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Christina Aguilera: You Can't Be Poor If You've Got Talent

To some extent, we all have an idea of the so-called «American dream». If you need to give a succinct definition of this concept, it will be something like «strive to achieve success, find the idea that would bring such success, put in a lot of work, and sacrifice a lot to eventually earn your million dollars which is universally recognized equivalent to success».

Luxury Engagement and Wedding Rings: Expensive Presents for Classy Ladies

In the perfect world, the amount of love we want to pour on somebody is matched by our financial resources, as people who are dear to us deserve only the most expensive presents. In the world of luxury, even engagement and wedding rings are no longer a declaration of love but an effective means to show off and rub the new status of a woman into everybody's face. The size of the diamond is not necessarily the key as to what makes some of these luxurious rings so famous and recognizable, rather it seems to be a combination of the engagement ring itself and the famous lady it is associated with.

Victoria Beckham and her Hairstyles

As a member of a girls’ band Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham was regularly admitted as the voiceless girl who unsuccessfully tries to sing. Within a short time after the group broke, Victoria became one of the acknowledged trendsetters in the world. Victoria is believedtobe the icon of style and taste in her motherland, Great Britain, though USA alsowasconquered by Victoria with the same triumph. The style once chosen by Victoria isadheredby her thoroughly and she only compliments her ever-elegant image with the stylishhairdos. She is not afraid to experiment with her hair and that is why she is a popular trendsetter in this sphere also.

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Men’s Signet Rings

Thursday, 02 July 2009

men signet ringsAn elegant business-like man always prefers to wear suits of high quality wool and elegant shoes. Furthermore, accessories complement any look of the man, whether favorably or not, it depends on what you've preferred. Right accessories matching the appearance pass the information to the surrounding people and create the image of an elegant, trustworthy and strong-minded person.

Men's jewelry is one of accessories that help to express the inner thoughts of the bearer. In the world of business jewelry should be worn in the right proportion and right place. When going out for evening routs and functions, try gold watches with diamonds, while they look too pretentious in the business world. Chains and crosses need to be worn under the shirt. A tie clip should go with other accessories, if any, like watches, belt clasp or a ring. Quite often the Signet Ring is the only appreciable accessory of the businessman which expresses his social status, elegance or reliability, subject to the design.

In every occasion a solid ring on the finger of the man is perceived as the sign of prosperity and power since at some particular time only highly ranked persons could afford the jewelry of this type. From ancient times, the Signet Ring was used as a seal to validate the authenticity of its owner. The word «Signet» comes from the word «Sign», meaning that the ring provides a symbol, a sign or a signature to officially stamp or mark important documents, like securities or correspondence. The same, the Signet was often used as facsimile. The same ring, altogether with the signature, confirmed the will of the owner and symbolized nobility, importance and power since only high ranking officials and noblemen could afford the Signets, while in ancient time the Signets were made only from gold and silver.

It is not so difficult to purchase a Signet Ring at present time, though a rare person can afford the Signet Family Crest Jewelry that is hand crafted individually for him.

These Signets or seals provided visual and symbolic «certification» which validated acts executed in their name. Currently men wearing Signet Rings just create an image of solid and reliable men who are determined and confident enough to wear such jewelry.

Choosing a Gold Signet Ring, you'd better consider some points. If all the accessories to your suit are made from silver, like silver watch case or wristlet or a tie clip, then a Yellow or Red Gold Signet Ring will look inappropriate and here you need to opt for White Gold Jewelry. Also White Gold Jewelry suits pale people, while warmer colors of Signets will stronger contrast and emphasize the paleness. Should you prefer clothes of warmer colors to go with your gold accessories, then a solid Signet Ring of Yellow or Red Gold is what you exactly need. Be aware, though, that your hands will pull all the attention, thus you need to have them cared. If you fail to pick up a particular color for you, then pay regard for two-color models with complimentary framing.

A high range of modern Signet Rings provokes particular rules to observe in the business world.  Solid Gem Gold Signet Rings mostly go with men of middle age and older. They emphasize the social status of the owner and make him look solid. The top executives will look more presentable with the designer Signet Ring or a Ring with diamonds. Younger men who prefer to look a little bit less expensive will more love Signet Rings from Designer Collections performed in two colors with black onyx added to contrast the ring. Yet, independent and romantic persons will look more appropriate wearing Silver Signets.

In old times Signet Ring was worn on the little finger only, but in the current world the preferences changed. Men opt to wear a bulky Gold Signet on their little or an index or a ring finger. Here, men should bear in mind that a Signet Ring cannot be the same as a Church Ring or replace it, whatever fascinating and attractive it is.

Yet, designers offer far many designer solutions to the rings. They do not use all the materials they use for Women Jewelry, though a fragile jewelry or various gem rings are not uncommon with men. Many men-many gems, as we dare to interpret the famous saying. Some people love diamonds, some not. Some of them prefer rubies or sapphires to the gold. Should you fail to choose a Gold Signet Ring fitting you, you are always welcome to seek for professional work of jewelers who can easily make an appropriate ring by your personal desire.

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Adam   |2009-08-03 17:37:27
The ring that is featured in the picture, could you tell me who made it?
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