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Venetian Plasterwork

Venetian Plaster is the finishing technique when thin layers of plaster are applied with a spatula or trowel and then the smooth surface is created on the base of illusion of depth and texture. Venetian plaster is American-made term for the variety of different techniques and materials used to create the polished stucco finish. Venetian Plaster tells about its glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone to the design of your interior. The lavish and smooth finish is layered with the double-tone appearance of marble surfaces bringing the visual attention and charm. Natural marble is exceptional in Italy, however, it is the material for prosperous people to afford and, thus, the local craftsmen would aspire to create amazing less valuable of higher usability, and finally they came to the Venetian plasterwork.  

Sitting Room Furniture

A sitting-room is a place which is mainly decorated and designed to meet guests. This is the place where people sit and spend the time discussing over something. The dining room is for the loud parties and feasts. The meal is taken in the dining room and guests – in the sitting room, to be stated by one of classic writers. When you can boast with the apartments of eight rooms there, this is a perfect base to follow this principle providing you have a small family. The modern flats are rather smaller, unfortunately, and the place is used for many purposes then.

Niello – Ancient Jewelry Traditions

When passing by the windows of the jewelry shop, we stop to stare at those silver items with the ornament, whether intentionally or not. The frozen ornaments are encircled with the black paint in thinnest line against the silver glass. The lock of niello is fancifully twisted to admire. The Niello technique, nowadays almost forgotten, is one of the oldest ornamenting techniques in the world. The jewelry from niello perfectly shade a gentle woman skin and those made for men emphasize the status and individual style of wearer. The silver is created with the tint of aristocratism, lavishly and worthy to come to collections of family jewels. Niello is a black metallic alloy of copper, silver, sulfur, and lead, used as an inlay on engraved metal. It can be used for filling in designs cut from metal.

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Hottest Nail Polish Colors 2010

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

nail polish colors 2010In 2010, we will see the comeback of bright nail polish colors. Spring is a time of new life and color blossoming all around. You can spruce up your spring manicures and pedicures with these hot nail polish color trends. No matter if you like light nail polish colors or dark nail polish colors, you'll be sure to find a 2010 nail polish color trend to love.

Bold Colors

Bold and beautiful is the name of the game for the hottest nail polish colors and trends for 2010. Rich hues are taking the stage, with many of the nail polish color trends for this spring settling on the darker side. Pinks, purples, oranges, greens, and burgundy wines are all hot nail polish colors for 2010. For instance, Givenchy New Impressions collection included a rich purple nail polish with a slight shine, and Lancome O My Rose collection featured rich dark green and golden-sand nail polishes. The famous beauty brand NARS that is known for its experiments with bright colors, presented a nail polish with extraordinary rich «electric» purple hue glittering with sparkling crystals. MAC offers purple, bright neon pink and coral nail polish for this spring.

New spring collections of famous cosmetic brands prove that experimenting with bold colors is the hottest trend. Most surprising shades of nail polish include emerald green, purple, neon pink to bright yellow, crimson, bright plum, and peppermint green (as China Glaze Up & Away collection). One of the highlights of the femme fatale look - red nail polish and its countless variations - is hotter than ever, while nail polish with glitter is sliding into oblivion, which is, though, quite understandable: bright and juicy colors do not need any additional shine.

Delicate Pastels

Unlike many brands, Chanel in the upcoming spring-summer season reinvents the beauty of natural, barely-there make-up and relies on warm pastel shades of nail polish to support the message. Chanel Artistic Beauty Director, Peter Phillips, created a collection inspired by the legendary fashion house founder, Les Impressions de Chanel. The collection highlights the natural beauty of women with warm delicate neutral hues, which compliment virtually any skin tone: pale pink, peach, silvery gray. However, Chanel's color palette is not limited to classic vanilla tones: following the success of its autumn-winter collection, the brand offers jade green nail polish.

Another famous French brand, Christian Dior, also used delicate neutrals in its make-up collection for coming spring-summer season, with emphasis on pinks and pearl-gray. And YSL included in its collection two new nail polish shades: a neutral beige and lavender.

Black is Back

Black nail polish stands apart from those classic reds and sophisticated neutrals. Once considered an attribute of the Goths look and Halloween parties, black nail polish is now popular even among Hollywood stars. Of course, black nail polish is not fit for formal look but it's a great way to make a fashion statement and claim everybody's attention. Variations of black nail polish can be found in the collections of major brands, including Chanel and OPI. For instance, Chanel presented a limited line of

Black Satin nail polish, a sophisticated black with a slight shine. Black nails are the latest fad with Hollywood celebrities, from Jessica Alba to Anne Hathaway and Sarah-Michelle Gellar. Most often, black nail polish used as a base for pictures or glitter - anything looks batter against a black background.

To have great and beautiful and also well-groomed nails it is a very important thing that both women and men can do to look good. Anyway, with thousands of nail polish colors for women to choose from, picking one that looks great with your skin tone and with you can be very hard and difficult.

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contact.hmnshu  - color   |2010-03-13 15:36:49
i want to know which is best color for me in nail polish
Treena  - pedicure color for spring 2010   |2010-04-08 22:45:22
i am flying off to Italy for a 2 week vacation with my family. What is the trend in pedi color this spring. If my toes are going to be seen I want them to be fab!
isabella  - :)   |2010-05-04 20:52:01
Minty Green is really in!
Kayla Gurney  - :)   |2010-06-22 08:27:53
i think that some of the best colros are always that really flamboiant redish orange, howveer if i was oging to tialy i would get fech tips on my toes if i were you !
Celeste  - What color?   |2010-04-09 22:22:46

I am hispanic so i have chocolate colored skin and i can never find any nail polishes that look good on my color of skin.i need some help(:please
:o)  - ?   |2010-04-14 18:02:46
I think black would look good for you!
If you dpnt really like black try deep purple (wet n wild does super good) or midnight blue!
janie  - bright   |2010-05-02 00:48:37
I think bright colors would look better on you. Colors like hot pink, coral, etc are all good. Some other good color to try is bubble gum pink, i think that'd look good too. But it really depends on your skin. Which celebrity has the skin color closest to yours? :)
amy  - celeste i think you should go with................   |2010-05-23 17:27:58
i think u should go with red.if ur skin is chocolate it should suite u. write back.
miranda  - :)   |2010-05-24 21:57:10
ok so u shud use either yellow or green like a limeish green!!!!!!
Hottest Nail Polish Colors 201  - @Treena   |2010-04-12 11:56:38
Since your going on a vacation you should try a minty green color,
''Maybelline Express Finish Minty Minty''

If your not a fan of mint colors you could try a pink color or a barney pink color ''OPI La Paz-itively Hot''

You could also try a redish pink color,which is basiclly red
''CG Solar Power''
Addie   |2010-05-09 01:31:14
Hey I have a really fair skin tone and i usually stick with like a jade green color but i want to try something new. Perferably no black but any other suggestions would be great...Thnaks!;)
joe   |2010-05-10 04:12:38
if you have fair skin, deep colours like deep purple, deep brown or reds are beautiful.
Brisa  - Not Sure   |2010-05-16 21:04:25
I just put on some bright neon pink nail polish. I think it's kinda cute, but is it in? Thnx!
Jo  - What colours are in for may 2010?   |2010-05-30 19:49:16
Hi, i've got olive skin, i don't know what colours would suit, any ideas!!!??
Kayla Gurney   |2010-06-22 00:37:14
reds or light pastel oranges and greens, if you find a realy nice color you like thats a littel bright for oyu mix it wiht some white and youll get a great light pastelish color. i do that all the time and it works great;)
addie   |2010-07-13 08:16:56
thanx for helping me guys!!! just went to the store to buy some nail polish and i got most of the colors you guys mentioned and they looked great! THanx again! :P
shan   |2010-09-20 13:46:13
whats the most popular colour? helppp!
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Flower by Kenzo is the most popular Kenzo fragrance for women. Created in 2000, it is an imaginary scent of a red poppy flower which is really scentless. Many people were positively shocked by the ad campaign for Flower by Kenzo, though this sweet, powdery floral fragrance was conceived with the intention to link nature to life in the city, like living in a modern jungle of high-paced contemporary city. Produced by Kenzo, Japan, Flower was created by the perfumer Alberto Morillas, Spain, and "dressed" by designer Serge Mansau, France.

Radon Baths: The Healing Power of Radiation

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