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Mirrors as Interior Dιcor

A mirror is the substance which has been deemed mystic for many old centuries and it symbolizes the eternity. It reflected what is past today, it reflects what we have today and it will show what will only appear in the future. Today interior designers have a tendency to offer mirrors of any concept for any room when mirrors have no longer their utility factor as the object to reflect only.

Precious Stone Rating to Success

Precious stones is the essential component of luxury jewelry. The demand for particular precious stones changes every year due to fashion trends and market offers, for sure. However, the specialists report that the material offered at the market is for 30-70 % counterfeited product. This means only that such stones should be estimated and rated by professionals to ensure you purchase the high quality product.

Iconostasis – Sacred Magnificence

The home iconostasis in Orthodox families is must-have attribute of the interior to be appropriate to family values. Fashion and religion seem to differ in vital positions and policies though when it comes to iconostasis this rule is void. Previous Orthodox families did with a corner in a single room with icons to pray, and today it is not good enough to place icons on the correct position on the wooden shelf. The major criterion to observe is exclusivity. Yes, even when it comes to do with religious attributes and this trend is considered by most people who go to purchase or custom icons. This holy thing should be magnificent and sacred simultaneously.

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Tattoos for girls

Thursday, 30 July 2009

tattoos for girlsHaving tattoo art on different parts of body nowadays becomes in fact a passion for girls. Tattoos stand for women's style as well as fashion. Sometimes they can be appeared as a symbol of love or romance or something else. As there are multiple range of tattoo designs, girls have the options to pick up their particular choice from angel wings, sacred hearts, sparrows, butterflies, hearts and so on.

A research report shows that nearly one in four people take at least one tattoo for their body art. Having with a good demand tattooing is evolving especially among young girls. So to make them sexy, feminine and beautiful, girls can choose different tattoos for their body. The chest tattoos that bear a large space would be best suit. Girls can even select from the line of upper back, lower back, full back tattoo designs to draw their body. Wearing tattoos on arms and sleeve could bring an exciting look to girls.

Choice can vary even in tattoo designs. Where one girl finds a particular tattoo design sexy, another might take it very ordinary. As there are available so many tattoo designs in different styles, colors and characters for girls, it is really difficult to say what would be your hottest item.

Drawing tattoos by women was a rare scene just forty or fifty years ago. A few girls chose tattoos at that period that was seemed in fact an exceptional and rebellious fashion as well. However, the scenario has changed rapidly last twenty years. Tattooing has widely accepted and become very popular. Celebrity girls also added an extra flavor in this regard. While some tattoo designs like Betty Boop (cartoon character), barbed wire armbands as well as dolphins were very popular ones in the nineties, the trend has changed a lot in the early 21st century. Today, tattoo styles found in the field of Indian Hindu tattoos, Japanese tattoos, traditional American, Anime Floral designs are very popular names to the fashion loving girls.

It is fact that stylish girls draw tattoos on their skin with a view to attract the people's attention. So tattoos are not used just like as a hidden object or set randomly. In recent times, girls are very much fond of taking larger size tattoos that bear eye-striking look in their shapes. Some tattoo styles holding artistic designs and intricacy influence much in the realm of women tattoos.

Traditional Japanese tattoos have a special demand to the girls. These are designed having Japanese characters that hold a particular meaning. Apart from this, girls want to draw their body with dragon, Koi fish etc. These are actually very large and enough to cover their back, arms and hips.

Tattoos available in the Traditional American tattoos are very popular ones seen on the girls' abdomen, chests, back and legs. The tattoo images included in this line are typical American cars, swallows, pin-ups, nautical stars etc. The ‘sailor Jerry' called as old school tattoo is one of the well known items for girls.

Some tattoos made for women are designed in small sizes than that of male. These are very nice items indeed. Small ones will give you the opportunity to hide your tattoos when you feel necessary to conceal them. Girls can also found the full sleeve tattoos which could cover their arms. Subsequently, it is generally seen that girls draw less aggressive and less heavy tattoo designs. They want to go with thinner lines as well.

The most famous and popular tattoos among girls include different designs like butterfly, tribal, star along with shooting star, flower, fairy, heart, dragonfly, dolphin, celtic, zodiac. While each of the star tattoos bear a symbolic meaning, heart tattoos represent the sign of romance and love, flower tattoos hold natural beauty along with feminine exclusivities. To cover whole legs or back, flower pattern tattoos attract many girls. Popular flowers such as daisies, roses, sunflower, lilies, cherry blossom are commonly found in flower tattoo designs. Besides, the designs like lotus flowers, orchids, peonies, chrysanthemums are some of the name that crossed the attention of many girls.

Butterfly is very cute one and much popular among young girls. Butterfly stands for many symbolic meaning representing simplicity, peace, new life and a new beginning. There is no any romantic tattoo like heart. It is very feminine and gives you the opportunity to put your beloved name within it.

The written design Egyptian hieroglyph tattoos could be an alternative option for your choice. This type of tattoo actually familiarizes you with the ancient beautiful heritage. Moreover, celtic comprises many amazing designs like crosses, knots, spirals etc while this is called a tribal tattoo as well. Girls believed in astrology could choose also zodiac sign tattoos. 

When you choose a tattoo it should be kept in mind that it is not only drawing a tattoo design rather the tattoo comforts that would be a vital factor for your fashion. Similarly, you should know how to draw tattoos and follow some guidelines to use those properly. Sometimes you might go to salon or beauty parlor and sometimes you can make your design by yourself. And always try to keep your tattoo design dry and clean keeping away from sun. It is also important to decide how long your tattoo will stay on your body. Sometimes it would cause your pain or allergy as well. So be careful regarding tattoo choosing, drawing and using as well.

Tattoos gallery

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kayla   |2009-09-10 22:15:18
i like all this
Jennifer   |2009-10-30 17:49:55
really i like the skull and the flowers there soo pretty and colorful too.
sugar tatoo artists  - cool   |2009-09-28 09:04:10
i tink those are awsome designes
doroty   |2009-10-01 04:10:29
I am looking for ideas for a tattoo to cover my tummy tuck scar.
tracey   |2009-10-17 18:18:27
this is my first tatoo and i'm just looking 4 something simple
Tanya  - reply... simple first tattoo   |2009-12-23 16:02:15
hey i got a very simple but majestic celtic butterfly on my left shoulder... im so in love with it... even my hubby thinks it is the sexiest tattoo that i have. it was painless. just an idea...
Christin   |2009-10-27 21:01:23
I want somthing small but not too small and i want a gurly tattoo on my left shoulder blade i need help finding one
Doinique  - idk   |2009-12-03 16:02:11
Some of these are so cute.But than again some are ugly:)
Tanya  - reply..   |2009-12-23 16:03:45
I have a beautiful celtic butterfly on my left shoulder blade.. its not small but not big and very majestic looking... my husband loves it... he says that is my sexiest tattoo that i have... i have 3 of them and going for 2 more...
Jennifer  - DArk Angel   |2009-10-30 17:47:32
i want a tattoo that's sooo realated to me. i want 1 one my back and right arm. that will be kool.
ALICIA   |2009-11-03 00:02:09
i want a tattoo around my lower back that goes around my whole waiste. atleast 6 big stars and 10 small ones and a tribo around it
lauren  - miss   |2009-11-03 01:41:14
I want something on my lower hip, can anyone suggest any ideas?
Molly  - omg   |2009-11-04 18:23:09
I want a tattoo that, matches with my identity and with wat my style is and that is fully Goth so anything with skulls and roses
Wendy  - mine   |2009-11-12 17:03:48

i wanna get a guardian angel with my bestfriends name on it but i dont know where to put it i was thinkin about my ankle but i dont know if its going to be big enough
devon olivas  - ok   |2009-11-12 18:26:02

there nice but mine are cooler i have my son's feet and name, im getting my daughters i have a tribal bracelet wit my name and on my lower back a tribal it a heart in the middle.
Blondie   |2009-11-18 17:21:16
i am trying to figure out what i want for my first tat... something small but not stupied.
ashley  - me   |2009-12-29 03:46:56
im 16 have 6 tatoo and are going for more and im geting one soon just really dont know what i want yet .....
aimee  - any ideas?   |2010-01-04 17:09:54
i'm gettin my little brothers name tattooed on me, but i can secise where! i was thinking the back of my neck but i wont be able to see it, then i was thinking my wrist. please help
maria   |2010-02-11 00:32:41
i wanna get a tattoo that starts on my waist on the left and end just under my arpit on the rigth going across my back.I dont want it as if i coved and i also want me kids name woven into it i aint got a clue on how to design it nor any pattens to go by please help!!! thanks x
jazzy  - i have 2   |2010-02-12 08:10:32
i have to tattoos one of my little girls name and a buttafly on my lower back it was ok
Jessica  - Back Piece.   |2010-02-12 21:14:35
I have a daisy chain from just under my boob down to my knee. Its nothing like peaches geldof's btw lol. But now im after a back piece. This will be my third tattoo , as i got my daisy chain extended. Any ideas?
javon  - i getting my first tat   |2010-02-16 15:33:20
I like the tatoos they are cute they like amazing.
Katiria....  - get first tatoo?????????   |2010-03-04 19:29:18
Should i get a tatoo i'm 15 but want one its not big or small its meduim a rose with a butterfly on top saying love threw the rose stick??????? advice please ??????
Anonymous   |2010-03-07 00:23:23
I love the rose
selena   |2010-03-12 14:09:57
ilove the heart and star tattoos there so pretty im gnna get one in a couple of weeks
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