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The Debutante Ball: the Catwalk for Elite Fashions

The annual Debutante Ball held at the ultra-chic Le Crillon hotel has been a major event on the international social scene for more than a century now. These days the ball brings together the great fashion houses, and the budding roses of the international social scene. The guest list, although dominated by the international aristocracy, also includes celebrities from the world of art and sport. Debutantes are introduced, accompanied by their brothers, boyfriends and emotional mothers before sitting down for a meal, then being swept off their feet on the dance floor.

Luxury Kitchen Furniture

Your kitchen renovation works are drawing to a close, and it's high time to think about buying brand new kitchen furniture. And here you come to a problem of choice. Many kitchen furniture manufacturers claim that they offer the best product on the market. It's not surprising then that you are confused and puzzled, trying to choose kitchen furniture which is functional, esthetically appealing and stylish. In a word, luxury kitchen furniture. Not only will it give your kitchen an instant facelift, but also has the effect of tidying up and organizing a space. With so many designs available, the possibilities within reach to create a kitchen area that meets all of your specifications.

Pocket Watches: Comeback in Fashion

Pocket watch emerged as a fashion accessory when the watchmakers managed to make the massive clocks, with the smallest of which being grandfather clocks, into a more miniaturized version that could be used personally. Today, this stylish accessory once again makes a comeback to the wardrobe of a modern gentleman. Both rare antique watches and original timepieces by modern watchmakers are equally popular. However, pocket watches are not for men only, as ladies also start to embrace this elegant trend.

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

bode oxyjetThe best recognized and most accepted Bode products reduces lines and wrinkles in a gentle and effective way. BODE OXYjet was created in 1997 for rejuvenation and youth prolongation purposes. It was successfully tested at the largest cosmetology centers of Germany. The cosmetologists consider BODE OXYjet procedures as the modern alternative, so called beauty injections. Procedures at BODE OXYjet, the specially assigned device, help the skin sate with the oxygen quickly and painlessly, and inject the cosmetic product components into the deep and upper skin layers.

Insufficient amount of oxygen and nutrient agents in the deeper layers of the mature skin brings decrease of elasticity, wrinkles and pigments. Oxygen is required to keep the skin healthy, to improve blood circulation, and to balance metabolism process. When oxygen is in short in the organism, the skin tonus decreases, it is no longer elastic but flabby, and you skin gets mature ahead of time.

The procedure at BODE OXYjet device presents injection of pure oxygen and special cosmetic skin care products rich in oxygen and vegetable extracts under the pressure into the problem skin zones. Pure therapeutic oxygen penetrates the skin with other medications nourishing the cells. The skin immune system and cell regeneration procedures are stimulated. These procedures stimulate formation of collagen, the process of melanin formation is suspended and pigments fade.

Indications to have BODE OXYjet are as follow:

  • Ageing changes in skin (wrinkles, atrophy, age-specific spots);
  • Age preventive methods;
  • Smoothing of old wrinkles;
  • Correction of hyperpigmentation;
  • Healing of acne and cuperosis;
  • Dry skin care;
  • Regeneration of smoker's skin (pale, atonic);
  • Cellulite treatment.

Procedures at BODE OXYjet are recommended for the rejuvenation of fading skin. The intensive course may be useful in the time when the skin just starts to lose elasticity. BODE OXYjet procedure smoothes nasolabial folds and makes the face contour more distinctive. Moreover, the procedure are widely practiced to lower hyperpigmentation and to heal acne and cuperosis. This technique is perfect to start after the course of peeling procedures when the skin is too thin and needs tender care. The BODE OXYjet technique moisturizes and rejuvenates the live cells of the skin, it sates the skin with oxygen and nutrient agents and in general, it improves the complexion.

The effect of BODE OXYjet procedures is intensified if you apply special cosmetic products containing molecules of stabilized oxygen. Apart from it, the auxiliary preparations contain various natural extracts and essences as well as pharmaceutical components.

A single procedure of BODE OXYjet is not enough to have the good effect. You'd better start the course of procedures, with the least number of 5 courses. Some clients need three procedures to have the proper effect. The effect of the procedure lasts within a year. Upon completion of the course a procedure a month is enough to keep the achieved results. The course of procedures may be repeated in six months, not earlier. Among the advantages of BODE OXYjet the experts distinguish the absence of contraindications, complications and side effects.

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DSquared: Fashion Squared

DSquared is a young fashion label known for its fresh and ambitious view on style and fashion, instantly recognizable and unique. Its name can be interpreted in many ways but actually DSquared means ‘D' squared, where ‘D' stands for creative duo of twin brothers, whose names begin with that letter, Dean and Dan Caten. But beyond that, DSquared stands for youth, boldness and courage, and sexiness, multiplied by the talent and hard work. In other words, trademark DSquared style is a collage of unique pieces that are mixed to from a sophisticated and elegant urban look.

Jumper for a Businessman

Hosiery garments are found in wardrobe of both men and women and the priority function of jersey pullovers and jumpers is to keep you warm all along with the business image and the relaxing and cozy home wear. Sweaters, vests and cardigans are not really associated with the business style of wear, though lately the clothes from jersey gradually penetrate the office dress code. Some people welcome this tendency, while others believe that simple way jumpers are suitable for the work atmosphere neither for men nor for women.

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Lip Correction Angelina Jolie Gives Up

Today face lifting, rhinoplasty, lip correction and all other plastic surgery procedures commit to add some attractiveness and beauty to women, to make them younger and more alluring. The willing to look beautiful and attractive is not a motif to a lavish life style but the remedy to live a successful life. Unpretentiousness in appearance is not fashionable since the medicine today is capable to show the miracles and correct any body defects with ease. Any face looks interesting when eyes and lips play a prominent role. And some people tend to make lips more prominent and eye-catching to perfection.

Krasnaya Moskva Perfume Scent of Legend

This scent was favorable for millions of women and still in XXI century it is also loved by many of them. Krasnaya Moskva is the perfume to symbolize the epoch and nostalgia for some women while others find it as the sign of conservative and outdated taste. The perfume loved by the Empress Maria Fedorovna, mother to Nikolay II was created by Henri Brocard in the early XX century and a century later it found the way to hearts of those who really appreciate the elegance in the classic glass bottle.