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Russian Oligarchs – Lucky Monopolists

It is known for recent years that the rate of Russian billionaires yields to that value in the US in only digits. And that’s not news. The word «billionaire» is still attributed to oligarchs who became legendary in the late 90s. In spite these people are known from long ago and many of them appear in various life spheres, new oligarchs appeared in the market of billionaires.

Collector’s Coins – Rarity and Uniqueness

Collector’s coins or vintage coins have always been in focus due to their value and exclusivity. Coins could be a good investment for someone spending fortune to add some more of them to their collection. The others prefer chasing the rare coin or the one of unusual shape. Coins can tell the history and culture of the nation and the rules. Coins can not only be the part of the numismatic collection but also the asset to be inherited and appreciated.

Authentic Diamonds Vs Diamond Simulants – How to Sort Them Out

When Jean Cocteau was shooting Beauty and the Beast in 1946 starring Jean Marais, the latter offered to produce diamond replica for the episode of the palace dancing.  Cocteau rejected the idea saying that fake diamonds would not glow. However, fifty years later, we have fake diamonds manufactured so subtly that it is sometimes hard enough to sort them out. So, how to sort the diamonds from other gems, including fake one?

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Colored Wedding Dresses

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

colored wedding dressesCurrently women are willing to look stylish and trendy not only in their everyday life but at the wedding part either. They long for the color wedding dress that should create a commotion immediately a bride appears in the public, color wedding gowns have replaced snow-white classic wedding ensembles for the last decade. The traditional monochrome image is likely to turn into the rare ensemble in several seasons, as it seems now when the designers prefer the vivid embroidery and new color shades, pastel pink, yellow or green colors to the white dresses.

The pacifying shades of green, violet and lilac colors were widely used in collections of reputed designers in the previous 2009. The new wedding season Spring-Summer 2010 the colors are more flamboyant and contrasting, from the bright red, orange and pink wedding gowns to extremely black dresses which considered to be the color suitable for any occasions but the wedding.

The popular designers seem to boast when using black color in wedding ensembles and launch more collections with wedding dresses with accessories or contrasting back color embroidery and patterns. The designer Vera Wang launched the collection with wedding gowns where apart from the classic white dresses she highlighted the gown of more unique and drastic colors. One of her dresses distinguishes with the tender lemon-green shade while the other perfectly matches the affectionate pink color of the lower skirt with the fluffy skirt of pale green color. A line of Vera Wang dresses is made from fabric of warm off-white and peach colors, and one of the dresses is presented in the drastic black color embroidered with the satin bands and ribbons of the same dark color.

The other American designer, Carolina Herrera, also includes some elements of black color in her collection, though in less harsh manner. The wedding ensembles from Herrera are of traditional white color, though they are decorated with contrasting embroidery and flowery patterns to highlight the contrast of colors. On the top of it, as the auxiliary accessory for the bride, the American designer offers tiny boleros made from the half-sheer black lace or tulle.

The other trendy and contrasting mix is the combination o f the classic white gown with the blood-red accessories apart from the match of white and black. When the bright red wedding dress is thought to be very loud and provocative for the wedding party, the wedding gowns that match these two colors are good to consider. Yet, the dresses of white and red colors are suitable for wedding in spring and summer periods, still making the bride romantic and tender. The dresses like this are offered by the wedding brand Alfred Angelo with models when the classic white upper skirt goes perfectly with the dark-red lower skirts and red inclusions.  

One of the popular wedding colors is the pink color, which is not vulgar or provocative at all. When the pink is expressed in tender and light fabric as silk, tulle and organza when the light-pink creates the image of the princess. Loving pink wedding gowns with classic puffy skirt and dropping down folds from organza and luxury silk is offered by the fashion brand Marchesa in the latest collection. The well-known brand Reem Acra included several ensembles of the tender light-blue shade with the golden embroidery on the hem successfully presented in his latest collection, while Oscar de la Renta created several color accessories to compliment the wedding ensembles like gloves and hats.

On the top of it, the new Spring-Summer collections of the famous designers show the vivid tropic colors, that is orange, yellow and motton blue. For the summer wedding ensemble and for less official functions such shades may appear fairly suitable, when the warm colors go practically with every complexion and the more vivid is the color, the more unique is the style and taste and challenges to go beyond any traditions. However, the unnecessary brightness of the color for wedding dresses is effectively smoothed over with the moderate tailoring.

As a rule, the flamboyant color is the key decoration of the wedding ensemble and there is no need in additional accessories like puffy skirts, decorative ribbons and bands and various embroidery. However, Vera Wong in her Spring-Summer collection of wedding gowns managed to compliment the brightness of the color and splendor of the ensemble. The wedding gowns of intensive green and lemon-yellow shades were expressive with the classic match of the plain top and puffy skirt made from plenty of half-sheer tulle.

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Knit Women’s Coat – The Laced Triumph

Today the knitwear is presented in so many styles and it is so popular that no single autumn and spring collections can do without hosiery. Knit women's coats are offered in classic, sporty, romantic, vintage, casual and ethnic styles. The demand for knit coats grows in line with the more increasing range of color and texture of woolen yarn as merino wool, angora, alpaca, Kashmir. Globally known brands launch knit coats for women in their latest collections and most celebrities today appear wearing knitwear for many occasions and that's hard to picture that some time back it was something different.

Hand-made Handbags – For the Sake of Exclusive Design

Exclusiveness of hand-made items has been demanded and appreciated by many people for throughout ages. Currently we enjoy mass production of every model of handbags of any model we want to purchase and still hand-made craft is of less consideration. Hand-made items have bounty of advantages to the ready-made products and many admirers, though. Designer handbag is the accessory that is demanded highly for ever times since the handbag accentuates the exclusive image of the person than other garments and designer handbag can contribute to it higher than whatever else.

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Lacoste Inspiration – How Does Muse Smell

Lacoste is the French fashion brand known for the famous T-shirts so loved by both men and women. Lacoste brand was first founded by the ex-tennis player René Lacoste in 1933 though the brand penetrated the market of perfumery a little bit later unlike the fashion fellows of the time. And only in 1984 the world enjoyed the scent of Lacoste, Lacoste Original Pour Homme designed for men, athletic and attractive. However, Lacoste brand developed the perfumery division far later, in the early XXI century and Inspiration is deemed as one of the best reputed fragrances for women today.

Emporio Armani Diamonds – Best Diamonds for Women

The Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani first succeeded in 1995 when it launched its first recognizable Acqua di Gio for women. Armani never intended to live up on this only triumph and he committed to offer more and more fragrances for ladies who preferred wearing unique and seducing scents. One of those fragrances presented then was Emporio Armani Diamonds. This fragrance was not offered so long ago, being too young compared to other celebrated scents in perfume industry. Nevertheless, Emporio Armani Diamonds was really captivating to impress all ladies who highly appreciated and necessitated that fragrance. Marilyn Monroe was probably right saying that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, even though we mean the fragrant ones.