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Martinez Hotel – the Place Cannes Opens

Any resort place is famous for particular features which build the individual image of a particular city at the sea, in mountains or at the mineral spring. Though, tourists get introduced to the resort place in hotels. Cannes is not an exception and first things tourists face are the hotels of the Cote d'-Azur. And Martinez Hotel is the place where CannesLa Croisette is the heart of the cultural and entertainment life in here, and Martinez Hotel is found in the building 73.

Vladimir Zhirinovskiy – Two-Faced Janus

Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovskiy is a person who strikes with everything he does and speaks. He is the person who is loved or hated, ignored or worshiped. There is not a person who does not care of him.

Parquet for a Millionaire Palace

When we discuss the parquet for the luxury place of wealthy persons, we can neglect about all the ordinary floor works done by the professionals even from the most quality wood. There’s a lot to say about the parquet that is done manually, one by one, by the most professional specialists, though the interior of palaces of the previous century is beyond the competition regarding the floor. These palaces are of high historical and esthetic value with luxury valuable parquet-work in the amazing mosaic pattern in wood with the silky lacquered covering. The color and texture are on the higher level, either.

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Revitalash Mascara

Wednesday, 09 June 2010

revitalash mascaraFrom times immemorial, women have taken great pains to make their eyes look beautiful. Even before the famous Queen Cleopatra, the female population of ancient Egypt used various expedient resources to emphasize the beauty of their eyes and even used common soot as eyeliner.

The significance of other female body's assets is undisputable, but girl's eyes are the reflection of both her beauty and her soul which gives this body part its particular charm and appeal.

No wonder that the beauty of women's eyes has been praised by the famous authors of the past and present - remember those numerous poetic expressions, like «sink in one's eyes», «enchanting eyes» «lost in one's eyes», etc. It's not surprising then that every makeup range includes a product line for eyes makeup.

There is no better way to effectively emphasize the beauty of woman's eyes than with mascara. Long, thick and curly eyelashes will not leave a man unresponsive. Of course, today we don't use soot for this purpose, like our beautiful ancestors. However, the quality of makeup products may be different, so it's important to know what mascara is the best choice.

What properties of mascara can be considered typical for a high-quality makeup product? First, the perfect mascara should hold for a day and not smear under the weather or other factors of influence; second, it shouldn't damage the eyelashes or contain any harmful chemical ingredients. Revitalash is one of the few mascara products that meet all the above criteria.

Revitalash is a unique mascara that will help you achieve the beautiful look of longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes. It is a remarkable cosmetic innovation that within weeks will make your natural eyelashes more beautiful. No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eye lashes are, Revitalash can help you achieve longer, more attractive looking eyelashes.

Revitalash was developed by Athena Cosmetics, Inc. It is a company committed to manufacturing safe, reliable, quality products, combined with uncompromisable integrity and the spirit of philanthropy. The company supports cancer research today by donating a large portion of Revitalash sales to non-profit organizations working toward a cure for breast cancer.

Revitalash uses a glaucoma drug called prostaglandin that is extremely effective, although there can be side effects such as irritation. Besides, the ingredients of Revitalash mascara include green tea extract that has powerful antioxidant properties. As you might know, hundreds of harmful free radicals are formed in the human body every moment. The damaging effect of free radicals shows in your hair, including eyelashes, making them more brittle. Antioxidants fight this effect and «neutralize» free radicals. In addition, Revitalash formula is rich in vitamins C, H and B, which enhances the natural strength of eyelashes and helps to neutralize the negative effects of environmental factors. In addition, the list of Revitalash ingredients includes various kinds of disinfectants, stabilizers, mild solvents, preservatives, antiseptics and other beneficial substances. Revitalash contains no parabens, hormones, or salicylates. Instead, it uses powerful proteins and vitamins to strengthen delicate lashes.

Perhaps the only downside to Revitalash mascara is its relatively high price, up to USD 200 per tube. However, the mascara will last for three months of daily use, so it's well worth the money.

With Revitalash high performance, clump-free formula your lashes will look thicker, fuller and more luscious than ever. And a custom designed brush will separate and define for an eye-popping finish. Revitalash mascara frames your eyes so your true beauty shines through.

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Beach Handbags – the Colors of Rainbow

A beach is not the place to work, to hold meetings and wait for TGIF. People come to beaches to relax and entertain, to have a rest in the greenery and sink into the fresh water enjoying everything that is in the nearby. There are no notebooks and quarterly reports on the white-snow sheets. The beach is the golden sand with the daring match of colors, recklessness of styles which takes us away from the gloomy work days. And there is mademoiselle fashion that is somewhere near and touches the swimming-suits, pareo and hats, and the beach handbags is not an exception.

How To Choose Sunglasses

When you go shopping at the large flea market you are tempted to buy the sunglasses which are presented in a huge variety there. Or a pair of them. The more you want, the cheaper they come. Though, all these models are sun glasses with dark lenses but nothing more. The point is that you look for authentic functional sunglasses which protect eyes from stress and round-eye – from ageing, but not the simple accessory.

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Christian Dior «Diorissimo»: Classic Fashionable Fragrance

When you see a woman wearing the fragrance that suits her ideally and evokes enjoyment, pleasure and bliss and makes her fly, you see how beautiful she is. The fragrances affect us to a greater extent far more than we could anticipate. The fragrances that come as thrilling and fascinating but go away too quickly are forgotten too easily, though there are various classic fragrances that are demanded and loved for over fifty years already. Those fragrances were created in the previous century by people who are not with us though they are perfect to strike the women with full and handy notes of sensitivity. Yet, one of the classic scents that seem to live forever is «Diorissimo» by Christian Dior.

Nose Piercing

Ears are pierced from the time immemorial and when we talk about piercing we hardly think of ears. Nose piercing is the second popular type of body piercing in the world. this custom was practiced long time ago in the Indian, African and South Pacific cultures. Honestly specking, it was rare till our days when this is trendy to have this small piece of jewelry in the nose. First nose piercing was mentioned back in II thousand years B.C. in India nose piercing is more than popular, it is, moreover, the part of tradition. In 70s of the previous century piercing as a trendy movement seemed to be pretty fashionable among the avant-garde young people who often rebelled against settled conservative traditions and customs.