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Unusual Tie Clips: the Terrain of Men’s Accessories

Even fashion-clueless men cannot resist the allure of jewelry; they still have a touching weakness for the shimmering precious metals and sparkling gemstones, though probably hidden deep within. Sometimes they inadvertently reveal their passion with the flashy watch, diamond studs, or some really unusual tie clips. Tie clips or bars, however, are inherently male accessories. They clip horizontally across a man's tie and hold it to his shirt, stabilizing it while also assuring that the skinny part will not emerge from behind the wide part. Luckily, modern designers do not neglect tie clips when working on the look of the present-day gentleman, and make them into a functional and sophisticated accessory.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy – First in All She Does

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (born Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi) is an Italian-born French songwriter, singer, and former model. She was more known as the model in other countries but France until she married to the President of the French Republic and has become the First Lady since February 2008. Sometime ago Carla was named as the European mantid with the smile of a Terminator by the French novelist Justine Lévy, daughter of philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy.  Justine was anxious and upset about the fact that the eccentric Carla broke her marriage with the TV host, a professor of French philosophy Raphael Enthoven, who was ten years younger than her.

Audrey Hepburn – Lady By Birth and Nature

There are cases when the person comes from the aristocratic family though their actions and life style have nothing to do with the elite refinement. And on the contrary, people whose ancestors come from medium class or even the marginal but the person proves to belong to the high class of the society with all they do and feel. And again, we face people who are lucky enough to be born to the reputed and ancient nobility and who appear to be the genuine aristocrats. They treat evenly favorably to people from various levels of society. They are willing to give a hand to those who are in need and act as the model of worthy behavior to follow. Yet, we are blessed to enjoy such a talented and unique actress and a beautiful woman as Audrey Hepburn.

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Tongue Piercing

Sunday, 22 November 2009

tongue piercingOral piercing has become more common in the recent years. And more females tend to pierce their tongues than males. Sticking a needle through the tongue is one of the painful and problematic kind of body decoration. Ear and navel piercing does not make a surprise, it is common among the youth and elder people even.

The intimate piercing is demonstrated to those who are close to you. when you stick your tongue with a needle, you show off, you want to differ from the grey mass of people.

Long time ago the tribes of Maya and ancient tribes of Aztec Indians pierced their tongues that was the part of the magic ritual of that time. Bleeding, they reached the status that was believed to be close to Gods to connect with them. These days tongue piercing does not have the meaning of ancient nations, and people make a hole in the tongue just to show off and shock the surrounding people.

The tongue should pierce only after all necessary procedures are done to measure and find the best point of puncture. The puncture is made with the help of a thick, but very sharp needle, held upright. The rod of the required jewel or just the decoration is inserted into the puncture, which resembles the cufflinks. It is bulky for the first time since the tongue got swallowed, and then it is replaced for a tine and more attractive stuff.

The other rule that should be observed is selection of the specialist and the place where you have your tongue pierced your most important organ among the others. You do not want to disturb the sensitivity of taste receptors, spoil your pronunciation and hurt the vital arteries to cause heavy bleeding, do you? Hence, brush away the proposal to puncture your tongue by your friends. You'd better opt for a good salon with the excellent standing, an experienced piercing masters, sterile instruments and proper post-piercing care to make the procedure safe, and then afterwards you can wear jewelry that makes your image flirtatious, mischievous and unique. Once you fail to comply with the conditions, then you will face persistent or even irreversible complications.

Make sure that your tongue is pierced in the tip or the root. The lateral side piercing has a great risk of damaging the arteries.

The wound is healed within 1 to 2 months. The first two weeks are particularly difficult, and here we can say that beauty requires satisfaction. The things you scarify to have your tongue pierced, are of major meaning. First, you forget of your common food dieting. Diet is not always what is wholesome and recommended by doctors. It is what you eat every day. If you preferred salty, spicy, sour and fried food, and alcoholic beverages, al this might be forgotten for the time providing you are not ready to have open wounds on the puncture point and provoke inflammation. Bear in mind that there are too many micro-organisms on the tongue surface and yet, your tongue is swallowed and causes lots of troubles. Though, tongue piercing is kind of forced diet to follow, when you are allowed just fresh soups, yogurts so much helpful for digestion process.

If you are forced to keep to a diet, and the people surrounding may have a good chance to evaluate and admire your shapes after the dieting, the other trouble caused by the tongue piercing does not have such nice consequences. The typical metallic whispering will follow all the way long that may last for a month or two. And if you have to speak clearly and distinctively by your specialty, think twice before you have your tongue punctured.    

The mouth is full of bacteria, so it is far more important to carefully care for the sanitation than before, when you have a metal thing on your tongue. In the first few days you will have to carefully brush your teeth, and rinse the mouth with an antiseptic solution several times a day.

If you are not afraid of all the above troubles discussed, and still long for having an intriguing ball in your tongue, then go for it! Make an arrangement for a piercing procedure and inform all your friends and colleagues that you will be unavailable for some time for the active speech making (provided, that you are regular speaker), and will not be able to make the company at cocktail parties with crackers. And why? Because the portion of the wholesome soup is waiting for you at home.

Once again, when choosing a thing to decorate your tongue, avoid ones with tiny details, since some time they may get loose and stick in your airways.

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Tunics – Remain from Ancient Greece

Tunic today is the most popular and comfortable wear for summer time. This is too light and sexual to attract attention to women and this is one of reasons why it is so highly demanded for many seasons. A tunic is perfect clothing for the heat and on the top of it, it is the best wear to visually correct the shapes if not ideal. Presently we face with various styles and fabric for tunics and to some particular extent they are all drawn towards the roots – the ancient civilizations where they originated from.

Jackets 2011- Welcome To Classic Style

The fashion collections of the pending autumn-winter 2010-2011 season celebrated the departure of several trends at once being in favor before. First, fashion designers in the majority of them refused from military style. Two seasons were given the chance to wear army jackets with intentionally high shoulders and militarized furniture elements, though the new season is completely free from military spirit.  Second, the other trend almost forgotten in the autumn season was borrowing some elements of men’s style presented in various manly jackets offered by fashion designers to enjoy this spring matched with frivolous shorts or skirts. The new autumn collections have nothing to do with the above-said trends.

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Japanese Perfume - Exotic Trends

After the triumphant run at American and French runways, designers from Japan come to create fragrances which also find fame. The beauty and demand for Japanese perfume are not concluded in expensive bottles and intense scents. The Japanese perfume is restricted with natural components and unique cultural elements which have always been called-for in Europe with mysteriousness and uncertainty.

Nail Design 2011 – Triumph of Elegance

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