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Sophia Loren – a Widow in Wealth

Being a living legend of the workd cinematography, Sophia Loren must have agreed to the saying that happiness is not all money. However, she is one of persons who absolutely admit that assets you own is the perfect tool to cope with many problems and misfortune. It is widely known that Loren is the stage name of this actress and Sophia Scicolone paved her way to fame and wealth too long and that was not easy.

Hillary Clinton – First Lady For Ever

The title of the First Lady is traditionally awarded to the spouse of the Head of the State in the democratic countries of the West. This title is not permanent and a woman bears it while her husband holds the position. Thus, officially 2001 and till now First Ladies appear to be spouses of George Bush-Jr. and Baraka Obama, respectively. However, there is a woman in the political high society who is believed to be the First Lady of the State for over twenty years by the Americans. This is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton aka Hillary Clinton.

Watches Preferred by Celebrities

Happy people do not care for time. And it seems that celebrities do not fall to the category of these lucky and happy people since they cannot do without watches, and they prefer luxury and exclusive watches to others.

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Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Saturday, 03 July 2010

hairstyles thin hair hairA good hairstyle is able to pep any woman up when she is out in the society. A good hairdo makes a woman more confident and she is able to succeed and achieve her tasks u=during a day without thinking of her look. Hair care is something a woman is involved in every day but we need to consider that environmental factors make it look a little bit weak and unhealthy if not cared properly. One may think that thin hair is something to suffer about and face social problems. Thin hair is not the thing to feel miserable that causes you hide your hair under the hats and caps. Thin hair should cause you look after it more thoroughly adding volume, and that’s all.

The first thing is to find a good stylist who can do miracles with your head and give you the perfect feelings when you go out off the salon. You have inherited your hair from your parents and you can do nothing about it apart from thinking of various hairdos.

You prefer short hair for thin hair, and then you need to make sure you have your hair dyed properly. It is not good when the skin is seen through the hair, especially when the hair is dark. There’s a small tip what to do with the thin hair. Wash your hair, dry it with the towel and rub into the skin some mousse. The mousse should be of light texture to avoid leaving white flakes on the head. Dry your hair with the dryer, curling the ends inside or outside, whatever you want to achieve, classic or romantic look. Do thoroughly with the back of the head to create some volume. If everything is done properly, you have a cute hairdo for every day.

Today manufacturers offer special hair creams with the thickening and styling effect. The cream is spread onto the wet hair and dried. As soon as you feel naughty and want to look appropriately, use a dryer with the diffusing nozzle and create the creative mess on your head to style with hands only in the end.

As an option, rub a drop of wax in fingers and apply to the hair making it elastic and flexible. Hair spray to fix the hairdo is a good styling tool.

The medium length is perfect for the thin hair. The only tip to remember is to avoid even length of hair. Make sure you have your hair layered to curl the ends or make them messy, what you like more in different occasions.

Cate Blanchett is the example of a woman with thin hair. She tries to avoid looking too glamorous and pretentious and she has her hair cut in layers to chin level or somewhat lower. Her hair is straight or wavy, but she is never seen with hair trailing despondently. The secret of her hairdo is the backcombing which is like the base of the hairstyle to keep the shape. Though, this should not be done often. Combing the hair at the roots, make some vertical locks with curling irons and when you tend to look more elegant, curl the ends to inside or outside.

Finally, if you have long and thin hair and do not dare to cut it, you have to do a tender care of it. Volume is what you need and the curling irons, spiral hair rollers are perfect to make the locks you need to look attractive. After you wash your hair, dry it completely, apply some styling lotion or anything to style apart from mousse. Part your hair into two sides and curl onto rollers and dry with the drier. Your hair is cooled naturally, and in half an hour or so take the rollers away and you get the volume you want to have.

More elegant and solemn hairdo can be done on the base of this one. The hair is curled into plaits from both sides and fix with the hair clips, leaving the hair loose at the back, or making the pony-tail or something like a French plaint. Such Greek styled hairdo is trendy today and the volume at the face line is essential.

To add more volume to the hairdo, the hair on the top should be layered. It gives the impression of the volume and thicker hair on the top. And no skin is revealed. A large-curl permanent can be considered as an alternative to add more volume to the layered style and make the hair appear thicker, especially when you are short of time to do with hair in the mornings by yourself. A simple but stylish hairdo for long or medium hair is the volume at the forehead which looks good with the flowing hair as well as with the ponytail. This is the perfect hairdo for a business lady, when the lock at the forehead is sprayed and combed and fixed with the hair clip at the back. The other locks may be straight or slightly curled.

The hair looks different when it is styled for different occasions. Business style requires straight hair, accurate and strict while for informal occasions vertical locks are better.

Having bangs and tucking them behind your ear also adds to the volume of the hair. As for the external accessories, use zig zag partings as an added style element to attract attention to the element not hair.

Try to use mild herbal shampoos and do not go in for frequent chemical treatments, and cover your hair when you go out in the boiling sun. Always eat healthy to have healthy and shiny hair, whether thin or thick, and this is more important.

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