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Freshwater Pearls: and Epitome of Luxury

Like the bright stars in the southern night sky, or sparkling snow in the winter sun, freshwater pearls fascinate, attract, and captivate. For years, pearls have been considered an attribute of luxury, indicator of prosperity and high status. However, thanks to the boldness of the jewelers and, most importantly, their ability to create masterpieces with freshwater pearls, now many pearls admirers can afford beautiful pearl jewelry. Today, a string of pearls is not only a perfect touch to complete an elegant outfit or an evening gown; it can dress up any casual attire, from a formal suit to a frilly sundress. Besides, pearl jewelry is an essential part of bride's wedding look.

Turkish Real Estate : Fairytale for a Fair Price

When speaking of buying property in Turkey, there are some aspects to be taken into consideration.   Most investors are attracted by the fact that property in Turkey means warm weather, relatively low real estate prices, reasonable taxes, low utilities cost, and lenient law.  

Floral and Landscape Design: Finding Harmony

Floral design is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition inside or outside the building. Currently popular floristry is one of the trends in floral design.  The evidence of refined floristry is found as far back as the culture of Ancient Egypt.

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Hair Stencils - decorating your hair with sexy mood

Sunday, 01 February 2009

hair stencilsDo you feel bored with usual hairstyles? Have you been monotonous on traditional haircuts? And need changes? Wish for having sexy look and adventurous? Look for some new hairdos that allow you to give surprise to your nearest and dearest?  There is no alternative but to go with hair stencil that will certainly make you to be a subject of wow. 

Hair stencils meet fresh appeal

Unusual designs sometimes could be an eye-catching look. Stencils hold extraordinary look also speak for that. Hair stencils refer to such type of patterns that in fact play a vital role changing your hairstyles.

Hair stencil can be compared with artwork as both of them are most important things that run in the same way. Fashion mongers always like to go with a new trend and style. At the same time, demands for artworks are also constantly changeable while people desire continuously for getting a new one. Under these circumstances, hair stencil would obviously be a new one in the field of hairstyle realm meeting your fresh demand.  

Why to use hair stencils

Stencils are not only important to draw different patterns or to take on a particular color with your hair but for presenting you in a special event, wedding, shows bearing an exception identity. In addition, stencils would give you a chance to make fun or go wild with your hair. 

The good news is that you can create a unique style only for you by using stencil and it would be very difficult for others to copy you. Similarly, you have the options to handle your hairstyles with diverse colors, making funny things, bringing fantastic outlook and of course launching a new trend of hairdo. You can also draw flowers, heart-shaped patterns, animals, stars or any other pictures or substances attracted you most.

So just go with the new trend-hair stencil and make different designs like heart, butterfly, diamond, star, check mark, lips, landing strip, happy face and something like that seems to provide you sexy look. 

Different taste - different pattern

Stencil gives you ample opportunities for temporarily creating and applying various designs, painting and glittering hair, decorating new styles and so forth. Hair stencils are generally better for the persons who wear short hair. But there is no any hard-and-fast rule to make your hair shorter. Stencils having a plenty of creativity could be applied in any size of hair either long or short or even in any color.

Have you been obsessed with hair art stencils! No matter it is, there are a lot of patterns waiting for you. You can choose any single stunning design from the list included Zig Zag, Stars, Bubbles, Ivy, Handprint, Leopard (small or large), Zebra, Tiger, Reptile styles.

How stencils make your style

At the beginning it would be a bit difficult to make any art or a unique style by using stencils. Having experience in using stencil will certainly give you advantages. However, the following steps would help you reaching your target.

  • With a view to creating new style and operate the stencil well, initially you would make a list of designs that you like most and try to present it with your hairstyle.
  • Use shampoo fit your hair well and keeps on with rinse out moisturizer for saving your hair from a variety of glitters, gels, colors
  • Before mixing any gel, glitter or paint, dry your hair completely using dryer, if necessary
  • Choose the stencil apparently seems to fit your hair best
  • Placing stencil in right place is also important. So using a brush you can do it properly 
  • Use hairspray to spurt your particular stenciled pattern and
  • If necessary, you may take any assistant for your help especially to orchestrate the stencil design on your hair
  • And the important thing is to remember that you should close your eyes and turn your face somewhere else during the stencil practice.

Color adds extra flavor

Using colors you add some extra beauty to your pattern. As for example we can mention here the name Tish & Snooky who created «Maniac Panic» becoming the pioneer in using colors.

In addition, if you wish, you can add a couple of drops of shine product around the stenciled hair that will really gleam your hairstyle texture.

Tips to remember

The stylish women who wear hair jewelry items, tiara, hair sticks and fresh seasonal flowers should be alert that the ornament pieces are worn after applying gels, color or glitter.

In order to making the painting work smoothly, you can use a special stencil brush (tightly packed bristles) for designing your desired pattern. This sort of brushes is found in different widths, sizes- from small to tiny. And for multi color painting, individual brush for each color will be certainly more beneficial.

And to make your hair stenciled pattern here and now, you could do it by yourself just getting some information and tips from the websites and the necessary accessories. Besides, you may also go to hair salon for this application.

Md. Asraful Alam

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