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Turkish Real Estate : Fairytale for a Fair Price

When speaking of buying property in Turkey, there are some aspects to be taken into consideration.   Most investors are attracted by the fact that property in Turkey means warm weather, relatively low real estate prices, reasonable taxes, low utilities cost, and lenient law.  

Floral and Landscape Design: Finding Harmony

Floral design is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition inside or outside the building. Currently popular floristry is one of the trends in floral design.  The evidence of refined floristry is found as far back as the culture of Ancient Egypt.

Red Gold: an Attribute of Stability and Prosperity

Antique lovers often associate red or Russian gold with a trunk full of red gold ducats and ruble coins. And they are right. For ages, gold has been a symbol of stability, prosperity and an excellent investment. There is no person who could resist the sight of gold glimmering in the light.  Red gold pendants, rings and necklaces will enthrall any fashionista with their unique and elegant look. Pure gold chains, bracelets or watches of celebrated brands will set a man apart from the crowd and boost his status, indicating the prosperity of the wearer.

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Biopolymer Gel

Sunday, 13 September 2009

biopolymer gelA modern woman wants to remain young and beautiful as long as possible, because youth and beauty are a symbol of success. However, today the safety of rejuvenation procedures and treatments is a primary concern. That is why new techniques and products are constantly being developed in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine to ensure low-invasive and safe rejuvenation.

The patients of aesthetic surgery clinics often chose procedures involving application of biopolymer gel because these procedures ensure immediate effect which meets their expectations, recovery period is usually short, and recovery process does not involve serious complications.

Biopolymer gel has innovative formula compared to other injectable preparations. Its chemical formula does not cause allergic reactions, is effectively encapsulated, resulting in the absence of the migration side effect. The application of biopolymer gel for the correction of lip shape allows to achieve most natural and long-lasting results.

Recovery period after the application of biopolymer gel is typically short and post-treatment care does not include any additional medical procedures. A substantial advantage of biopolymer gel application is the absence of scarring.

Biopolymer gel is widely used not only for aesthetic correction of the lips, but also for the reduction of wrinkles and scars. Effective reduction of nasolabial folds with biopolymer gel made this procedure one of the most popular methods of rejuvenation.

It is believed that the amount of biopolymer gel applied should be insignificant, because due to the substance encapsulation and the formation of connective tissue around it, the effect will be more obvious over time. On the other hand, due to absorption of water contained in the gel, it may slightly shrink in volume. Such correction of volume and shape occurs within a month following the procedure. That is why the final result can be seen only after a month.

The injection of biopolymer gel does not require general anesthesia. Typically, the entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The aesthetician makes a puncture in the area of manipulation and then injects a small portion of biopolymer gel, which can be administered in different ways. Depending on the desired effect, biopolymer gel can be injected subcutaneously, intramuscularly, or submucosally. The aesthetician manually distributes the gel in the tissues.

Typically, recovery period runs quite smoothly. In the beginning, during the first - second week after the procedure, some discomfort can be experienced by the patient. Also, mimic movements are slightly constrained. At the initial post-procedure stage, swelling and bruising are usually observed, but they completely disappear by the end of the second week. In order to reduce postoperative manifestations cold may be applied to the area of manipulation on the first day. The cold is applied for 20-30 minutes every three hours during the day.

In order to address sensitivity and unpleasant sensations, the esthetician prescribes certain medications. To reduce recovery period, a variety of physiotherapeutic procedures and massages can be also prescribed. If necessary, the esthetician may resort to antibacterial therapy. In order to reduce post-operative period and to avoid unwanted side effects it is not recommended to visit sauna, solarium immediately after the procedure. Strenuous physical activity and stress should also be avoided to prevent injury.

Contraindications to the injection of biopolymer gel include aggravation of chronic diseases, as well as presence of foci of acute inflammation in the body. In the presence of chronic somatic diseases biopolymer gel can be administered only with the permission of the attending physician, and only during the period of the remission of the disease.

Inessa Hyder


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Marcilia Hauser  - QUESTION   |2010-08-03 10:24:56
Hi I don't know if anyone can help me in this but if not just tell me how can.I was diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurative pelvic area. My question is can I use biopolymer gel to lift my buttocks.

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