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Golden Bracelets

No image is completed and perfect without appropriate accessories and bracelet can be that detail that helps to complement the look. A bracelet accentuates the femininity and delicacy of female hands or style and reliability of male hands, though a bracelet is rather a female accessory. There are many cases in the past when males used bracelets as talismans and amulets, though currently rare people are ready to wear anything except for watches.

Katana Sword: the Ultimate Lethal Weapon

The katana sword is believed to be ultimate cutting weapon by many collectors of swords around the world. The katana sword is a gruesome looking weapon and its history tells the story of a weapon designed strictly for war, but ownership meant so much more to the samurai and possessors. The katana was mostly made famous by the samurai who were undoubtedly masters of sword warfare. The samurai could unsheathe their katana and cut through just about anything with the precision of a surgeon in a matter of seconds.

Celebrities Who Died in Car Crashes

Celebrities rarely die of old age in their own bed, surrounded by loving family and friends. They are more likely to be taken away in the prime of their life, lost to some terminal illness or meeting their tragic end in an accident or a car crash. From «the Queen of Hearts» Princess Diana and fashion designer Nicolas Trussardi to the rebel icon James Dean and photography guru Helmut Newton, car crashes can be blamed for many celebrity deaths.

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Dandy Women Evening Wear – the Style to Behave like Men

Saturday, 22 May 2010

dandy women evening wearThe woman of our times is accustomed to the fact that she cannot survive if she does not show her strength of will since she is required to belike that, either arrogant or tough. Such qualities are required at work, though after the working hours most women prefer staying in the image of a strong-willed and independent woman-fighter. This could be the most expressive explanation of why many women opt for the dandy style even when they away from the office with its rules and dress code.

There is one detail to consider, though. When experimenting with the classic dandy suits the fashion designers proved that a woman who prefers dandy in every day life is still feminine and she never acquires the features of a man. When a particular woman chooses for the dandy style neglecting the dress and skirt, she may look as attractive and seductive as an ordinary woman in dress since the contrast works here. The contrasting features have to be revealed to position the preferences to life and a woman again votes for the dandy suit.

Folds, ruches and laces are able to outshine the original natural attractiveness drawing off the attention that should be referred to soft sex.

The dandy suit works in the right direction. Its laconic style, lines and design, the strict colors and closeness to the manly style make a woman more feminine. And the dandy suit is the perfect variant to highlight the natural beauty and the reproachful style at the social event, the dinner party or function providing the suit matches the occasion and all the accessories suit the image.

And we behave as men!

The dandy suit has some advantages to the traditional evening dress. It is comfortable, first of all, and this is one of the crucial points. The dress may appear too tight, too long, too wide making a woman feel inconveniences.

The curves of the figure are the other factor that women prefer manly wear to dresses. The women who feel their shapes are not perfect find the dress a poor tool to hide the defects. In the meantime, the dandy suit solves these problems easily hiding the skin folds behind the long jacket and too wide thighs become less prominent.

This does not mean that a woman with imperfect shapes should wear a shapeless bag-styled something to hide every shape which could be the advantages if accentuated properly.

The dandy suit properly tailored can easily rivet the attention to a woman since the sculptural capacities to create the visually attractive woman silhouette are unlimited.

Currently the dandy suits for women compete with evening dresses even at the Hollywood parties, varied in colors and fabric. Though, the suits are different from color to color and the same refers to the fabric.

The appropriate dandy suit is perfect when it is based on the light color combining the laconic style with some more feminine features of the tender tint. The red suit will look aggressive even for the evening party while the black suit makes a woman too conservative. The perfect colors for dandy suits include white, beige, creamy, lemon-yellow, silver-grey and heaven-blue. The noble matte shades are allowed though the metal glitter of gold and silver of the moderate brilliance with the delicacy of design and minimum accessories will look appropriate as the evening ensemble.

The suit is tailored according to the shapes and the wide streaming trousers will go with the dense shapes and the girls who are fine with their shapes may choose for the trendy short pants narrow to the ankle. When the shapes allow the jacket may be tightly-closed and the blouse should match the suit in the style. The blouse with the fluffy jabot is allowed as the compliment to the matte fabric that contrasts with the color of the suit.

A plain and tiny clutch is ideal for the dandy style suit as well as to the evening dress.  The pumps like those of Mary Jane’s with the open toe will look perfect. The mules are allowed in case if they are made from the natural leather, they match the suit in color and are not too showy.

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Exclusive Shoes – Luxury Affordable to Elite

Every woman dreams of a pair of shoes, which is unique and exclusively designed for her and when she sees shoes of the same design and brand with another woman, the impression of the exclusiveness and individuality is absolutely spoilt. Today the status of exclusiveness can be expressed in everything that we face in our life, from clothes, shoes to perfume and automobiles. The superiority is not what we perceived some time back in regards of the things we wear to look exclusive and exceptional. Initially the exclusive product is hardly affordable and exceptional, while currently even the ordinary accessories by the reputed brand Louis Vuitton are called exclusive while found in the closet of every fashionmonger in two or several dozen of pieces who can just afford them.

Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti: a Love Story

The name of Italian designer Giorgio Armani is synonymous with sophisticated and elegant fashion. In addition to apparel his spectacularly successful business empire includes lines of jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and eyewear, among other products. He also is the president of Milan basketball team. He is distinguished too for constructing a mansion on the Carribean island of Antigua. Most importantly, he was among the first fashion designers to ban models with body mass index under 18. Amongst other titles Armani got, Forbes also picked him twice as the most successful Italian designer in 2001 and in 2006. The following year, he was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In 2005, he was named the Best Dressed Environmentalist. However, Giorgio Armani wouldn‘t have the tenth fraction of this success, if it hadn‘t been for that one special person who made it all happen.

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Aromatherapy is nothing with rose, the Queen of flowers and yet, the perfumery industry has a lot with the rose as the component of scents. The rose note is neglected in too little fragrances and there are rare people in the world who can refuse from it rich, luscious and really royal scent. Rose is also used in culinary when cakes are decorated with sugaredrosepetals. From the times immemorial rose is the flower which fragrant petals bring joy, relaxation and languor to the body merely making happy and healing from particular ailments.

Trendy Fragrances 2010 – Love Essences

The world of perfume develops and evolves following special tendencies and laws where strangers are aliens who fail. It adheres to the trends unveiled at catwalks, though. The industry of perfume and apparel are closely interacted. Yet, all the reputed fashion houses like Chanel launch must-have signature fragrances. Trendy fragrances 2010 urge to appear the trendy dominant and even the most sharpened and perfect image is tasteless and dull if a drop of appropriate perfume is not worn by a woman.