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Lambrequin Luxury Performance

Lambrequin is something that adds some refinement and luxury to customary windows and the design is more completed. Yet, this is because lambrequin is placed in almost every luxury house. People living a lavish life have their houses decorated with lambrequins and in more than in a room since this is something that can really be a decorative element for any interior.

Curtain Design

Curtain is the finest invention of window treatments. Whatever you do to make your room look lavish and attractive it will look dull without appropriate window treatment, so drapery and curtains should be chosen thoroughly. The drapery make up the interior and if the living room is designed in classic style, the heavy Gobelin drapery make it more solid while it looks cozy and homey when the curtain is made from organza. Then, the curtain should match the bedspreads and pillows and accentuate on the nature and design of the particular room.

Donald Trump at the Threshold Into the World History

Donald Trump is the person who can boast with everything and the wealth of him is not the exception. His wealth is rated as three billion dollars by the Forbes. In his life he found himself at the edge of the bankruptcy for several times though later he managed to return all the fortune and top listings. He is the author to more than a dozen of bestsellers on the subject of popular «How To Earn millions». Donald John Trump is the flamboyant and the unique standard of the American dream.

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Indian Celebrity Hairstyle

Thursday, 19 February 2009

indian celebrity hairstyleIt can be undoubtedly said that hairdo is always a significant factor to deliver celebrities' personality before their audience. Celebrities' haircuts draw the attention of many people. Though each of the celebrities keeps their particular hairstyle and diverse way of caring their hairstyle, all of them have a great number of fans around the globe. When celebrity people change their hairstyles or hair colors, its reflections are seen among their ardent enthusiasts. Indian celebrities are very famous for their chic outlook, stylish appearance, haircuts and so on.

While some of the celebrities change their haircuts in accordance with global vague, some are strict to traditional cuts. Some of them prefer long hairstyle, some choose shorts and some go with knotted or other. It is common scenery that celebrity hairstyles are selling as hot cakes. There are some special demands for the casual or formal hairstyles maintained by the top celebrities like Jennifer Aniston's, Jessica Simpson's and so on. 

Bollywood actor and actresses are seen in different hairstyles and haircuts in different movies, fashion shows. Salman Khan appeared with close-cut, crop hairstyle during a fashion week in India. He was being looked great at stage with his aforesaid style. In spite of being some versatility in men's hairstyles, Salman's crop haircut is seen among his numerous male fans all over the world.

Bollywood actresses Neelam Kothari and Mallaika Arora Khan displayed their long hair.  They possess strong and thick hair. Their loose curls along with natural marcels really showed exceptionally beautiful. Neelam took warm and chocolate brown color in her hair over her natural hair hue. Long hairstyle is also preferred by world celebrity Nicole Kidman. Her beautiful long hairstyle is really sleek, sexy and eye-striking.

The new generation always gets inspiration from the Bollywood celebrities. There have trends among the young generation (both male and female) to copy the hottest styles whatever they watch on-screen.

While John Abraham's style is long hair, Aamir Khan opted for spiked hair style. Akshaye Khanna has raised popularity by his crew cuts. One of the top Bollywood actresses Kajol likes to go with short blunt hairstyle. The crimped hair style is preferred by another famous performer Preity Zinta. The world celebrity Jenna Elfman and Kristina Rihanoff hold short hairstyles like Kajol.

Rani Mukerjee was seen with different haircuts like long hair, soft curls, poker straight and even with classic long in the movie, Ta Ra Rum Pum. Her style is much known as modern as well as formal hairstyle. Rani is also familiar for maintaining a French twist. This one has got popularity among professional women as it is very easy formal haircut.

It is seen that the long haircuts dominate among Indian models and actresses. But some top models choose shorts for their haircuts. Shortcut made Indian model Madhu Sapre very popular who was once given the Miss India crown. Simultaneously, model Nina Manuel's choice is also short hairstyle.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra changes hairdos in different times and seasons. The hairstyles and colors that bring gorgeous look to Priyanka include brown and straight hair, black and curly hair, curly and tied up hair, layered and brown hair, layered, sidefringe and brown hair etc.

Aishwarya Rai undeniably is the most popular actress in India. This celebrity actually maintains different hairstyles providing so many options for her fans to select the suitable one. Aishwarya's hair density is medium while her hair texture is medium thick. She usually goes with wavy long hairstyle that is looked amazing and sexy. To watch glamorous hairstyles, you can visit some websites where you will find photo gallery that displays some hottest haircuts of Aishwarya Rai. Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Lopez's hairstyle is also long.

It is said about Aamir that he does not go after any style but what style he brings, becomes a fashion in itself. In recent times, Aamir Khan, one of the top actors in Bollywood, becomes a much talked name for his hairstyle shown in the movie, Ghajini. Aamir got new experience with her haircut being removed all hairs (becoming bald) from his head. His hairstyle has appeared as a fashion statement among the young people.  

The wonder boy of Bollywood Shahid Kapoor gives indeed a surprise about his hairstyle. A report says Kapoor is going to appear with a new haircut in the Vishal Bhardwaj's upcoming movie. But it will be undisclosed till the movie released.

It is natural that when you plan to make your own hairstyle, you try to follow the celebrities. The styles used by actors or actresses or models certainly give you high confidence to maintain that particular hairstyle. Besides, celebrities' new and trendy haircuts would be a source of inspiration for you. So just select your best celebrity person and see what particular hairdo he or she maintains. You can watch some nice pictures of celebrity haircuts by means of websites as well.

Md. Asraful Alam

Indian Celebrity Hairstyles


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ramsha akhtar  - fashion   |2009-03-02 20:04:48
i think now days no one do those simple braids
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Lately the industry of nail design has reached the level to boast. Nails are not only polished but extended, grown and decorated in various techniques that were not available before. Nails are modeled, volumized in length and decorated with fabulous patterns that never yield to masterpieces of reputed painters. However, all these approaches are provided for long nails since they are the beneficial platform to show the creative works of the nail designer when beauty salon is chosen for this purpose. Nevertheless, women also prefer short nails which are more preferred when doing household activity. It does not mean at all that short nails are too boring and dull to appear.

Pelotherapy or Fashionable Mud Therapy

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