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Armand Hammer: American who made fortune in Russia

Armand Hammer is one of the mysterious and conflicting figures among the American businessmen of the previous century. And the point is not the fact that during his live he gained profit of millions and after his death he left debts of millions, and there are many cases in the history of capitalism. Armand Hammer is one of American businessmen who proceeded to collaborate with the Soviet Russia. This is too curious and worth considering especially when it was the period known for the harsh ideological conflict between USSR-USA, so-called cold war.

Afro Style or Safari in the Urban Interior

Today people are spoilt with the designer solutions offered in any spheres of life to choose to meet the preferences and tastes. It is not difficult at all to find the applicable solution to any problem regarding interior design. And today extraordinary interior design is more than preferred. The hot African style is too exotic to think of something more encouraging and provoking the fantasy. Thus, the Afro style appears to be one of popular styles among those who tend to live in ethnic beauty. Hot Nubian pretty girls and charm f the primitive violent sensitivity felt on the level of subconsciousness, excitement of a lion hunter and bliss of midday African heat – all these are the images the interior provides made in motifs of the black continent.

David Morris Jewelry

Beautiful antique jewelry often looks too traditional and even old-fashioned: it is perfect for a ball, a reception, a formal event, but sometimes you want something fresh and edgy, yet classy and traditional in a good way. This kind of jewelry is the specialty of the relatively new British jewelry brand David Morris. It offers jewelry fit not for the costume dramas and romances, but for modern action movies that feature smart, elegant and sophisticated ladies - like Bond girls in the three Bondiana films: Diamonds Are Forever, Tomorrow Never Dies and World Is Not Enough.

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Hair Transplant Does it Work or Not?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

hair transplantHair loosing or alopecia in medical language is the serious problem of the humankind at the present. Yet, both men and women are under the treat of it. The reason of hair dropping can vary from person to person, and particular treatment is prescribed to eliminate the initial cause which leads to hair loosing. Though in some particular cases the effective solution to the problem is just the hair transplant, and nothing more. Hair transplant is the micro-surgical procedure to transport the donor hairs from the cervical part to the bald parts. The first hair transplantation was performed in 1959 by Dr. Norman Orentreich from America. Since that time the procedure has been improved to help millions with hair problems.

In the earlier times the technique of hair transplanting was just the application of synthetinc hairs to correct the problematic zones. However, the given technique had lots of side effects since it caused occurrence of rough scars, suppuration in the point of transplantation and the eventual falling of the used material. Side effects of the technique were serious to the extent that such approach was prohibited to use in USA by law. Besides, such technique was of little efficacy due to the gradual loosing of the used material within two to three years. Transplanting of donor hair in bunches was not preferred as the efficient approach since it was too painful and the transplanted hair looked unnatural. Bunches of fake hair created the effect of dolly hair and this caused developments in this sphere.

The up to date technology of hair transplant technique assumes application of the follicular grafts that comprise of individual compound of follicles. The grafts come as the individual bunch of hairs with follicles which are well kept and look very natural when transplanted.

Such technique provides the little loss of follicles in the post-surgery period, while requiring the perfect qualification of the specialists to do the surgery. The skills and qualified technique of hair restoration surgeons vary, as do their hair transplant results. The qualification of surgeons including that of the medical personnel involved in selection of hair follicles and preparation of material for transplanting commit to the high effect of this responsible, vitally significant for the client and time-consuming process. The follicles come as separate hairs or a bunch of three and more hairs.

When the hair transplant procedure is done right and the grafts are properly handled and cared well during the procedure, the high likelihood of successful hair growth and high yield is ensured.

Today hair restoration surgery is going through the evolution process to improve both the naturalness and fullness that can be achieved from any one surgical hair transplant procedure.

The present microsurgical blades come smaller and now enable hair transplant surgeons to safely make more tiny graft incisions in the recipient area then ever done before. Surgeons can dense pack select areas with 40 to 80 follicular unit grafts per square centimeter. This graft density is as much as twice that of the standard follicular unit hair transplant procedure.

Particular refined follicular unit hair transplant procedure depends upon the highly professional specialists and the personnel who can ensure the efficient new hair growth that is natural.

Hair transplanting surgery by follicular units or grafts is considered the «golden standard » in this sphere and produces natural looking results. To evaluate the hair transplanting results, the recipient area is photographed before the surgery is done and then the same procedure is repeated in some time later after the procedure is done already. The hair transplanting surgery may be performed with the general anesthesia or local anesthesia with smaller alopecia cases.

The transplanted hair is taken from the cervical area resistant to alopecia genetically. The patient has the recipient area shaven some time before the surgery which is treated with antiseptics and marked. And then the hair is transplanted to marked area.

Since the hair transplanting requires the accurate technique and skillful mastering, the surgery is allowed to the licensed clinics with many-year experience of such surgery.

Regarding to the extent of alopecia, more than one surgery may be required. However, the achieved results will cover all money expenses and your emotional sufferings since this surgery gives the chance to feel confident and younger, which is very significant.

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