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Men's Bracelets - Tribune Paid to Fashion?

A man wearing a bracelet appear to put the challenge to the society or just paying the tribune to fashion. And the question is who uses and wears bracelets today – people at the edge of society or quite successful people worth respect and admiration? And what is the right decorative accessory for men to wear?

Freshwater Pearls: and Epitome of Luxury

Like the bright stars in the southern night sky, or sparkling snow in the winter sun, freshwater pearls fascinate, attract, and captivate. For years, pearls have been considered an attribute of luxury, indicator of prosperity and high status. However, thanks to the boldness of the jewelers and, most importantly, their ability to create masterpieces with freshwater pearls, now many pearls admirers can afford beautiful pearl jewelry. Today, a string of pearls is not only a perfect touch to complete an elegant outfit or an evening gown; it can dress up any casual attire, from a formal suit to a frilly sundress. Besides, pearl jewelry is an essential part of bride's wedding look.

Turkish Real Estate : Fairytale for a Fair Price

When speaking of buying property in Turkey, there are some aspects to be taken into consideration.   Most investors are attracted by the fact that property in Turkey means warm weather, relatively low real estate prices, reasonable taxes, low utilities cost, and lenient law.  

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Mineral Makeup

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Mineral MakeupHowever you look, you always can get the natural look. A makeup suits any kind of skin. High quality minerals and botanicals are used for the mineral make up instead of chemical components. This make up is a mixture of mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. You can't find any type of talc, fragrance, silicones, chemicals, rice powders, mica, fillers, oils, wax and dye in this type of makeup.

This can be equally applied for all types of skin. Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron and other minerals are crushed to powder to make it. These elements protect you from the sun rays and keep the good care for the skin. They hydrate your skin. It will not block the pores. Make the skin normal, and also it can give the skin mat shining, also the skin gets well moisturized by this make up. It is very nice to any kind of exhausted skin with some problem to hide.  
Why it is something special

There are a number of reasons why this makeup is special for you. The tips are given bellow:

  • Mineral make up soothes your skin from the sun rays.
  • It will not make any problem for the allergy sensitive skin.
  • It will never irritate your skin. Mineral makeup is the best for all skin types even for sensitive skin.
  • It has the water-resistant quality so you have no headache for any damage to your skin.
  • It takes good care after the skin.
  • It's a chemical-free substance, so chemicals will never have a chance to damage your skin.
  • It lasts for a long time and looks perfect.
  • It reduces rosacea or acne.
  • It is very easy to apply it on.
  • Also it is widely recommended by dermatologists to maintain the health of your skin.
  • It has no shelf life.
  • And the cost is lower than other, less effective, skin care products.

Botanicals and minerals benefits

Lavender can normalize functions of any type of skin and it helps to stimulate regeration of cells. Sandalwood can help you against irritation; it can work like the antiseptic agent.
Geranium can cool the skin, and also it can render reviving feature, it has a stimulatting quality
Ylang Ylang   can help you to soothe your skin; it can smooth your skin, and make the oily skin normal.

Patchouli can decrease the redness of your skin. Cedar wood is helpful to soothe the skin irritation. Palma Rosa can make your skin young.

Green tea extract is full of anti-oxidants, it has the antibacterial elements and it can decrease the under eyes darkness. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural sun blocking elements.
How to use the mineral make up

Mineral make up can make the skin refine and look attractive to look at, so you need a long care to wear it.  Before applying the makeup, use some moisturizing agent, it's better to wear non-mineral oil-based moisturizer. Remember if your moisturizer doesn't take in your skin your make up also doesn't   take in your skin. This will make the skin bright and elegant.  Put it with a delicate touch of your finger or small piece of sponge and start from the middle of the face.

Also you need to take a sensitive care about the are round the eyes, because eyes areas are more sensitive then the skin of the other areas of body. An eye cream full of quality and well polished can hide the eye lines of the face.

Foundation can help you to hide any spot of your skin. Foundation can make the skin smooth and of normal finish. Mix the foundation very carefully and never use it too much. Wear it in thin layers. You need to apply a foundation brush to blend and put it. Concealer can perfectly hide the bags under the eyes, and any kind of spot of the face, so wear it most areas like under the eyes, on the nose area and around the mouth line. First time the foundation will look little powdery but after sometimes it will look normal.

Next you can use powder. It concelas shining and greasy areas of your face. Wear translucent powder if it looks like orange or pink. Compact powder can be applied to eyelids, also it can reduce visual folds. For oily skin a compact powder can soak up the oil and make the skin normal.

Always use kabuki brush to hide fine wrinkles. Use light color mineral eye shadow beneath the brow line and on the lid dark color. Finally you put the blush. The blush will give you a fit and bright look. You can put different blush colors, but never wear too much.

Prefer your makeup colors and shades

If you have the pale complexion you can use terracota tones like corals, salmon, browns, ambers, bronze, etc. Pink shades will look better for the pale skin of blondes.

Pink and light-red shades look better on pale skin of the brown-haired women.
Deep shades are better for intense black hair. Medium deep to deep shades are better for the dar-haird ladies. Light shades are better for redheads. Blonde can use the light to medium shades.
You should remember that never sleep with any kind of makeup, and also with the mineral make up. If you feel itchy or any kind of irritation just stop using it. The nano particles of mineral makeup could be harmful for your skin, so consult with your dermatologists prior to use it. Normally mineral make up has the sun protection factors but it's better to use sunscreen cream under the makeup.

Kaniz Roksana

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