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Walt Disney Makes Money to Make Cartoons

We face lots of celebrities in our life, from sportsmen to politicians, artists to actors. Nevertheless, there are persons who became legendary to spell their names with breathing. And their names are rather of public than personal value. So, when saying Bruce Lee while describing a person, we want to accentuate their physical abilities and merits. When a person is called a Schumacher, it refers to quick and perfect driving ability. When we say Disney, it causes all associations with cartoons on the whole and sometimes some people get surprised to know that a real person lived some time ago named Walter Elias Disney.

William Hearst the Mass Media Magnate

It is known that mass media is also called the forth branch of government emphasizing the influence affected by mass media, radio and TV to the public opinion, activity of particular parties and government authorities, including influence of Internet in the latest years. And William Hearst is one of key figures in the history of journalism to use the best endeavors to be the Godfather of mass media as it is nowadays.

Phuket the Real Eden

Life is changeable, as anything in this world, all is in a state of flux, nothing is constant and we are aware of it. And we change our attitude towards the leisure places. Many resorts lost the fame of the best and the most prestigious recreational area while the others turn to be fashionable and famous. So, in 1990 the Canaries and other costly tropic islands were a household name affordable by the wealthy. And today, the resorts affordable to medium class population are in the center of attention and promotion. The much-talked about Egypt and Turkey seem to be places people get a little bit sick of visiting, and so the new fashionable craze is known – to rest in countries of South and East Asia, in particularly in Thailand. And one of the popular Thai resorts at the moment is the Phuket Island.

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Coral Peel

Sunday, 27 September 2009

coral peelCoral peel is a skin treatment, relatively new in the beauty parlors. It is a sort of mechanical skin peeling which is used as an option to more invasive peeling procedures. Also known as Rose de Mer peel, coral peel is 100% plant-based. In contrast to the deep peels based on fruit acids, coral peel is a medium-level peel.

The peeling formula includes fine coral particles used as peeling basis, the Dead Sea salts, essential oils and plant extracts of rare Brazil herbs. This unique formula ensures excellent and very careful peeling of the skin, its enrichment with vitamins (E, C) and minerals, microelements, herbal acids, and proteins. The herbal extracts included in the formula provide biostimulation effect, thereby stimulating skin renewal. Fine coral powder exfoliates dead cells from the surface of the skin, providing microdermabrasive effect, while other components have a softening, antiseptic effect and dissolve hemorrhages under the skin, strengthen the walls of your blood vessels, which ultimately eliminates the stagnation of blood and improves the complexion.

The key advantage of the coral peel is its gentle peeling effect, so this procedure is perfect even for a very sensitive skin. The Rose de Mer peel is recommended in the presence of contraindications to other types of peel, intolerance to the chemical peel components, and risk of injuries with deep and invasive peeling treatment. The plant-based formula of the coral peel which includes highly useful components allows eliminating allergic reactions, inflammation, redness and other common side effects of chemical peels. The undisputed advantage of this skin treatment is that it does not require any pre-peel preparation and so-called post-peel recovery period when the skin needs some time to return to its normal appearance (provided standard skin care and sunlight protection).

This skin treatment is considered to be a universal solution, as it combines a small number of contraindications with a wide range of applications.

  • For instance, the Rose de Mer is used to eliminate the following skin problems:
  • Acne of any type and severity;
  • Various post-acne problems, from skin redness and pigmentation to deep scarring;
  • Hyperpigmentation of any origin (sunburn, age-related changes, post-acne, laser treatment, chemical peel);
  • Aging of skin on the face, hands, neck, cleavage area (lines, flabbiness and sagging, wrinkles);
  • Vascular disorders, cuperosis;
  • Stretch marks, scars, etc.

Rose de Mer works in conjunction with manual stimulation to lift the epidermis and activate shedding of dead skin cells. The results are astounding - fine lines are erased, wrinkles are minimized and blemishes are banished.  Skin appears brilliantly refreshed and restored to its natural youthful beauty, with distinctly enhanced texture, tone and color.  A safe, organic alternative to chemical peels, Rose de Mer can be successfully used on all skin types and colors.

Depending on the skin type and problems to be solved, the aesthetician selects the intensity, duration and degree of exposure to coral peel ingredients. The combination fine coral powder, sea salts, herbal extracts and essential oils provides intensive, but non-traumatic and totally safe effect on the delicate skin. This makes coral peel a unique procedure that combines skin treatment and rejuvenation

The treatment course includes 3-4 sessions, one every 1-2 weeks.

Specific skin care regimen should be followed after the coral peel procedure:

  • Hot tubs, sauna, or any exposure to steam or high temperatures should be avoided during a week following the procedure;
  • UVR exposure (both direct sunlight and should be avoided for two weeks after the procedure;
  • Moisturizing creams with high SPF number should be used regularly;
  • In case of any exfoliation of the skin, you should not try to remove it by yourself.
  • The Rose de Mer coral peel can be performed at any time of the year; it is safe, highly effective and provides rapid and long-lasting results.
Inessa Hyder
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