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Unusual Tie Clips: the Terrain of Men’s Accessories

Even fashion-clueless men cannot resist the allure of jewelry; they still have a touching weakness for the shimmering precious metals and sparkling gemstones, though probably hidden deep within. Sometimes they inadvertently reveal their passion with the flashy watch, diamond studs, or some really unusual tie clips. Tie clips or bars, however, are inherently male accessories. They clip horizontally across a man's tie and hold it to his shirt, stabilizing it while also assuring that the skinny part will not emerge from behind the wide part. Luckily, modern designers do not neglect tie clips when working on the look of the present-day gentleman, and make them into a functional and sophisticated accessory.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy – First in All She Does

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (born Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi) is an Italian-born French songwriter, singer, and former model. She was more known as the model in other countries but France until she married to the President of the French Republic and has become the First Lady since February 2008. Sometime ago Carla was named as the European mantid with the smile of a Terminator by the French novelist Justine Lévy, daughter of philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy.  Justine was anxious and upset about the fact that the eccentric Carla broke her marriage with the TV host, a professor of French philosophy Raphael Enthoven, who was ten years younger than her.

Audrey Hepburn – Lady By Birth and Nature

There are cases when the person comes from the aristocratic family though their actions and life style have nothing to do with the elite refinement. And on the contrary, people whose ancestors come from medium class or even the marginal but the person proves to belong to the high class of the society with all they do and feel. And again, we face people who are lucky enough to be born to the reputed and ancient nobility and who appear to be the genuine aristocrats. They treat evenly favorably to people from various levels of society. They are willing to give a hand to those who are in need and act as the model of worthy behavior to follow. Yet, we are blessed to enjoy such a talented and unique actress and a beautiful woman as Audrey Hepburn.

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Chanel Perfume: the History and Reality

Saturday, 01 May 2010

Chanel perfumeChanel is like the feathery drop on the wrist, it chases you throughout the day long making you alluring and allows chances for young men who hear the fragrance worn by a woman or when she smoothes her hairdo. And all this tells about the perfume that does not require introduction and which became legendary fragrance the moment it appeared on sale. The fragrance is next to a woman for the years and decades and is the similar brand like a little black dress that turned the world of fashion and world of fragrances upside down. And the name of the legendary icon is Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel found the perfume equally essential and important as the clothes and in her opinion a woman was not allowed going out without wearing some fragrance. Yet, she sounded firmly and very soon almost all women on the planet knew the aroma of the perfume on their skin, and the fragrance was something new and unique they had never met and heard before.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel wanted her perfume differ from other fragrances of that time. The plain flowery compositions which were too strong after application onto the skin but too weak to stay for several hours were not reputed by her. The names of fragrances were not unique to name the flower or something regarding the sweet love. And she launched the perfume in the strict bottle named Chanel №5 to confront the other fancy bottles of fragrances for women. Before the new fragrance appeared, all the previous perfumes of other manufacturers were launched in fanciful and nice bottles with the plain content. The fragrance by Chanel appeared in the strict and ascetic bottle with the richest unrecognizable fragrance.

The perfumery symphony seized in the bottle Chanel №5 from 1921 was delighted by many women with its abstract look that was like the exotic for that time. The inventor of the bottle, Ernest Beaux, combined the notes of the ylang-ylang from the Komoro islands, vetiver from the island Reunion, nerol from Grass creating the fantastically unique orgy of aromas with the geography borders which mixed with ordinary accords makes the totally alluring cocktail of aroma. And the adequate and clever advertising campaign really promoted this fragrance. Throughout the life of this fragrance the promotion campaign was headed by the acknowledged celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Carole Bouquet and Nicole Mary Kidman.

And in the year 1970 along with Chanel № 5 and Chanel №22 the other fragrance, Chanel №19 was launched. Chanel №19 is also the legendary perfume since the name was given to honor the date of birth of Coco Chanel who was born on August 19.

The perfume did not have that distinct nature and aroma as with Chanel №5, though it was fresh created by Henri Robert and valued by young girls. The luxury aroma for the evening out should be spicy with the oriental motifs and such perfume was launched by Chanel in 1984 and was called simply but significantly.

All these perfumes were tested by the time and all of them are related to Chanel with the name, numbers and nature. However, the time changes and so do the tendencies and values and if Chanel was worth by mature women in the past currently Chanel is chosen by younger girls either.

The younger generation realized that the classic item is the absolute gain, and the perfume becomes younger, lighter and fresher as if getting younger year by year. In the year 1996 the new fragrance Allure was launched with fruity notes that were associated with the French romance and it appeared ten years later named Allure sensuelle.

Chance, the fragrance ringing and light as the breath, designed for the young girls, was presented in 2003 and a bit later it was launched as the Chance Eau Fraiche for the younger girls.

Chanel perfume acquired the name with the charming youth and respect to the great Coco Chanel in 2001. Coco Mademoiselle is the bright fragrance with the expressive nature and composition totally corresponding to the style of Chanel.

Since 1921 and till now various fragrances were launched under the name Chanel, including aromas for men. All of them are different though all of them are united with one idea to help a woman get attractive, highlight her fragile nature and strength of the spirit. The fragrances were luxury and stylish and discreet at the same time.

On the whole, the perfume by Chanel is legendary and works for all generation as the little black dress of Coco Chanel.

The Coco Chanel perfume does not belong to anyone but women of the world. By the lapse of time the design of the bottle changes only and currently we see the newest and advanced variations of bottles. Nevertheless, the unchangeable is the aroma itself.

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Tunics – Remain from Ancient Greece

Tunic today is the most popular and comfortable wear for summer time. This is too light and sexual to attract attention to women and this is one of reasons why it is so highly demanded for many seasons. A tunic is perfect clothing for the heat and on the top of it, it is the best wear to visually correct the shapes if not ideal. Presently we face with various styles and fabric for tunics and to some particular extent they are all drawn towards the roots – the ancient civilizations where they originated from.

Jackets 2011- Welcome To Classic Style

The fashion collections of the pending autumn-winter 2010-2011 season celebrated the departure of several trends at once being in favor before. First, fashion designers in the majority of them refused from military style. Two seasons were given the chance to wear army jackets with intentionally high shoulders and militarized furniture elements, though the new season is completely free from military spirit.  Second, the other trend almost forgotten in the autumn season was borrowing some elements of men’s style presented in various manly jackets offered by fashion designers to enjoy this spring matched with frivolous shorts or skirts. The new autumn collections have nothing to do with the above-said trends.

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Japanese Perfume - Exotic Trends

After the triumphant run at American and French runways, designers from Japan come to create fragrances which also find fame. The beauty and demand for Japanese perfume are not concluded in expensive bottles and intense scents. The Japanese perfume is restricted with natural components and unique cultural elements which have always been called-for in Europe with mysteriousness and uncertainty.

Nail Design 2011 – Triumph of Elegance

Fashion for manicure is so impetuous to change as well as the fashion for apparel and shoeschanges every season. Nothing is stagnant in this world. Various tendencies replace eachother regularly growing based one another. And thus, the manicure 2011 is the continuationof tendencies announced in 2010, and even earlier. On the whole, the manicure of the coming season longs to be unusual unlike others.