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Freshwater Pearls: and Epitome of Luxury

Like the bright stars in the southern night sky, or sparkling snow in the winter sun, freshwater pearls fascinate, attract, and captivate. For years, pearls have been considered an attribute of luxury, indicator of prosperity and high status. However, thanks to the boldness of the jewelers and, most importantly, their ability to create masterpieces with freshwater pearls, now many pearls admirers can afford beautiful pearl jewelry. Today, a string of pearls is not only a perfect touch to complete an elegant outfit or an evening gown; it can dress up any casual attire, from a formal suit to a frilly sundress. Besides, pearl jewelry is an essential part of bride's wedding look.

Turkish Real Estate : Fairytale for a Fair Price

When speaking of buying property in Turkey, there are some aspects to be taken into consideration.   Most investors are attracted by the fact that property in Turkey means warm weather, relatively low real estate prices, reasonable taxes, low utilities cost, and lenient law.  

Floral and Landscape Design: Finding Harmony

Floral design is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition inside or outside the building. Currently popular floristry is one of the trends in floral design.  The evidence of refined floristry is found as far back as the culture of Ancient Egypt.

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Hair Coloring

Sunday, 15 February 2009

hair coloringFashion loving people always like to go with change. They modify their fashion keeping pace with the changing time. As part of making stylish and bringing glamour, they take multiple colors in hair. It is not only the hair style or a particular cut but also the color that really performs greatly to change your fashion and overall your appearance.

To color you hair, you need some necessary ideas, techniques, styles, hues, tips, and so forth to bring elegant mood in your hair style. Hair coloring has been going on for a long time. Ancient Greece's heroes would use harsh soaps along with bleaches to bring their hair into color. In recent time, we find a statistic based on the USA. It shows that more than 75 percent women color their hair in the USA. This rate was just 7 in the year of 1950.

It is to remember that different shades bear different meaning and go with certain clothes, eye colors, skin tones etc. More importantly, hair length or style is also important for hair coloring. You could select the particular shade fit to your perfect look. But you have so many options to choose the shade from the following like blonde, red, brunette and black. Some other hues along with dark red, golden brown also added with the above mentioned shades. Each of the color holds a unique look to make your hairstyle more appealing and sexy.

Brunette (dark and brown hair)

The people possess dark and brown hairs have ample opportunities to select shades. Being familiarized as the most versatile hair, Brunette takes either honey brown or light auburn or even caramel (yellowish brown color). There are other scopes to select the highlights or the lowlights for your hairstyle.

Black coloring is usually for the dark hair. The long and shiny black hair gives something exotic and mysterious look. Black is different to create an excellent look.

Blonde is called an energetic quality color. It can be blended with many colors like light, dark and golden while it can be also used with different skin colors.

Red is always sexy color. This one is most wanted chiefly to female. It draws the attention very quickly. Red color is very useful especially for the medium and the long hair.  There are lots of features for short cuts as well. You can find different red shades from the dark to autumn leaves. Besides, you can bring out any other red hues for hairstyle just combining red with others. 

Meanwhile, radical changes have come in hair coloring in modern time. Today, the consumers' choices go beyond traditional hair color. Their choice ranges from hot pink to bright yellowish green color.     

At the same time, hair coloring is classified again in other four sections on the basis of color effects and how long it stays. The categories are termed as the temporary, the semi-permanent, the demi-permanent, and the permanent.  

Temporary color is used for short time period and it would be eliminated by shampooing only. It is found in diverse products form like shampoos, gels, rinses, sprays, foams. To make your hair brighter or vibrant shades, temporary is generally used. Like many other occasions, it could be appropriate for the school goers as their everyday lifestyle and for other events.

Semi-permanent is fit for the damaged and flimsy hair. It lasts longer and keeps intact unto 4 or 5 shampoos.  

Demi-permanent process is made just blending permanent hair color. This color is softer than permanent. It obviously lasts more than semi-permanent.

Permanent color will hide your natural hair color. It is best for the grey hair. Sometimes you may face problem to maintain permanent color when your natural hair roots begin to grow. However, it is possible to get rid of this problem by tinting properly.

The ancient people usually colored their hair by using plants like indigo, turmeric, senna, henna, amla etc. Though the natural tint is short lasting, but it is free from any side-effects of industrial tint where toxic elements are contained. At the same time, there subsist health concerns also about using hair color.

Henna is a natural hair coloring ingredient. It is a plant and its leaves are used for hair coloring elements. The natural henna gives usually red color while it remains a couple of months. Henna's uses sometimes called as Ayurvedic hair coloring.

So it is your decision what color you want to see with your hairstyle. To change your natural hair color and to bring different shades in your hairstyles and to give appealing look in your appearance, right choosing of hair coloring is certainly a great factor. So, firstly decide what color you want for your hairstyle. And then choose an attuned hair color just depending on your eye color, skin tone and the natural color shade of your hair. Your choice would be either cool (green, blue, and violet) or warm (reds, oranges, and yellows).

It is to remember that coloring just staying in home would be always less expensive (costs $4 to $10, per coloring) than going to Salon (around $50 or up).    

To apply hair color in your hairstyle by yourself, you can learn some techniques by visiting hair coloring concerned websites. These sites will make you understand how you will use color, provide some techniques (highlight, twilight, lowlight, veiling, chunking), and give some tips to maintain your particular hair coloring or to remove colors. Besides, you can watch the celebrity hair coloring as well.

Md. Asraful Alam

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