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Walt Disney – Makes Money to Make Cartoons

We face lots of celebrities in our life, from sportsmen to politicians, artists to actors. Nevertheless, there are persons who became legendary to spell their names with breathing. And their names are rather of public than personal value. So, when saying Bruce Lee while describing a person, we want to accentuate their physical abilities and merits. When a person is called a Schumacher, it refers to quick and perfect driving ability. When we say Disney, it causes all associations with cartoons on the whole and sometimes some people get surprised to know that a real person lived some time ago named Walter Elias Disney.

William Hearst – the Mass Media Magnate

It is known that mass media is also called the forth branch of government emphasizing the influence affected by mass media, radio and TV to the public opinion, activity of particular parties and government authorities, including influence of Internet in the latest years. And William Hearst is one of key figures in the history of journalism to use the best endeavors to be the Godfather of mass media as it is nowadays.

Phuket – the Real Eden

Life is changeable, as anything in this world, all is in a state of flux, nothing is constant and we are aware of it. And we change our attitude towards the leisure places. Many resorts lost the fame of the best and the most prestigious recreational area while the others turn to be fashionable and famous. So, in 1990 the Canaries and other costly tropic islands were a household name affordable by the wealthy. And today, the resorts affordable to medium class population are in the center of attention and promotion. The much-talked about Egypt and Turkey seem to be places people get a little bit sick of visiting, and so the new fashionable craze is known – to rest in countries of South and East Asia, in particularly in Thailand. And one of the popular Thai resorts at the moment is the Phuket Island.

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

phytoestrogenDepressing as it may sound, aging processes in women begin as early as in the age of 25, first slowly and then more intensively. By the age of 30, mimic lines appear, and another 10 years later, a web of fine wrinkles covers the skin around the eyes, the skin becomes dry and loses elasticity, and then, during menopause, a number of unpleasant signs emerge including fragility of bones, cardiovascular disorders and other symptoms associated with ageing. The older a woman becomes, the less estrogen her ovaries produce. This is followed by the gradual ovarian failure and subsequent depression of all body functions in general, with such symptoms as hot flushes, osteoporosis, heartaches, unstable blood pressure.

In order to normalize hormonal balance in woman's body and improve her health condition, to preserve the beauty of her skin, special preparations containing a substance similar to the estrogen produced by the woman's body are widely used in medicine and cosmetology. These are special plant extracts called phytoestrogens, phytochemicals that have properties similar to estrogens. They are bioflavonoids in the isoflavone family. The isoflavones daidzein and genistein appear to be the most important phytoestrogens yet discovered. Evidence is accruing that phytoestrogens may have protective action against diverse health disorders such as breast, bowel, and other cancers, cardiovascular disease, brain function disorders, and osteoporosis.

Today, food supplements contain various phytoestrogens. Moreover, these substances are included into the formulae of anti-ageing cosmetics products to preserve youthfulness.

In different countries, doctors and beauticians have different views on the effectiveness and safety of phytoestrogens. Some scientists believe that these synthetically produced substances can be a threat to a woman's health. At the same time, experiments proved that phytoestrogens-based drugs and preparations stimulated significant improvement in physical and mental condition of many women.

According to a recent theory, Asian women owe their beauty and longevity to the plant estrogens which are included in their daily diet. However, phytoestrogens which are hormonal substances have natural advantages and disadvantages, and their properties are still not fully researched. Phytoestrogen content varies in different foods, and may vary significantly within the same group of foods (e.g. soy beverages, tofu) depending on processing mechanisms and type of soy bean used. Legumes (in particular soybeans), whole grain cereals, and some seeds are high in phytoestrogen. A more comprehensive list of foods known to contain phytoestrogens includes: soy beans, tofu, soy beverages, linseed (flax), sesame seeds, wheat, berries, oats, barley, dried beans, lentils, yams, rice, alfalfa, mung beans, apples, carrots, pomegranates, wheat germ, soy linseed bread, ginseng, bourbon and beer, fennel and anise.

The natural estrogen found in the human body is a steroid hormone. Phytoestrogens also include steroid hormones which are called phenolic phytoestrogens, and substances which have antiestrogenic effect. The latter prevent and inhibit the development of tumors, which are stimulated by natural estrogens.

Primarily, «phytoestrogens» meant stearins, lipophilic substances found in vegetable fats. They are not synthesized in the human body, but their structure and properties are similar to those of the natural estrogens. Many doctors, biologists and researchers agree that these substances - steroid phytoestrogens - may stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the body, thereby preserving youthfulness of the skin.

However, there is a huge difference between steroid phytoestrogens extracted from plants and steroid hormones found in humans. The have nearly the same effect at concentrations of synthetic estrogen in 5000 times higher than is found in humans. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired effect, cosmetic products containing phytoestrogens are produced using the methods that help to achieve the same high concentration of the substance which is very expensive.

Phenolic phytoestrogens are hydrophilic substances that include flavones, izoflavones, flavonones and others. They are also found in plants and to achieve the desired effect, various methods of purification and concentration of these substances are required. Phytoestrogens of this class have rarely found application in cosmetology.

Unfortunately, phytoestrogens are understudied, and it may take years of research and experiments to assert their positive effect on the physical and mental health. Phytoestrogen-based products can not be used when there is a risk of cancer.

In conclusion, it is apparent that the study of phytochemicals and their effects on human health will become an ever-increasing topic in the 21st century. As our understanding of specific phytochemicals increases, there will undoubtedly be a multitude of applications that will benefit humans.

Inessa Hyder


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