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Semi-Precious Stones – Glittering Symbols

Mohs scale of hardness put the start to division of stones for precious and semi-precious and in ancient times various stones ere appreciated for various cases. So, the Egyptians preferred jewelry from emeralds, turquoise, amethysts and rock crystal while the Romans loved diamonds and sapphires. During the Renaissance and baroque epochs wealthy people preferred rubies, sapphires and topazes while the rococo period dictated diamonds to glitter on clothing. So, stones were selected to match the clothing, the mood and personal preferences.

Watch caskets – luxury accessory for time keepers

The watch is the jewelry that exerts the special attention. The mechanism known for the complex, accurate and delicate peculiarity does not stand the negligent approach for it needs care and foster. Watch boxes is the perfect solution to store reputed watches with comfort as family collection as well as antique wristwatches and pocket time keepers. The exclusive models of cases come as the best gift for VIP persons offering the lavish gift package for the watch of less value.

Black Gold – Fine Metal for Fashion

Today black gold is revealed its inner features to get trendy and elite. The gold radically changed the color to become the part of trendy collections by reputed jewelers. It is worthacquiring by the wealthiest persons to turn into the trendy metal for daily use. It is independent and luxury, unique and classic, modest and provocative at the same time.

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Mandelic Acid Peel

Saturday, 15 May 2010

mandelic acid peelNowadays, skin problems seem to be something indecent and obsolete considering the abundance of various skin care products and procedures. Body peels have long been used to fight a variety of skin problems, acne and inflammations as well as to battle the first signs of aging. Excuses about the skin allergies or hypersensitivity are no longer accepted ever since spas began to offer mandelic acid peel procedure.

Mandelic acid peel is the peel with mandelic acid. Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) extracted from bitter almonds that has been studied as a treatment for common skin problems such as photoaging, acne and melasma, with additional focus on use of a pre- and post-laser treatment. The molecular size of mandelic acid is smaller than any other aromatioc AHA, making it the most effective in skin care products and low-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Mandelic acid works on two levels: as a gentle exfoliant and an antibacterial agent. It has been clinically proven to eliminate hyperpigmentation in the skin, such as melasma, as well as acne, oily skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Mandelic acid makes an effective chemical peel which is recommended for a number of skin conditions which can not otherwise treated. Moreover, it is less irritating than a glycolic peel at identical concentrations with very similar results. In this case, mandelic acid will be a true blessing which cleanses, heals, rejuvenates and refreshers your skin without any serious side effects

Another great advantage of the mandelic acid peel compared to other chemical peels is a very low risk of post-peel hyperpigmentation, especially after a tanning session of any duration. Mandelic acid peel is so delicate that it is recommended as a pre-laser procedure. If you're planning to undergo a laser or mechanical peel, or painful chemical peel, then you can get a course of mandelic acid peels. It will prepare the skin by eliminating the risk of inflammation and adverse effects which otherwise may arise after the more invasive procedure which is to follow.

One of the remarkable features of mandelic acid peel is its high effectiveness in acne and oily skin treatment, in other words, in the treatment of skin inflammation associated with clogged pores. In this case, the effectiveness of mandelic acid peel is ensured by the comprehensive approach to the problem. First, mandelic acid has a pronounced keratolytic effect as it softens the skin, purging it of dead skin cells which can lead to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne, among other conditions. Antibacterial properties of the mandelic acid ensure the elimination of the inflammation; in addition, it reduces sebum production. If the patient has sensitive problem skin, prone to inflammation and barely tolerant to any treatment, the mandelic acid peel is the best choice.

Freckled and dark complexions will also benefit from the mandelic acid peel. Since mandelic acid is absorbed at a slower rate than many other ingredients, it does not disrupt the melanin in the skin. Mandelic acid is also one of the few ingredients for acne treatment that can be used on pimples as well as on acne cysts.

The mandelic acid peel course usually includes 5 to 8 procedures, which should be performed at 7-10 day interval. The contraindications to the mandelic acid peel procedure are limited to individual intolerance to mandelic acid, skin lesions, severe inflammation, and herpes. The side effects of mandelic acid peel are minimal, especially when compared to similar acid (for example, glycolic) peels. However, since mandelic acid is an exfoliant, it will expose new skin layers to the sun. The newer skin tends to be highly sensitive to the sun. Therefore, a sunscreen is recommended to help minimize the risk of burning and irritation.

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Rosibel  - face   |2010-06-02 06:16:55
dark spots, scart, pigmentation problem
from acne. I am 31 years old. how would you help me.
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Some time ago the rubber boots were the accessories we used to wear in summer to autumn seasons when working in gardens or going to pick up mushrooms in the woods or going fishing. You see, the function of rubber boots was quite practical: to protect feet from soaking. Today rubber boots is the other fashion trend among footwear. The fashion is changeable, the world favors today for rubber boots considering them as the wholly functional footwear.

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