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Harry Potter Saga Stars and How Wealthy They Are

Cinematography is the wonderful area of human commercial and artistic activity when the age is not the barrier to acquire huge income. The earnings are stunning, indeed. Cases when the young actor being a toddle acquires earnings that his old folks got for the entire of their life are not rare. And the acting trio of the youth who starred in the movie the box-office of which was several billion dollars is worth mentioning. These talented people are Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who starred in the legendary cycle of films about the wizard boy and his friends.

Fake Rubies – Illusion Of Flame

Scarlet ruby is rare in nature. And throughout centuries people longed to possess the miracle that blazes in hands. The charming luster of flame and magic power of this precious stone were too far dominating then icy diamonds. The demand for the ruby corundum or semi-precious stones was too high and the scientists came with the idea to invent synthetic rubies. The jewelers committed to the industry of making masterpieces and many jewelry collectors looked at rubies at the other angle with the higher values.

Venetian Glass Ware – Luxury and Chic Symbols

Venice is all known for its gondolas, carnivals, pigeons from St.Marco Square and amazing hand-made glass ware. Tableware made from Venetian glass has always been favored by the real lovers of antique art since it adds more refined chic and lavishness to every event. One of classics stated once that «glass and happiness are easy to break». Yet, the Venetian tableware is the symbol of that fragile happiness that is treated with gentle care and trembling love not to break it.

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Photoepilation Procedure and Its Risks

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

photoepilationThe problem of undesirable hair growth and its removal exists since ancient times. For long time people used only different depilation techniques for hair removal - such as shaving, waxing, chemical and bio-depilation. However, these methods had a short-term effect. Photoepilation is an up-to-date technology that allows removing hair follicles using light without hurting the skin. Photoepilation destroys the hair follicle (hair) using controlled flashes of light.

When we expose an object to the sun, it gets warm; and if that object is black, it gets even warmer, because it absorbs more solar energy. The same happens to hair: it absorbs the light projected by the device and the intense heat destroys it. This heating is painless. In order to obtain the best results with photoepilation, all light energy sent by the machine needs to be absorbed by the hair and not by the nearby tissues.

The photoepilation must be performed on the clean skin in order to reduce sensibility and discomfort, hair is shaved up to 1 mm above the surface of the skin in order to concentrate the pulses of light strictly inside the follicle. A cooled optical coupling gel is applied onto the skin and the pulses of light begin. During the procedure you might have sensations of stinging, burning or a slight pain. After the procedure the treated area is cooled until the feeling of burning goes away. The skin may become reddened which will resolve within the next 2 hours. In rare cases a temporal pigmentation disorder may appear (the skin may become darker or lighter, even more rarely the procedure can cause first-degree and second-degree burns. Within 7 days the hair disappears. The interval between the sessions depends on the area of application, as different areas of the body have different hair growth cycles. On average the interval is 6-8 weeks, the exception is the upper lip area and the chin; these can be treated for another time after 3-5 weeks. The course takes 4-8 sessions.

However, one should be aware of the risks that may be associated with this procedure. First of all, do not forget that there are some contraindications, when hair removal using photoepilation is not recommended. These may include acute and chronic diseases of the skin, malignant and benign tumors, inflammatory processes or infectious diseases, mental disorders, glaucoma, progressive high myopia diabetes, varicose veins, heart diseases, pregnancy, as well as a predisposition to form keloids.

If there are no contraindications, the intake of certain medicines increasing photosensitivity during 2-4 weeks before the session should be discontinued. Otherwise photoepilation can cause burns. For the same reason the use of massage and essential oils during photoepilation is not recommended. Also, the procedure can not be performed on the tanned skin. As experience suggests, the best results of are achieved with dark hair and pale skin. With sensitive or dark skin, photoepilation procedure can result in burns and scarring, especially skin type was determined incorrectly or outdated equipment was used.

The problem of burns after photoepilation is related to the method of the procedure. Photoepilation devices are equipped with so-called krypton lamps, which emit a wide range of wavelengths, including those dangerous for humans. To ensure the safety of the procedures, various filters are used, but sometimes even their protective properties are not enough to prevent the absorption of radiation in the skin. That's why the skin in the area of treatment is heated, which increases the risk of skin burns. In the absence of skin cooling, photoepilation procedure may be quite painful and cause not only burns, but scarring. Fortunately, nearly all modern photoepilation devices are equipped with appropriate skin cooling systems, and that's why this procedure can only be performed in salons with the up-to-date modern equipment.

Another risk of photoepilation procedure is hyperpigmentation of the treated areas. Therefore, prior to the procedure, a photoepilation professional can recommend testing for photosensitivity, especially if you have darker skin. The results of this test help to evaluate skin susceptibility to hyper-or hypopigmentation. To avoid hyperpigmentation, after the photoepilation you should keep from the sun exposure and tanning in solarium within 1-2 weeks and use additionally a cream with UVF 20 and higher.

Generally, it should be noted that photoepilation procedure, if performed using up-to-date equipment and careful observations of all the post-procedure recommendations, does not involve any serious health risks. The problem is that most beauty and spa salons can not afford buying advanced expensive models. A particularly important aspect is the proper use of photoepilation equipment, the choice of appropriate procedure settings depending on the individual characteristics of each client.

In conclusion it should be mentioned that today photoepilation is one of the best aesthetic techniques of unwanted hair removal and its growth reduction. The epilation effect lasts up to 5-8 years, especially in the areas of axillae, groin and legs.

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wat country is this performed and how much does it cost?
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