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Pendants – Cheap and Lovely Accessory

A pendant is an accessory attractive and suitable for every age and every event. It can be a plastic bead at the pendant for three-year old girl or a majestic diamond pendant for thirty-year old woman, the pendant is still the item of ideal decorative function. From theepoch of камень. Еще со времен palaeolith many nations are known to use this decoration and today we see millions of various pendant from various material.

Unusual Tie Clips: the Terrain of Men’s Accessories

Even fashion-clueless men cannot resist the allure of jewelry; they still have a touching weakness for the shimmering precious metals and sparkling gemstones, though probably hidden deep within. Sometimes they inadvertently reveal their passion with the flashy watch, diamond studs, or some really unusual tie clips. Tie clips or bars, however, are inherently male accessories. They clip horizontally across a man's tie and hold it to his shirt, stabilizing it while also assuring that the skinny part will not emerge from behind the wide part. Luckily, modern designers do not neglect tie clips when working on the look of the present-day gentleman, and make them into a functional and sophisticated accessory.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy – First in All She Does

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (born Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi) is an Italian-born French songwriter, singer, and former model. She was more known as the model in other countries but France until she married to the President of the French Republic and has become the First Lady since February 2008. Sometime ago Carla was named as the European mantid with the smile of a Terminator by the French novelist Justine Lévy, daughter of philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy.  Justine was anxious and upset about the fact that the eccentric Carla broke her marriage with the TV host, a professor of French philosophy Raphael Enthoven, who was ten years younger than her.

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Fairness Cream

Sunday, 20 September 2009

fairness creamMany factors affect the color of our skin, from genetic factor to climatic. On the top of it, the color of our skin relies on its specific structure, like the epidermis thickness, the number and location of blood vessels, and the skin relief. High pigmentation, freckles and dark sports make a woman suffer no less than wrinkles. As a rule, high pigmentation occurs when the skin reacts with the direct sunrays with the protection functions, though sometimes pigmentations is the sign for serious health problems. All in all, you'd better go and seek for the advice of the dermatologists to have healthy and smooth skin.

Once you come to the decision to struggle with high pigmentation, including freckles, spots and uneven complexion, you need a complex individual program that combines beauty procedures in the salons and home skin care procedures. And the fairness cream is included as one of the stages of the therapeutic program. Farness creams may have as components arubutin which is largely found in bearberry leaves and in some other plants. Kojic acids reduce melanin production though they may cause allergy, which is not advantageous at all. The components of the fairness cream may include bearberry, yarrow, licorice, lemon, cucumber, parsley, the plants that have bleaching characteristics.

The number of fairness creams and other skin whitening products are available as peel-offs, lotions and serums, etc. The fairness creams have similar basic components as it was mentioned above  though several additives make them more suitable to some particular skin type and may irritate other skin type. Thus, you need to find your skin type and then and only then select the best product for you.

Cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend that you have the bleaching procedures done during autumn and winter seasons, when the sun rays are less radioactive. When fairness creams are used, the sunscreeners should also be applied. When you go out, you apply the sunscreener with 2.5 SPF, not less. The decorative makeup currently marketed also contain sunscreeners components, though the protection level thereof is too low and thus, they are not so much effective unlike pure sunscreeners.

A wide range of cosmetic brands offer skin bleaching creams for any taste. Fairness creams are found in various professional makeup lines, like Holy Land, Yon-Ka, Danne, Academie, Lacrima, Institute Esthederm and Decleor. As a rule, cosmetologists use the production of these brands for bleaching procedures done in their salons. They also recommend using special means forfollow-up at home. It is proved by specialists, that the fairness cream is not sufficient tool to get rid of high pigmentation. Several preparations are combined together to have a visible effect when one cream compliments another and supports the effect thereof. Thus, you are also required to use milk, tonics, masks and concentrate together with fairness creams.

However, sometimes and in some people these means may have side effects, so do a patch test before you apply these preparations you chose. Fairness creams with acids remove old shells of the skin to reveal new cells while those with mulberry extract, licorice extract, kojic acid, arbutin and hydroquinone inhibit melanin or absorb sun rays and are good for blemishes.

Such companies as Leirac (France), Nature Bisse (Spain), Gernetic (France), Cellcosmet (Switzerland) produce good quality fairness creams which are available in drug stores. In spite of the high quality of the cream, the manufacturers show good faith marking their products with the warning that the mere cream is not sufficient to bleach the skin and the complex program is what required. The same, good effect is ensured when you have professional peeling procedure done in the salon and use the fairness cream at home. When the spots on the face and pigmentation is superficial as if caused by exposure to sun rays and dust, any good branded fairness cream can help but for deeper pigmentations, you my want to have laser peeling. When purchasing the product, check the chemical components of the cosmetics to see that hydroquinone (HQ) is one of the most widely prescribed whitening agent, followed by kojic and azelaic acid.

Before you start using fairness creams, you'd better go and see the specialist. The high pigmentation that disturbs you so much may be caused by serious disease of inner organs that requires long treatment, thus purchase and application of fairness creams can be the expenditure you do not really need.

Inessa Hyder


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raji  - fairness cream in france   |2009-10-10 09:11:18
which is the fainess cream in france
trishala sampath  - hey i need to know about this fairness cream..   |2010-11-18 06:28:37
i used this fairness cream it was yellow in colour and of thick texture within a span of 20 days my skin came to the shade of lemon yellow the cream is really good but unfortunately i don't know the name of this cream i paid 1,000 rs for it can you please find out and let me know about this cream if there's any brand or if it's imported .....
regards trishala..
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