itching, rash, then you are welcome to use it. When you apply the patchouli essential oil to the skin, you will feel slight tingling within 1 to 2 minutes, but do not worry, this is a normal reaction. Pregnant women are strongly forbidden to use patchouli essential oil.

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A student or a business man, shirts are found in the wardrobe of any men living a social life. Anyone following fashion tendencies owns a pair of slim fit shirts for any occasions to distinguish against other common shirts. This kind of shirts is less trendy for mature men since the design of shirts requires fit and athletic torso which is rarely available with men over 45. Men’s slim fit shirts are good to fit with any suits, in loose manner, tightly fit in trousers.

Lingerie – Alluring and Stretchy Fashion

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Lancome brand is appreciated globally as one of the most recognizable manufacturer of perfume and body care cosmetic products. Lancome is the brand to boast with the assortment of scents appraised by lots of women from all over the world. That is not the triumph for a day. That is the niche the brand keeps as the manufacturer of classic fragrances. So, Tresor launched in the 50s, the legendary and so romantic Poeme, and delicate Attraction that is demanded beyond the time. In the year 2008 that Lancome house presented another fragrance, Lancome Magnifique.

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