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Venetian Plasterwork

Venetian Plaster is the finishing technique when thin layers of plaster are applied with a spatula or trowel and then the smooth surface is created on the base of illusion of depth and texture. Venetian plaster is American-made term for the variety of different techniques and materials used to create the polished stucco finish. Venetian Plaster tells about its glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone to the design of your interior. The lavish and smooth finish is layered with the double-tone appearance of marble surfaces bringing the visual attention and charm. Natural marble is exceptional in Italy, however, it is the material for prosperous people to afford and, thus, the local craftsmen would aspire to create amazing less valuable of higher usability, and finally they came to the Venetian plasterwork.  

Sitting Room Furniture

A sitting-room is a place which is mainly decorated and designed to meet guests. This is the place where people sit and spend the time discussing over something. The dining room is for the loud parties and feasts. The meal is taken in the dining room and guests – in the sitting room, to be stated by one of classic writers. When you can boast with the apartments of eight rooms there, this is a perfect base to follow this principle providing you have a small family. The modern flats are rather smaller, unfortunately, and the place is used for many purposes then.

Niello – Ancient Jewelry Traditions

When passing by the windows of the jewelry shop, we stop to stare at those silver items with the ornament, whether intentionally or not. The frozen ornaments are encircled with the black paint in thinnest line against the silver glass. The lock of niello is fancifully twisted to admire. The Niello technique, nowadays almost forgotten, is one of the oldest ornamenting techniques in the world. The jewelry from niello perfectly shade a gentle woman skin and those made for men emphasize the status and individual style of wearer. The silver is created with the tint of aristocratism, lavishly and worthy to come to collections of family jewels. Niello is a black metallic alloy of copper, silver, sulfur, and lead, used as an inlay on engraved metal. It can be used for filling in designs cut from metal.

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Short Nail Design – both Beauty and Comfort

Wednesday, 04 August 2010

Short Nail DesignLately the industry of nail design has reached the level to boast. Nails are not only polished but extended, grown and decorated in various techniques that were not available before. Nails are modeled, volumized in length and decorated with fabulous patterns that never yield to masterpieces of reputed painters. However, all these approaches are provided for long nails since they are the beneficial platform to show the creative works of the nail designer when beauty salon is chosen for this purpose. Nevertheless, women also prefer short nails which are more preferred when doing household activity. It does not mean at all that short nails are too boring and dull to appear.

When you opt for wearing short nails make sure you consider the decorative elements that suit your nails and fingers. Strict rules are provided for short nails that are not to be broken. If you fail to observe the artless rules to care of your short nails, then they will be able to destroy the image and make your hands look unattractive, even if the nails are still comfortable for you.

The appropriate length

The length of the nails should be appropriate to look attractive. If you cannot boast with delicate hands and thin fingers, and on the top of it, you inherited wide nails from your parents, you should not cut your nails too short leaving the visual end of the finger from the outer part of the palm. Short nails should be trimmed accurately and look in harmony with your fingers and the palm. And in this case the nail design is another case to keep this visual harmony.

There are particular taboos in regards to short nails which appear to be must-have to deem. First of all, too large and wide details are not recommended which are risky to cover the nail itself. This refers to decorative elements which are fastened to the nail and too extensive details of the pattern or image, like a big flower. Second of all, it is of no good to go from one extreme to another and cover the area of the nail with thin and fine image, it will not look accurate. Also you should not use over three colors to avoid the effect of motley dissonance. Acryl modeling so much demanded today is not good for short nails either since they cannot endure the volumetric design.

Short cut to beauty

The appropriate design for short nails should go with to the shape of nails. Mainly, our nails are strongly attracted to the particular shape by nature, though if you want to try some decorative elements, you might consider. Oval and elongated nail plate accepts the floral patter and light romantic decoration, while end-straight nails look good with juicy nail polish with darker decorative elements and laconic graphical pattern.

French accords

The classic French manicure is attractive for both short and long nails. Fortunately, there is a variety of French manicure which supposes not only the white end of the nail with translucent sheer stress zone, but various techniques and approaches to work on the plate itself.

The most popular version of French manicure is the dark nail and very delicate white-snow drawn nail tip. The color of the nail polish as the base is up to you. This is the perfect opportunity to show your adherence o traditions and shoe your creativity and personality.

Color abstract patterns

The nails can be painted with the graphical patterns, strict abstract print or the smooth and running lines which build the entire picture in the end. Avoid painting with different colors but opt for the different shades of one color gamut which look nice with black color and white insets.

Blooming romance

If you are willing to add the femininity and romance to your image through making your nails done, then consider decorating them with flowers. Be careful since the lighter base is good as the canvas to draw the flowers. A pattern, like a thin brunch or a flower should be drawn at the side of the nail plate and should be made too fine and delicate. Avoid making the pattern too complicated otherwise you risk to get the tasteless and motley manicure.

If your nails are elongated, go beyond the flash of the finger and are rounded, then the pattern can be located at the tip. Though, in both cases, you never try to cover the nail plate, otherwise the effect f the short nail design will be lost son.

Short nails can never look attractive when decorated with spangles and gems, though if you are willing to use it at all, you’d better use it as the integral part of the pattern in the root part of the nail.

Whatever you choose for your nails, make sure they are clean and neatly trimmed. The most beautiful nails when dust and spots are seen looked terribly even if decorated with diamonds.

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Fashion of 18th Century – the End of Royal Luxury

XVIII century is the regal annals of royal dynasty ends and tragedy of revolutions. In the world of fashion this time is also revolutionary. The decline of royal families and the new epoch of the developing capitalism brought to the rejection of traditions in costumes that transformed to the slightest extent throughout the century and appearance of new tendencies, drastically new for the time. Historians called the century as the «courteous» epoch in France that efficiently influenced the world of fashion. The new careless time occurred in there followed the reign of Louis XIV with light graceful dresses and costumes.

Men’s Muffler – a Scarf with the French Accent

Muffler is a kerchief or a scarf which seems to be uncomplicated for use though it sometimes confuses in purpose. The word coming from the French «cache-nez» means «hide your nose» which is completely unreasonable for this garment today. On the contrary, this piece of clothes proves to be the decorative element in the wardrobe in every possible way. However, this does make neither men nor women upset for not a jot, since there are far more considerable garments in volume and material to use if necessary. A muffler is a perfect complement to the elegant apparel with the hint of being aristocratic which is too essential for the business image.

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Flower by Kenzo: a Japanese Fragrance Born in Europe

Flower by Kenzo is the most popular Kenzo fragrance for women. Created in 2000, it is an imaginary scent of a red poppy flower which is really scentless. Many people were positively shocked by the ad campaign for Flower by Kenzo, though this sweet, powdery floral fragrance was conceived with the intention to link nature to life in the city, like living in a modern jungle of high-paced contemporary city. Produced by Kenzo, Japan, Flower was created by the perfumer Alberto Morillas, Spain, and "dressed" by designer Serge Mansau, France.

Radon Baths: The Healing Power of Radiation

Radon baths are a variety of the radon therapy, prepared using mineral waters containing radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless radioactive gas that is formed from the naturally occurring radioactive decay of radium and uranium. The main working factor of radon are alpha rays which have an array of properties and are successfully used in the treatment of peripheral nervous system, locomotorium, vascular, gynecological and some cutaneous diseases and also post-burn complications. During radon bath, unstable products of radon decay form the so called «active fur» on the skin, and its concentration increases even with slight movements of the patient in the bath or in the basin. It consolidates its grip on one's skin firmly enough and remains on the skin for 2-3 hours. The patient, being in the bath, is exposed to radon radiation which penetrates the skin and through the lungs into the blood flow.