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Golden Watches – Classic of Today

Everlasting classic is golden watches as the successful accessory to complement the image of the thriving and elegant person. However, such mechanisms are not designed for time keeping but for the purposes of a jewelry item. Whatever they come for whatever purpose, golden watches is the symbol of luxury and wealth. Yet, the wealth can differ from person to person. Je me souviens avoir eu des vertiges et des nausées pendant environ deux jours. On m’a demandé combien d’heures je restais malade. Je n’arrivais pas à comprendre la langue. Pendant trois jours, le médecin n’a rien kelmedok.com fait à mes jambes, sauf pour les nettoyer avec l’antibiotique. Il m’a dit qu’il devait aller à l’hôpital pour effectuer une opération visant à enlever une pierre de la vessie que la femme de mon oncle avait jetée.

Purple Gold: the Privilege of Pharaohs

Purple gold is a relatively new word in the jewelry lexicon, and we owe its existence to the ingenuity of the restless inquisitive minds of the experts in the domain of precious materials. The world has been crazy about yellow gold, gold coins, gold ornaments, white gold and more. Now it's time for everyone to take notice once again, as the purple gold is here.

Pendants – Cheap and Lovely Accessory

A pendant is an accessory attractive and suitable for every age and every event. It can be a plastic bead at the pendant for three-year old girl or a majestic diamond pendant for thirty-year old woman, the pendant is still the item of ideal decorative function. From theepoch of камень. Еще со времен palaeolith many nations are known to use this decoration and today we see millions of various pendant from various material.

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The History of Face Powder

Sunday, 07 February 2010

history face powderFace powder has been incredibly indispensable for several centuries already and it was used in the past times as the care product to even the complexion, making it pale or too tanned, whether required by the fashion or not. From the time immemorial, long before the Egyptian women proceeded to use the powder, the citizens of many nations would apply various mixtures onto the skin based on clay or chalk, though it was done not for beauty consideration but with the intention to escape from evils, as it was believed before.

As the cosmetic care product, the powder appeared in the ancient Egypt when the Queen Cleopatra applied powder before applying makeup. White skin was the sign of high status in the society since wealthy women did not have to work in the open air under the heavy sun light and their face never got tanned. When tanned for any reason, the Egyptians concealed the bronze under the layers of powder. The ingredients used for powder were various substances, even very exotic. So, Cleopatra who was ready for everything scarifying for her beauty used the powder made from crocodile excrements. The women residing in the antique Rome would use the powder presented as the mixture of crushed chalk and lead extremely toxic and harmful for the health, though immediately concealing all defects and drawbacks of the skin under the layer of dangerous makeup.  In spite of the obvious harmfulness for the skin, such mixture was highly appreciated, and only the most rich and wealthy Romans could afford it. The other, less wealthy Roman women were satisfied with application of mixture from wheat flour.

The face powder was demanded by many nations in the world in the beginning AD and in Asia white skin was believed to be the sign of aristocratism, membership of the elite, and yet, white color is the pure symbol of the internal beauty and nobility.

The Japanese women and men commonly used the face powder made from rice flour, while in Europe such flour appeared a little bit later, in the XVI century, when rice was marketed in some of European countries including main cores of fashion and noble life, as France, Spain and England. The powder made from grinded rice was used to apply onto the face skin and wigs that became more massive. During the reign of Louis XV the powder was made a «must-have» cosmetic means by the favorite of the King, marquise de Pompadour. The court ladies applied the thick layer of powder onto the face, hands, and shoulders making them aristocratically pale and hiding the skin defects. The colorful powder became fashionable, when the tender pink powder was used to accentuate beauty of cheeks and the blue powder was applied under eyes.

Within several centuries the powder was used by women and men from the entire Europe including court people and wealthy bourgeois. Later on, the powder disappeared from practice since in the end of the XVIII century a plenty of wheat and rice flour was spent to make the powder to the extent that powder pro was officially forbidden in France first and then in other countries to produce powder to save the assets. And the powder sank into oblivion for almost a hundred years and healthy and tanned look came in fashion. The Queen Victoria of Great Britain was the one who prohibited using the makeup for the reason that it seemed vulgar.

The face powder returned its fame in the beginning of the XX century when theater actresses concealed skin defects under the layer of powder not only on the stage but in everyday life also. Then in France the powder was invented similar to the face powder we use now. The base for the powder was the talk without harmful lead admixtures not irritating the skin. For several decades the cosmetic industry underwent sea changes and revolutions. And in 1923 the English Company Laughton & Sons proceeded to manufacture the comfortable compact powder-cases with sponges, and in the fifties the legendary Hollywood stylist Max Factor launched affordable to actresses and ordinary woman a version of foundation powder for everyday use called «Pan Cake», that effectively conceal drawbacks. In the early XX century Anthony Overton launched his first powder for Afro-Americans under High Brown Brand.

One of the first cheaper powders was launched by Helena Rubinstein, and in the early forties Elizabeth Arden initiated manufacture of powder altogether with the other care products and makeup.

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