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Guess Watches Denim Style

Jeans by Guess brand is known to be the trendy and stylish garment offered by the brand that launches only the best they can. The Guess jeans never outdate for they meet the current demands of consumers at every stage of brand development. The story of jeans goes back to the year 1981 when the brothers Marciano established a small company on tailoring and trade in jeans.

Exotic Travel What Feelings to be Satisfied?

Some time back our grandmas and grandpas enjoyed the opportunity to rest in the resorts that can be found in the territory of residence. Traveling was the hobby or the prerogative of the wealthy who could afford flying to every corner of the planet to find the satisfaction of dreams and wishes. Today the borders are extended to every single part of the world and our income is stably high to the level that we can now afford traveling to wherever we want and plan. And traveling is no longer exclusive and unusual activity for ordinary people.

Blue Gold Myth or Treasure to Hide

We are all accustomed to the yellow, white or pink color of the precious metal and today gold has the new shade of fantastic azure. Throughout centuries the jewelers put all their hopes and attempts to reveal the secrets of the blue gold. Nowadays the modern masters are qualified enough to gain it easily. The masters create the luxury jewelry for the hard-to-please connoisseurs and lovers of gold. Delicate jewelry from the blue gold finds the honorable niche in the fashion industry.

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Hair Laminating Procedure Beauty and Health of Hair

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

hair laminating procedureThe beauty of a woman is something that inspires all poets, artists and romantic people of all times. The time changes as do the ideals beauty of women and the beauty of hair is always admired. When a woman is willing to change her life and the course of events, she starts with changing of her hairdo, and the image in general.

It is obvious that the modern hairdressing art turns into the real work of art. The new developments and update technologies help to sharpen the women beauty. And one of the popular trends to achieve this is hair laminating procedure. The process known as hair laminating procedure is generally a shine enhancer to improve the look and health of the hair by making it shinier and giving a glossy finish. The procedure is also known as «cellophane process» or «cleargloss enhancing».

Hair gets dull and ends split due to regular dying and use of chemically aggressive shampoo. The laminating procedure gives health to hair, improves and nourishes and even it makes it dense.

Hair laminating procedure was first invented and practiced in life by the Japanese representatives of Lebel Cosmetics. The latest achievements in this sphere brought to creation of the new technology of ionic coloring agent Color Prefel, which is called the bio-laminating.

The laminating procedure is the best way to extend the life of your hair and model it. This technique seals the hair end splits and improves the appearance of hair ends.

Laminating may be colorful or translucent and is presented as the technique of the ionic hair dying when every unit of hair is coated with a special refined coat from the natural cellulose.

The physics laws are applied in this technology when the hair is charged positively and the pigment ions are charged negatively and therefore they are attracted. The dye is fixed under the coat, and the split ends as well, the hair looks beautifully dyed which results in healthy and glossy hair. The shell creates the additional volume since these mini-capsules make the hair thicker for about ten percents.

The bio-lamination is kept on hair for about a month and then it fades and disappears completely and the procedure can be repeated if necessary. When hair is covered with ions, the daily care and styling go better and easier, and the hair does not require styling means.

The components of the bio-styling means do not block the hair, allowing breathing and growing as ever, they do not have a smell and protect the hair from the adverse external factors. The hair looks natural and gets healthier when it is laminated.

The laminating procedure is performed by premium or luxe salons. The procedure is made by coating the hair with bio-lamination consisting of the biologically active substances and proteins. The mask is left on the hair for 25 to 35 minutes and then it washed off. With the purpose to increase the influence of the lamination on the hair structure, the mixture is preliminary heated within 15 minutes. Then the hair is rinsed. The result is astonishing and the hair is think, glossy and healthy. The procedure costs from 50 to 300 dollars depending on the reputation of the salon and the bio- lamination.

This hair health improving procedure is absolutely safe. The protective film of the bio- lamination consists of the natural cellulose and is the ideal protection from humidity, adverse ecology and stresses. The lamination helps the hair keep the structure without blocking the head pores but keeping the loss of nutrients, hair moister and vitamins.

The lamination can be applied to any type of hair and the colored hair will have the dye for longer period. Bio-lamination substance is not toxic at all and does not cause allergic reactions since it does not contain diamine base in it. The composition can be applied over the healing mask and moreover, its effect will be prolonged. The lamination procedure maybe done regularly, it is wholesome and brings only happiness and joy.

The color of the bio-lamination differs from the ordinary coloring agents, it is shining, vivid and multivariate .

When the procedure is done, make sure you will catch the admiration in the eyes of men staring at you and envious look from women. Today health and beauty are in and so, as ever.

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