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Renata Litvinova - A Goddess of Glamour

In the year 2009 Renata Litvinova was known as a person who was regularly nominated for Silver Shoes Award which was delivered for the most doubtful achievements in show business.  She was nominated in the category We are in need of money or How to Cheat in Show-biz for rather frivolous interpretation of the work by Gorkiy in the performance «Notes of the crazy. Hypothesis».

World's Most Expensive Cell Phones: In the Glitter of Diamonds

In the modern world, a cell phone is not a luxury item but a means of communication and a gadget facilitating business dealings. However, not everyone may agree with this statement. Though most people enjoy having a quality cell phone, they also recognize that cellular phones are a consumable good and will have to be replaced within in a few years. For this reason, people often do not purchase the most expensive cell phone when they purchase their mobile. Some, though, must have a costly mobile phone. The world's most expensive cell phones were made to satisfy just that type of person. However, an expensive cell phone can both an exclusive piece bejeweled with diamonds or a cutting edge technology solution packed into an irresistible design, without any superfluities.

Indoor Fireplaces: The Warmth of Your Hearth

Fireplaces will always have a special allure. The vision of cozying up in front of a roaring fire, mug of hot chocolate in hand, while snow falls gently outside the window or sitting in front of a rippling fire while you and your beloved spend a romantic evening together are two appealing scenarios that may come to mind when thinking of a fireplace. You will definitely find one of your choice and that which suits your house decor and your life style perfectly well. Different people, even if they are successful enough to afford an indoor fireplace, have different business goals and aspirations in life, and their choice of fireplace often reflects their preferences. While some prefer a woodburning fireplace, others will opt for its gas counterpart. To one, an electric fireplace will seem fake lifeless, while another will be happy to watch sparkling fire playing.

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Graduated Bob Hairstyle

Thursday, 12 November 2009

graduated bob hairstyleThe graduated bob hairstyle is in vogue again today. Lots of celebrities are seen having their hair bobbed in the way when the upper hair is cut in ledges. The graduated bob comes from Latin «gradus» that means level. It is well-known that this hair style was popular in the ancient times in Egypt if you recollect frescos and paintings where the pharaohs's hair resembled the long bob. So far as the preferences of the Egyptians were quite similar, we can confirm that the long bob style became the visit card of Egypt of that time.

Graduated bob is the universal haircut since it may be done with the hair of any thickness and structure. Though, it will go with young girls and young women with square or oval type of face. Middle-aged women look younger when they have their hair bobbed, especially those with bigger and tougher face lines. The bob style makes them look more feminine and attractive. The length of the graduated bob helps to make the neck look appropriate, and soften line of the chin to make it more expressive.

Bob style technique

How we can have this haircut? Clean and wet hair is combed in the direction of the hair growth. Then we start with the fringe. After that the hair is divided into five zones and each zone is fixed with the hair clip. The hair is cut from the back, and the small root is created to cover the scull and the small area of the neck.  Using a comb, make the line you wish to follow in order to set the cutting guide for the back. Working from back to front on each side all the time work your way around to the front of the hair until you reach the front guide.

The length of the hair cut is formed from the back, and the other hair is just leveled and cut. The hair by the sides is a little bit longer than in the back, thus the smooth movement from hair in the back to the lateral locks should be provided.

After you have your hair bobbed, go to the stage of graduation. Hair is combed to the back, the fringe is separated and combed to the front of the forehead, dividing into three equal sections. The average part of hair is put up under the straight angle to the head.  Considering the straight line along the upper part of the head, the average length of the fringe is cut and other locks are leveled against it. For instance, the lock of the right upper zone is leveled against the length of the central fringe lock and cut considering the length of the average lock of hair.

All the other locks are cut and thus, finally, all locks from beneath will be a little bit longer than locks from above, thus making the «feathering» or graduation. After the upper zone is cut, we come to the lateral hair. And finally, the fringe is trimmed and unwanted hair is cut.

Styling of graduated hair style

The great advantage of the graduated bob style is the ease to model. Some hair care products for styling are evenly applied to clean and wet hair. All hair is divided into zones which are separated into locks. The styling should be started from lateral zones, smoothly going to the neck part and accurately managing every part of the hair. Hair locks from the front and vertical area are styled to the forehead, and from the temples towards the face. To add more volume, the hair is combed in the reverse direction; it also may be styled in beautiful waves and fix with the hair spray.

If you curl your hair using large rollers, you will get the very feminine style of your graduated bob haircut. Take a round comb and style your hair towards the face, while the hair ends are curled with the iron curler. To have your hair style look natural and splendid, you'd better use special hair sprays of strong fixation that do not glue hair and make them elastic, instead.

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How To Choose Sunglasses

When you go shopping at the large flea market you are tempted to buy the sunglasses which are presented in a huge variety there. Or a pair of them. The more you want, the cheaper they come. Though, all these models are sun glasses with dark lenses but nothing more. The point is that you look for authentic functional sunglasses which protect eyes from stress and round-eye – from ageing, but not the simple accessory.

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Traditionally the season of autumn and winter shows less extravagant and flamboyant styles offered by fashion designers. Since the weather sets the trends in most cases, supported by designers, the shows for cold seasons should be practical and comfortable. The upcoming season winter 2011 is not the exclusion where the majority of fashion brands prefer the safe and quality of classic style. This is not to say that trendy shoes for winter 2011 are less beautiful. It is not like that. The latest models of shoes at the shows of reputed fashion designers appear the real pattern of elegance and femininity that go beyond the time.

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Nose Piercing

Ears are pierced from the time immemorial and when we talk about piercing we hardly think of ears. Nose piercing is the second popular type of body piercing in the world. this custom was practiced long time ago in the Indian, African and South Pacific cultures. Honestly specking, it was rare till our days when this is trendy to have this small piece of jewelry in the nose. First nose piercing was mentioned back in II thousand years B.C. in India nose piercing is more than popular, it is, moreover, the part of tradition. In 70s of the previous century piercing as a trendy movement seemed to be pretty fashionable among the avant-garde young people who often rebelled against settled conservative traditions and customs.

Fragrances by Celebrities

We spend considerable time reading the yellow pages or turning the pages of internet journals about celebrities who achieved something in cinematography, music, theater or politics. We like reading about their activity, we replicate manners, purchase similar clothes and have the makeup done as they do. We prefer the fragrance that our idol wears and we try to get the fragrance and become a little bit closer to them. So, what fragrance is liked by female celebrities?