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David Morris Jewelry

Beautiful antique jewelry often looks too traditional and even old-fashioned: it is perfect for a ball, a reception, a formal event, but sometimes you want something fresh and edgy, yet classy and traditional in a good way. This kind of jewelry is the specialty of the relatively new British jewelry brand David Morris. It offers jewelry fit not for the costume dramas and romances, but for modern action movies that feature smart, elegant and sophisticated ladies - like Bond girls in the three Bondiana films: Diamonds Are Forever, Tomorrow Never Dies and World Is Not Enough.

High-End Luxury Grandfather Clocks: a Question of Time and Money

A grandfather or floor clock is a sign of wealth and prosperity. The traditional grandfather clock lends a weight of character to any common area of the home and is clearly so much more than just a timepiece. Grandfather clock is not a mere interior decoration piece, but a family heirloom. It looks good anywhere in your house - in the living room and or in the bedroom, in the office, and even in the kitchen or hall. The very concept of floor clock suggests that this is an attribute of luxury lifestyle, or at least something very close.

Julia Roberts: Money Makes Money

A few people know that Julia Roberts was literally programmed for commercial success. This is probably wouldn't do justice to the acting talents of the Hollywood diva, but Roberts' name is hardly associated with the prestigious awards she received such as the Golden Globe and Oscar. Apart from her roles and dazzling smile, she is known as one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, topping the Hollywood Reporter's annual power list of top-earning female stars from 2002 to 2006, and the first Hollywood actress to be paid $20 million for a movie. However, as it turns out even one of her first movies, «Pretty Woman», which brought Roberts fame and recognition, was initially called «$ 3000». Say what you like, but money makes money.

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Bikini Zone Depilation

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bikini Zone DepilationBikini zone depilation is must-have procedure for a modern woman today among other cosmetology procedures she has done for her at beauty salons. Various depilation techniques are used to remove unwanted hair in such a delicate zone based on what a woman is willing to gain as a result of depilation, the pain threshold and the cost of the procedure.

Electric epilator

Bikini zone can be depilated with the electric epilator which appears to be a good tool to remove unwanted hair in this zone for some two or three weeks depending upon the hair growth intensity. Though the procedure is fairly painful, the specialists use modern models of epilators with massaging brushes or the cooling cassette which really helps to decrease the painful feelings and enjoy the smooth and even skin for over half a month.

It is obvious that the bikini zone is too sensitive and this procedure is recommended be done within tenth to twelfth day of the menstrual period. Regular skin scrubs is recommended to avoid ingrowths of hair when the scrub softly exfoliates the dead cells of epidermis and makes the skin silky and smooth.

Depilation device

Electric depilation is one of the proved techniques to remove unwanted hair with some devices. The technique is based upon the principles of influence of current onto the hair follicles which is after destroyed and the problem of excess hair is solved.

During the procedure of electric depilation the specialist inserts the finest needle into the area where the hair follicle is located, and the feeble current is supplied through the needle.

The procedure of depilation is quite lasting especially when a larger area is treated, which is not surprising. Yet, the electric depilation is the technique, though, which is good to used when the bikini zone needs epilation and find the way out of this problem for ever times.

Laser depilation

Laser depilation is not an old technique and it is used since recently in the segment of cosmetology services, though it has its followers and opponents, though. Laser depilation provides more reliability and lower side effects. The piliferous hair follicles are found below the layer of epidermis, and the components of the hair, especially melanin, are exposed to laser rays. The hair melanin is immediately heated and follicles are destroyed. The mature follicles are best affected here, thus several laser procedures are enough to remove hair for longer period.

Lighter hair is not recommended be depilated by laser since pigment is almost absent in such hair and the procedure may bring to skin heating and even burn of the surrounding tissue. The procedure has an essential advantage that it avoids hair in-growths and removal of several follicles at a time which significantly reduces the time spent for the whole procedure.


Photoepilation procedure is painful and effective to remove unwanted hair. Yet, the color of the hair does not matter and the procedure itself is faster than the laser epilation approach. The photoepilation destroys the hair follicles due to the flashes of intensive light. The hair absorbs the light and later is destroyed by the strong heat which is painless, though.

Several photoepilation procedures are needed to fully remove hair in bikini zone with the interval of half a month, depending on the intensity of hair growth.

The procedure of photoepilation is effective without any side effects when done at the medical clinics at the sophisticated certified equipment.

Whatever technique mentioned above you prefer, you bear in mind that the quality and safety of bikini zone are provided by the qualified and experienced specialists only. Therefore, bikini zone depilation should be done by the experienced and trustworthy cosmetologists. Several techniques may be required for the total removal of hair in bikini zone.

Yet, only the certified and qualified personnel are legitimate to choose the appropriate scheme of hair removal and ensure the safety of the procedures done.

The photoepilation should be done on the clean skin to reduce susceptibility and soreness.

After the photoepilation the sun exposure and tanning in solarium should be avoided.

Today photoepilation is one of the best techniques of unwanted hair removal and its growth reduction. The epilation effect lasts up to 5-8 years.

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