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Colored Gold the Precious Riot of Shades

Yellow gold is deemed as the quintessence of refinement and perfect manners, the sign of perfect taste and style. Gold is available in red, pink, green, blue and even black colors, though. Reputed jewelry houses employ all the shades to create their accessories while colored gold is only seizing minds of ordinary consumers. Average consumer still refers to colored gold as to the metal of lower purity and quality.

Porcelain Fragile Luxury

Porcelain is the luxury fragile thing created from white clay, quartz and other various components. No other family collection can do without the delicate china tea set that highlights the peculiar taste and style of the hostess. Collectors of the whole world are really hunting rare figurines of animals and flowers, and pictures of people or myth heroes glazed. Every work of art of the thinnest porcelain is the unique design and beauty which keeps the particle of soul and skills of every master.

Michelin Red Guides Highest Rank of Restaurants

Today people require higher standards in almost every single sphere of activity since they feel they are worth better services and goods. And most things depend on the opinion and statements of critics to have the utmost final decision. And Michelin Red Guides is the essentially vital tool to evaluate and appraise restaurants by fixed and stable criteria accepted by people.

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Cat Eye Makeup - Temper of Woman

Saturday, 10 April 2010

cat eye makeupCat eye makeup has been demanded from the times immemorial, since the time of Cleopatra. The only purpose of this makeup was to highlight eyes to make them attractive and alluring. And till update women have not lost their intentions and the natural inner desire to seduce and win men. Cat eye makeup is one of the tools to make you more beautiful and attractive. You are welcome to master the cat eye makeup and look like Audrey Hepburn of the past or Amy Jade Winehouse of our times. They look differently; they come from various centuries with different culture styles and from different areas of occupation. And the only thing to join them and look like one another is the cat eye makeup they like. Cat eye makeup is the fashion tendency though it is not welcomed by any single woman.

Some girls believe that cat eye makeup is the technique for anyone but not them, while the others who want to try and have the makeup quit after they fail to draw that thin and precise line. Actually, the matter is not that dramatic as it seems to sound, since the line is possible to be drawn by everyone. The point is the tools you use to have that seductive and striking look.

Cat eye makeup has not yield its positions in the makeup sphere and the models on the catwalk boast with thin and delicate cat eye line or the luxury wide line with the immodest tick in the outer end of the eyes. You are free to choose the line by yourself. You are the one to know what is yours and what suits you more. If you hesitate, you may seek for the advice of professional stylists. The shape of your eyes and the complexion is what to help you choose. And your eyeliner is all to matter, and you have to bear it in your mind.

If you have all tools you need, take some time and be patient to start the makeup. The even and clear line is easy to draw to create a stylish image. Moreover, you have the chance to correct the shape of your eyes if you need to do it. This is also good for the face since the look may get changed when you have cat eye makeup. On the top of it, you may save some money on eye-shadows and mascara since lines are drawn to have the particular image without excess makeup.

Well-shaped eyes, whether round or not, at the good distance from each other may look interesting depending on various lines and image of the owner. The cat eye makeup of 50s is trendy now with dramatic look with the wide lines on the upper eyelid which does not require eye-shadows. Cleopatra eyes are also demanded, when the lines go farther than the eye contour and go up continuing the line of curled eyelashes. And here the upper line is sufficient in the current trend, neglecting the lower line, so much beloved by Cleopatra.

The wide pointing line perfectly suits almond-shaped or wide eyes, whatever wider it is. If the eyes are narrow, the wide line may suppress the eyes as if a girl finds it heavy to wink even. A thin and delicate line is better for such eyes, drawn too close to the line of eyelashes, from the inner corner of eyes to the outer corner slightly getting up and wider. We use the same technique to draw the line on the lower eyelid. The lines are spread after to look natural, and thus the lines are better to draw with the eyeliner pencil.

Round-shaped eyes need the lines from the inner corner of eyes, and from the middle of the upper eye contour, drawing a highlighting line to the side slightly. The line is too sharp at the corners, and it is wider in the middle when the eyes look longer.

If you think your eyes are placed too wide, make your lines wider in the inner parts making eyes narrower. And vise versa, narrow-placed eyes can look wider if you draw the line from the middle of the eyelid contour making the line sharper at the end.

When talking about cat eye makeup, many girls complain that the liquid eyeliner is terrible to use since it makes irregular lines. And the eyeliner with the solid brush is not the latest tool. Try a soft eye pencil first since it is good to draw with. Pencil is easy to correct but if you think you are hard with the pencil, get your eye-shadows with the applicator and go ahead. You won’t fail. The stylists often draw the lines with the eye-shadow made with the wet applicator. This is comfortable and easy to do, and you easily create the makeup with the deep look using one and the same tool for your makeup.

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Trendy Skirts 2011

Skirts have their own niche in the segment of women wear for the constant centuries and tough from time to time ladies betray this garment with trousers and sports wear, skirts have never outdate. Maxi-skirt appears to be the most actual garment for the coming autumn-winter 2010-11 seasons. It assumes ever spanking new weight for autumn wardrobe and neglecting hippies or bohemian maxi light dresses, the style of femininity and elegant classic in long dresses and skirts appears, as it is seen in the latest collections by Louis Vuitton and Mark Jacobs.

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High Quality Hair Dye the Lavish Work

Professional or high quality refers to something of high level today, of high rank. And the opinion that the professional item is better and highly demanded is proved. And the other things that go beyond the borders are not deemed as something worthy to consider. This istrue to some extent. Professional stuff which is opposite to something ordinary and trivial людьми is not just better and all. It is designed and assigned for professional specialists. And professional high quality hair dye is what refers to this category.

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