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Christina Aguilera: You Can't Be Poor If You've Got Talent

To some extent, we all have an idea of the so-called «American dream». If you need to give a succinct definition of this concept, it will be something like «strive to achieve success, find the idea that would bring such success, put in a lot of work, and sacrifice a lot to eventually earn your million dollars which is universally recognized equivalent to success».

Luxury Engagement and Wedding Rings: Expensive Presents for Classy Ladies

In the perfect world, the amount of love we want to pour on somebody is matched by our financial resources, as people who are dear to us deserve only the most expensive presents. In the world of luxury, even engagement and wedding rings are no longer a declaration of love but an effective means to show off and rub the new status of a woman into everybody's face. The size of the diamond is not necessarily the key as to what makes some of these luxurious rings so famous and recognizable, rather it seems to be a combination of the engagement ring itself and the famous lady it is associated with.

Victoria Beckham and her Hairstyles

As a member of a girls’ band Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham was regularly admitted as the voiceless girl who unsuccessfully tries to sing. Within a short time after the group broke, Victoria became one of the acknowledged trendsetters in the world. Victoria is believedtobe the icon of style and taste in her motherland, Great Britain, though USA alsowasconquered by Victoria with the same triumph. The style once chosen by Victoria isadheredby her thoroughly and she only compliments her ever-elegant image with the stylishhairdos. She is not afraid to experiment with her hair and that is why she is a popular trendsetter in this sphere also.

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Selective Cosmetics - Ten Reasons to Be Beautiful

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

selective cosmetics Selective cosmetic products may be considered as the «elite» products and this is true to some extent. It is a matter of fact that one of the important steps is to perceive that selective cosmetic products are not assigned for particular women with particular complexion but particular women choose those products to look wonderful and attractive. The miracle occurs in us, though for us.

The selective (niche) cosmetic products differ from the cheaper «mass market» products in every step, from the components and manufacturer to the advertisement cmampaigns, expiry date and prices. The mass market cosmetics are manufactured by such companies as Maybelline, L’Oreal,  Bourjois, Nivea, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, Laboratoiries Garnier, Max Factor, Revlon, Jhonson & Jhonson, Yves Rocher, Lakme, Cliven, Naturelle, Lumene and others.

The brands presenting the selective cosmetics are also known to be Clarins, Christian Dior, Versace, Helena Rubinstein,Givenchy, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Guerlain, Nina Ricci, Clinique and Yves Saint Laurent.

The components of these cosmetics products differ significantly. The «mass market» products are used to care for the non-problematic normal skin and this is quite enough for that. The majority of inexpensive cosmetic products contain synthetic artificial ingredients, the derivatives from phenol and formalin and artificial preserving agents and such cosmetics are neither effective nor safe for any purpose.

Just consider that an average woman wants to have shapely thighs without any cellulite and even complexion and get rid of wrinkles, at least, visible ones, and in this case she has nothing to do with «mass market» products.

And if the first wrinkles appear on your face making you unhappy and you observe terrible signs of ageing process, never panic and do not rush to seek for plastic surgery to correct the situation. The only reasonable way is to look for the selective cosmetic products suitable for you individually.

Ten advantages of the selective cosmetics

The niche products are made on the base of natural components when all the substances are tested for the quality control, conformity to purity and safety to make sure they do not contain artificial additives to spoil your health.

Interactive enzyme technologies turn to be the important chain in the production of creams with components able to regenerate the cells. The selective cosmetics are made on base of such technologies.

All the preserving agents used in production of niche products are natural. Thus, sodium benzoate (Е-211) is the component of the natural cowberries.

The cosmetic products do not cause addiction and there is no withdrawal syndrome if and when the cosmetic is suspended to use.

The products contain the high concentration of biologically active substances. And they cause the rejuvenating effect and solve other skin problems. The portion of the biologically active substances in the niche cosmetic products is seventy to eighty percents.

Such cosmetics should be totally tested in clinical conditions.

Various natural ether essences are used to add aroma to the selective cosmetics unlike the «mass market» products where only odorants are applied.

Such products are packed in attractive bottles and boxes. The containers for selective products always look luxury and stylish.

The products can boast with the high level of hyper allergenicity and allergic reactions to such cosmetics are rarely reported.

The substances impact the skin on the cellular level to ensure the most effective adoption of vitamins and minerals by the skin.

And there is only one disadvantage of the selective cosmetics, that is the price. It costs fortunes since the pricing includes all the expenses for the advertisement campaigns, and the amount is considerable.

The luxury new products of the year

DiorShow Extase Mascara

The new mascara DiorShow Extase by Dior is the perfectly unique product. First of all, the components of the mascara are exclusive.

The pigments of the black pearl Black Pearl are laid evenly on eyelashes adding volume and making eyes deep and attractive.

The keramide SR38 which is unique component rehabilitates the structure of eyelashes and strengthens them.

The golden nylon threads make the eyelashes charmingly long.

Another reason to buy the DiorShow Extase is the comfortable brush with the specially developed fibers placed in the way to make the eyelashes long and thick and the look - charming and deep.

Anticernes Perfecteur Hydratant

Anticernes Perfecteur Hydratant Corrector by Dior is another unique moisturizer that corrects the round-eyes area which is a good tool to use after the night-party or long hours of work.

The mineralized water is rich in valuable additives of magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, Vitamins С, Е and protein of the natural silk in the mixture with the elite essences make the tender and luxury emulsion, half-sheer and velvet to enjoy all the time.

The fines texture of the Anticernes Perfecteur Hydratant perfectly corrects the smaller skin defects like dark circles under eyes and other unevenness.

The selective cosmetic products are marketed in specialized stores and boutiques L`Etoile, and the personnel are well-trained on issues of dermatology and cosmetology. or Rive Gauche

Make sure to have the recommendations from consultants on the type of your skin and the right product to suit you only. When you know the products that can solve only your problems, the effect will appear in the soonest time. And you save your money.

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