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Pearls – Natural or Artificial?

A pearl is the sacred gem in the East while the western vision of the pearl is in regards to it value of a jewelry. Pearl jewelry items have always been something that evokes admiration and joy, especially when presented by beloved people. When the gift is chosen thoroughly to provide longer excitement with pears it is more appreciated. By the way, there is no single system of pearls certification since only artificial pearls are custom-made.

Dracula’s Castle - Brân or Poenari?

Jonathan Harker, the character of Bram Stocker's Dracula, the famous novel about the vampire, first saw Dracula’s castle at night. He described in quite romantically: «We were in the yard of the vast and destroyed castle with gloomy high windows, and the broken toothed walls stretched in the zigzag line in the moonlight… And the yard seemed big in the darkness». And such places have to be full of vampires. When Mr. Harker examined the place more thoroughly, he proved his preliminary opinion that the castle is the vampire place to gather since: «… suites are located in the southern part of the castle, while the windows of that room look to the west and south. A vast abyss lies from both sides. The castle was built on the edge of the huge cliff and it is completely inaccessible from those sides. There is a big valley and behind it the toothed cliffs elevated located one byanother; all of them are covered with mountain flowers and blackthorn the roots of which catch on the splits and rock ruins».

Venetian Plasterwork

Venetian Plaster is the finishing technique when thin layers of plaster are applied with a spatula or trowel and then the smooth surface is created on the base of illusion of depth and texture. Venetian plaster is American-made term for the variety of different techniques and materials used to create the polished stucco finish. Venetian Plaster tells about its glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone to the design of your interior. The lavish and smooth finish is layered with the double-tone appearance of marble surfaces bringing the visual attention and charm. Natural marble is exceptional in Italy, however, it is the material for prosperous people to afford and, thus, the local craftsmen would aspire to create amazing less valuable of higher usability, and finally they came to the Venetian plasterwork.  

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Formal Updos – Buns and Rolls

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Formal Updos The classic updos the women do for formal events like wedding events or cocktail parties are often called buns or banane as the French say. Some time back the buns were considered to be too outdated and formal. When coming back to the 80s with the garish and farfetched pomposity, we see that buns were trendy for everyday use and for formal events either. Bun is the classic updo which never outdates, though. The style is not too fashionable or trendy though it is elegant and suitable for formal occasions and functions. The classic bun or roll style updos were sleek and too formal but today the stylists recommend that we add some personality and chic to the classic updos to have something bright and modern. This could be a simple updo for you to try on yourself if you feel like entertaining for the challenge.

Today the updo is done not only for official occasions to have a sip of champagne at the exhibition of a famous painter or to have the marriage proposal. Women are free to have their hair done for every day if they like and the do may be sleek or tousled, with locks frivolously bristling or done with hair clips with gems or flowers. It depends.

Choose your look

You have first to decide what kind of look you want. When going out on Friday night party you need a casual, even messy look. This is not the time when you pull out the hair gel or spray. You want to look like you have your bun done without even bothering to look into the mirror. When you are short of time and you are on the way to a party or so, consider the following. This is definitely a style to do yourself. Begin with your clean and dry hair and brush it gently back.  Part your hair with a low part on one side. Now smooth the top over the whole forehead area dipping over one eyebrow. Brush the rest of the hair and fold your hair as you place it into a hair band. The top loop will be on top as the small end will be on the bottom. Take the rest of the top and smooth it over the rest of the side of the hair and over the ear and you are good to go!

Classic bun

The classic updo is when the hair is when every hair is in place to accommodate the Mediterranean look. Make sure you have clean dry hair, then section the top off behind the shorter locks and clip to fasten. The rest is brushed back into the center of the back and put into a band. The hair is divided in the center and tucked the hair under the band little by little until you have made a round bun. Now back brush the sectioned piece and smoothed over the top layer to bring the longest part down to be tucked under the bun. Finally, the do is sprayed to fix or again use nice hair clip. The locks can be loose and curly to create the playful effect to look romantic and tender.

Greta Garbo look

The look of Greta Garbo is easy to style when you are dark blonde with neutral locks in and out of your hair. Section your clean and dry hair and part the top on the side that is best for you and clip it. Brush the rest of the hair completely sleek and pin your hair down level to your earlobe straight across with hair pins The rest of the hair is taken up to make a roll going slightly over the pins or clips with the roll fastened down. The bun should be a wide of your palm size if you like to measure. Everything should look very sleek and smooth to add the romantic formality, though it sounds odd, perhaps.

Sexy Romantic Bun

An elegant look is great for a job interview or presentation event, and a date to have the marriage proposal calls for a romantic sexy bun. It is good for long hair, attractive with a romantic blouse and smoky eye makeup and you find yourself as a winner! Use a styling cream on stick straight hair, and get messy look by scrunching your hair or drying with a diffuser to tussle and slightly curl it. Wavy or curly looks are great to style a bun and dissection your hair in half from ear to ear. Pull out several thick strands around your face for a billowy effect.

The bottom section of your hair is left loose. Then twist the tail of the upper section, and wrap it into a formal bun in the middle of the back of your head and secure. All the remaining hair is loose and flowing.

Casual bun

Besides, today the bun is not necessarily done to call for elegance and formality. The bun can be matched with other styles when a part of hair is fixed and the rest is left loose. On the top, the part of hair is brushed and gathered back into the hair clasp. The hair is sprayed while the rest of the hair looks too lovely in curls. This is a very simple style that can be dressed up or dressed down for every suitable case when you want something unusual but not too boring.

The beauty is everything but the freedom is yours. And you have to come to the idea what look to choose to look attractive and how to impress the crowd. Whatever the stylists say, a woman looks beautiful when she has clean and healthy hair, and whether she chooses buns or loose curly hair for official events or casual outs, the most essential is to look neat. The other is just complement to the image.

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