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How To Wear A Wrist Watch Properly – The Lesson of Style

When purchasing watches, no one is questioned with how to wear watches, actually. This appears to be logical and rational. Nevertheless, the simplest things happen to be complicated sometimes. Everything is made from details and details sometimes mean far more than the whole. People who really wander how to wear watches properly exist and they are really concerned in this issue.

Cigar Lighters – Torches To Splash Delight

The Cuban leader Fidel Castro, a revolutionary Che Gevara, politicians Winston Churchill and Bill Clinton, writers Somerset Maugham and Mark Twain, the actor and the political figure Arnold  Schwarzenegger – these names are well-known and these figures are best known to the world for their political, social, literary and other achievements. Moreover, the abovementioned people highly esteem cigar smoking and, thus, they come as people who own the greatest number of tools and accessories so requisite for this leisurely process and among others there are cigar lighters.

Crystal Glass Tableware – A Song of Crystal

In the light of a variety and availability of glass items, glass ware is still appreciated by plenty people, especially when it comes to cut glass. The cut glass produces a long, lingering and musical tune when you put your finger at the cut-glass edge. So, in Japan the craftsmen make unique musical instruments. A crystal violin, completely transparent, is estimated for fifty thousand USD. Crystal glass tableware is not so much expensive though it is able to produce the charming, unique and so brittle music providing it is properly cared.

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Jewels of the Ancient Egypt

Sunday, 21 December 2008

jewels ancient egypt egyptian jewelryThe history knows a huge amount of brilliant Egyptian jewelry and decorative elements that attract attention and admiration of many. Trinkets of magnificent Queens of Egypt, necklaces, earrings and rings worn in the ancient times in the ancient but magnificent civilization give you a sight into the jewelry world in its wide range of assortments. The sepulcher of the King Tut made available mesmerizing ancient Egyptian jewelry.

Ancient people in Egypt used to wear various kinds of jewels. They were made from metal, stones and minerals of different color gamma and various values. Egyptian jewelry includes elements from the Tot's emerald tables, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Egyptian and alchemical symbolisms. Blue spar was a popular stone to be placed in most Egyptian bracelets and other jewels. They were also available in such stones as amethyst, feldspar, turquoise, garnet and opal. Bracelets and armlets were made to match each other. Also Ka bracelets are so popular not only with the natives but with the tourists who love wearing this bracelet even for evening parties.

According to the Ancient Egypt myths Ka is the Life Force or Nature of the Human Being. The Lotus flower on the Ka bracelet symbolizes the cycle of life and death, since in the daytime lotus stays on the water and in the night it goes under the water.  The Ka bracelet is decorated with such semi-precious stones and minerals as jasper for the purpose of protection, turquoise, lapis lazuli and onyx and they were greatly popular among the native Egyptians.  

Women in Egypt often enjoyed wearing charms and rings from minerals and golden bands. They also wore pectorals across their chest to match the other jewelry. Also ancient Egyptians would wear gilded vests. Waist belts going to the navel were also not so rare. Rings in the form of a scarab with gold-foil bands and added a small thread of beads were very much in love among the native population since scarabs were the real embodiment of renascence. Dead people were buried with such jewels to reincarnate in future lives.

Ancient people made rings from animal horns or other minerals before they explored metal. Jewelry masters in Egypt used for making jewelry such other metals as gold, silver and copper. High-professional artisans made the charms with the purpose to adorn people and mummies alike. According to Egyptian traditions the corpse must be decorated with charms and jewel items made especially for it, talismans and rings, bands laced with stones of various values were made with gold and other lesser metals. The color used for metals and minerals employed in jewelry craft was of specific importance and symbolic. For instance, red meant authority and power while dark blue color was very comprehensive.

Garlands, crowns or hair bands were previously made for mummies. When precious metals and stone were discovered and as they acquired the skills of welding and soldering, they made delicate jewel items by combining layers of gold plates with colored stones. They used such techniques as cloisonne and filigree. Sheets of plate gold with crusted gemstones were made for elegant vests. Artisans used golden balls to place in various jewelry items. As for the beads they bore specific significance in making Egyptian jewels. And extra texture and various color was achieved by faience and glass.

At present we can find the mix of update Egyptian and Bedouin charms of ancient designs with a present-day look. The Egyptian people preferred wearing cartouche garlands in the everyday life as well.  They often had their names engraved on the rings. It is often worn as a pendant in the form of ellipse. If you travel to Egypt you will find «Head of Nefertiti» pendants as a souvenir that is very much popular among tourists from all over the world. Also available there are artistic reproductions of ancient works of art. They are available for you from $10 to $250 depending on the size and craftsmanship of the artisans.

Various pendants with Scarabs and other crystals are also available at your discretion and enjoy. Pendants with Cleopatra, the splendid mixture of ancient and present-day culture, are also displayed for the tourists to buy.

If you want to purchase some jewels for your collection you'd better consider some of the Egyptian handicrafts and you'd not loose.

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A student or a business man, shirts are found in the wardrobe of any men living a social life. Anyone following fashion tendencies owns a pair of slim fit shirts for any occasions to distinguish against other common shirts. This kind of shirts is less trendy for mature men since the design of shirts requires fit and athletic torso which is rarely available with men over 45. Men’s slim fit shirts are good to fit with any suits, in loose manner, tightly fit in trousers.

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