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Celine Dion: You Can't Have Enough Money

First and foremost, Celine Dion is known for her brilliant performance of the heart-wrenching song My Heart Will Go On, a love theme to the Titanic, a James Cameron movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. Meanwhile, her career as a singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur had span for sixteen years before the Titanic came along in 1997.

The Diamond Fund of Russia: Can You Put a Price Tag on the Russian Heritage?

Though many visitors to the Diamond Fund of Russia Exhibitions desperately want to know what the exhibited Fund's assets are worth, no one can really put a price tag on these treasures. After all, the Diamond Fund is the depository into which Russia's greatest treasures are kept. They are unique, and, theoretically, even if auctioned individually each item will fetch an unbelievably high price. Therefore, the total worth of the Diamond Fund of Russia cannot be estimated, or, as put by the head of Gokhran Vladimir Rybkin: «I call tell the real price of the assets stored here: it's over four million - the number of people who has visited the Diamond Fund exhibitions for over 40 years. Isn't it worth it?»

Michael Dell a Person who Built the Fortune

Michael Dell is the person who proved that the famous American dream is not the myth and wild imagination and it can come true. Michael was born on February 23, 1965 in Huston, one of the biggest cities of the State of Texas. His was born to the family of the prospering middle class since his father, Alexander, was the orthodontist and the stomatology in America was the profitable business. His mother, Lorraine, worked as a stockbroker. His parents hoped that Michael will keep to the family tradition and will ensure the reputed and reliable future for the family and children, if not lavish life.

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Hair snood: a quick fashionable alternative

Thursday, 15 January 2009

hair snoodHair snoods are one kind of decorative nets usually used as fashion items. Stylish women wear snoods on top of hair at the back of head that carry a unique mode to their hairstyle. Snoods typically hold different designs, colors, patterns, shapes and sizes that are in fact bring some glamour on the whole attire of women who would always like to go with up-to-the-minute. Nowadays snood is not only a hairnet or merely netting to hold hair or even to keep hair in place but it stands for something more to present you and your hair style.

Started a long time ago

Although the trend of wearing snood started a long day ago at the medieval age, it became popular especially in the course of renaissance (1800s). But the new versions of snoods have also appeared on different time and era.

It is heard that the women lived in Elizabethan England wore snoods adorned with beads, pears and other jewels matching with their dress-up.

In the decade of 40 (20th century), working women by and large wore snoods as for saving their hair from the possibilities of getting captured with machines. After 50s, women started to wear snoods in outdoor trips, swimming and cleaning activities, riding a car with removable roofs and so forth. Afterwards its uses have gone beyond just like as a headscarf. Today, snood even becomes a ready-to-wear and of course a time saving style to the modern women.

Where it worn

Snood is like a small cape that sometimes takes brim or not. Snood keeps a knot at the back and slightly elastic. However, modern snoods are being changed having a beautiful outlook seen in fashion shows, film, stage shows, celebrity programs, gorgeous fairs, weddings, sport yards and somewhere else. 

This hair accessory gives an attractive look for the women who maintain especially bun style (hair coiled at back of head) or long hair styles. At the same time, snoods are also nice fit to short hair.

Make your dreams successful

To make a chic hair style, there is no doubt, wearing a fashionable snood could make your dream successful. But it is also mentionable that wearing a snood effectively plays a key role. However, you could maintain the following sequence:

  • Make your hair tangles or snarls free first
  • Tie your hair in a bun or ponytail style or simply leave the hair loose
  • Just wear a choosy snood and bend it flexibly
  • If you wear snoods over long or heavy hair, you could use extra bobby pins, decorative clips and even barrettes, if necessary, for placing the snood fixed
  • Hairspray could be applied just for keeping the hair in right place underneath the snoods and
  • Finally do not forget to stand in front of mirror and to see your trendy look before going out.

Snood style

There are some common snood wearing styles where ‘fully Covered Snood Style' (covering most of the hair) and the ‘Nape of the Neck Snood' (low down, familiar for prom haircuts and wedding hairdos) are the two popular ones.

Snoods are available in different fabrics and designs. You can choose your perfect one from a variety of fabric styles included Batiste Cotton, Cotton, Crochet, Denim, Lace, Lined, Onion Skin, Peach Skin, Polyester, Rayon, Satin, Sheer, Silk, Suede, Velvet, Jacquard Band, Mitpachat, Self-Tying Snoods etc.

Cotton - most common one

Cotton is used in almost all outfits because of its natural fiber, breathable and easily washed features. That is why the cotton is the most common fabric in snoods.

Denim - for cold

Though denim is usually appropriate for jeans and jackets worn in cool season, less weighty denim available in stretch, indigo, poly cotton, is also used for head covering made especially for chilly. Sometimes, snoods made by denim fabrics are blended with Lycra in support of adding some elasticity. 

Polyester - drape well

The snoods found in polyester mix fabrics are very soft and comfortable to wear. They will be very relaxing head covering and also be draped well.

Sheer snood - eye-catching beauty

Some snoods are manufactured with graceful sheer fabrics including voile, Georgette, dotted Swiss, organdy, poly sheer and so on that are popular for their free flowing stunning beauty.

Moreover, velvet made snood could be a perfect style for you in special occasion that are also worn as warm and comfortable wear.

Where it found

In spite of having some tempting facilities, it is a bit frustrating news that snoods are not available to all stores. Only some top fashion houses keep snoods for particular customers. Nevertheless, its uses and familiarity are increasing day by day. Some designers introduce new styles of snoods in different shows while Christian Lacroix's name can be mentioned here as for example who did this work in a spring shows in 1994. 

Not the less

It is not the less important to know the system how snoods are open and close before putting them on your head. In this case, you could make sure just visiting particular web sites provided snood items along with tips and warming.

Md. Asraful Alam

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