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Pendants – From Naivety to Lavish Life

Pendants are the kind of jewelry which found their niche in the segment of popular jewelry accessories. The craftsmen of any time and nation employed their incredible fancy pieces of jewelry, from romantic to elegant, exotic to classic. A pendant perfectly accentuates the décolleté line, draws attention to the graceful wrist and adds some chic and charm to everyday apparel. A unique style pendant as a gift is an ideal keepsake for any memorable occasion, whether a baby birth or a jubilee, love proposal or just a sign of gratefulness.

Helena Bonham Carter – Money is not Everything for Aristocrats

We know there is a special stratum of actors in this world and we know the part of the high society with the evidenced genealogy to be aristocrats throughout centuries, really nobles not those who acquired titles of nobility in various «societies». As for actors who come from real aristocratic families with old history, there are some of them who we are aware of. Helena Bonham Carter is the actress who is in the group of this exceptional people who can boast with the noble blood. Her great grandfather, Lord Asquith, was titled the Prime-Minister for Great Britain who headed the government of His Majesty within 1908 and 1916, and her grandmother was the Baroness Bonham Carter.

The Occult Minerals – Magic of Stones

Stone is one of mysterious things in nature. They stones appear magic to humans since they are durable; humans die and disappear but stones look the same. Actually, stones undergo changes either, due to weathering, for example, though this is far lasting process that it goes too invisible for human beings. It is obvious why people who tend to live eternally aspire to give the stones the magic features as the symbol of unattainable eternal life.

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Beautiful Eyelashes

Wednesday, 28 April 2010
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Beautiful Eyelashes
Beautiful eyelashes. Makeup with fake eyelashes
Beautiful eyelashes

Every woman is willing and spends a plenty of time to have beautiful and long eyelashes. Though, there are women who just want them without making any efforts. If and when you neglect the care of your eyelashes, they may fall and cut in ends. And you can avoid such problems if you just do simple procedures to keep your natural eyelashes stunning and healthy.

Sometimes it's fun to go for glamour with false eyelashes. Whether you apply a few singles to create a subtle change, or full lashes for optimal drama,

How to care of your eyelashes

Everyday cleansing

Every time when you go to bed, remember of your eyelashes and do remove the eye makeup. Unfortunately, many women forget to take off the makeup and go to sleep to find the unwanted consequences the next day.

It is easy to apply the special lotion or milk to remove the makeup since the plain cosmetic products may cause irritation or redness.

Begin with clean eyes, free of makeup. After you remove the makeup, cleanse the skin with the extract of calendula, and rub your eyelashes with the cotton swab soaked in the weak –cooked tea. It really helps to make the eyelashes stronger.

A brush for eyelashes

If you want fine-looking, long and silky eyelashes, you should comb the eyelashes every day with the special comb or a clean mascara brush.

Prior to using the brush, insert it in the castor, olive or rose oil. If you do it regularly, the eyelashes will grow sooner and thicker.

Procedures for lashes

Your eyelashes will get long and fluffy thanks to herbal compresses. The effective compress proved for longer period is the compress on the base of equal portions of calendula, black tea and

Cornflower extracts. You need to soak the cotton swab in this dilution and put on your eyelids for 15 to 20 minutes. The extract of mere cornflower only is also good for this purpose. The compress should be done once a week to have effect.

Fake eyelashes

To care of your eyelashes, it takes significant time to do it.

The modern cosmetic products allow having incredible eyelashes within several minutes. The artificial or fake eyelashes are a miracle invented for women to save the situation when there is little time. They help to make your look alluring and touching.

You need to apply the fake eyelashes properly and carefully after you finish up with your makeup.

It may seem difficult for the first time but you will gain the proper skills in the soonest time. Practice makes perfect.

There are several types of fake eyelashes:

  • separate hairs
  • clusters of eyelashes
  • one strip eyelashes

Eyelashes are fixed with the special glue.

The separate hairs or clusters are glued to the upper eyelid, starting from the outer corner of the eye.

Hold the fake lashes in your hand and apply a very thin layer of glue or adhesive along the base of the eyelashes and one important tip - begin with a small amount of glue, adding more if required. After you apply the eyelashes, press them with the finger for several seconds to fix.

Such eyelashes are applied at the distance of a millimeter from one another and they look naturally.

If you use the band with fake eyelashes, you need to adjust the length first.

To do this, try the band to the upper eyelid and trim them with sharp manicure scissors to accommodate your needs.

You’d better cut the eyelashes from the inner side since the eyelashes from the outer part are thicker and longer.

Put some drops of the glue onto the base of fake eyelashes and press them with the finger to the eyelid over the natural eyelashes, from the middle to sides.

Look into the mirror. Apply the false lashes above your eyelashes, as close to your eyelash line as possible, following the natural curve.

Adjust the eyelashes with fingers or tweezers, winkle several times and make sure your vision is not disturbed.

Apply another layer of mascara onto the natural and artificial eyelashes. Correct yourmakeup. The line of fake eyelashes is dyed with the eyeliner or a liquid liner.

When applying lashes at home, you’d better choose ones made from natural hair with better taper. When you remove your makeup, start with your false eyelashes and pull them from the outer side. Rinse the false eyelashes under running water.

How to care for the fake eyelashes?

The eyelashes should be unpacked or removed from the line of your natural eyelashes with the greatest care to avoid damaging and kept in dry and cool place, since the humidity and high temperature, like in the bathroom, may spoil and change the curve of eyelashes.

Eyelashes extension

The procedure of eyelashes extension is performed in beauty salons. It is made by qualified specialists who use glue solutions and fake eyelashes.

The extension of eyelashes is the procedure when the fake hair is glued to your natural eyelashes with the special hypoallergenic gum. A small cluster of eyelashes or separate hairs are mainly used for this procedure.

Such eyelashes are good to save time since they are stronger enough for three weeks and then they fall down, the same as the natural eyelashes.

Such eyelashes are not falsely long and they look natural.

Recently the procedure of eyelashes extension is getting more and more popular among the ordinary girls, leaving along Hollywood celebrities.

Any contraindications?

Unfortunately, there are contraindications. The persons who suffer from allergy reactions blepharitis and other eyelid diseases, excessive tearing are not recommended that they try false eyelashes.

You care for the false eyelashes in the same manner as for your natural ones observing some particular rules. Never rub your eyes and try to avoid wetting your eyelashes within two hours after the procedure is done.

Any ways to have the eyelashes longer?

There is another way to boast with long eyelashes. It is application of preparation to stimulate their growth. In most cases the preparations come as gels on the base of natural extracts – proteins of wheat, hazel and almond.

The manufacturers ensure that your eyelashes will get longer for 2mm after you apply their product for 28 days long.

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