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Alexandrite a Gem for Kings

Alexandrite is the unique mineral among the other stones which are highly appreciated. Subject to international pricing catalogue, faceted pure 1-3 carat alexandrite from the Urals with the intensive effect of color changing costs from two to twenty thousand dollars per carat, while the less pure alexandrite from the same Urals will take you one to four thousands per carat. A big size stone is rare and if it is worth paying fortunes for something that is not a diamond?

Adriana Lima a Modest Supermodel

It seems that most top models from all over the world correspond to the particular stereotype and life style when their biography is examined. Supermodels are mainly too ambitious women with some delusions of grandeur, though. They aspire to exploit all their beauty and grace gifted by nature, youth when they are fifteen to twenty and the diligence to earn as much money as possible to become the idol for the weaker sex and the object of desire from the stronger sex.

Signet Rings Sign of Reputation and Power

Both men and women are welcome to wear signet rings, though men are more attracted by these jewelry items. Signet ring for women is just the luxury accessory while that for men is the symbol of the particular image and authority.

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Hair Extensions

Sunday, 08 November 2009

hair extensionsA modern woman makes any and all attempts to look attractive in her everyday life and sometimes she can devote most of her time and funds to rejuvenation and beautification procedures. She may do some home procedures, but a working woman never wants to spend the evening hours for cosmetic procedures and thus, she goes to beauty salons.

Today many beauty salons offer hair extension among the other procedures. If you appear as the long-haired beautiful lady at the time, a rare man will neglect you. Most men like when a woman has long hair. In the meantime, the length of your hair may be changed, some volume may be added to it or some locks of other color than yours which changes your image and attracts the attention of other men. However, you'd better bear in your mind that any beautification procedure has its advantages and drawbacks. And you need to consider pros and cons and then come to the right decision.


The most beneficial reason to extend your hair is the opportunity to turn into the long-haired woman when actually you have short hair. This procedure may extend your hair up to seventy centimeters. Once you want to have your hair long in the natural way, you need to wait for several years to let it grow to the length you want.

Hair extension is a perfect solution in cases when it is impossible to make corrections to your hair. For example, you have thin and rare-growing hair, and you suffer from it, or you have your hair cut that makes you ugly and nothing helps. The salons offer adding separate locks to your fringe, for instance, to make it thicker and longer, among the other hair extension variants.

If you do not feel like damaging your natural hair, you'd better opt for hair extension that offers some streaks in the hair or coloration procedure, and thus you do not have to dye your hair ever. The only thing to do is to take off the added hair when it is unwanted.


One of the principal drawbacks with hair extension is the limited number of hair styles to do since when modeling hair styles you risk to reveal the points of connection of your hair with the extended hair. In addition, if the hair style you choose is appropriate and points of connection are not seen, they are felt when touching anyway. And not everybody is ready to touch and feel the artificial hair connected to your natural one. The other disadvantage with the extended hair is the proper care. The extended hair should not be washed bending your head towards yourself. You have to wash your hair in the upright position only, whether in the salon or at home taking a shower. The extended hair is easy to tangle, and you have to comb it three times a day, at least, with the specially assigned comb. When washing such hair, you need to use balms, though when applying the balm, avoid places of connection of your hair and the locks and the root of hair.

Forget about sleeping with your hair unbound, yet every time before sleeping you need to braid it or make a pony-tail.

Apart from the general tips, there are some rules concerning the particular ways of extension. Thus, when you have your hair extended with the help of metal clips, you'll always feel something in your hair. And the feeling is annoying, indeed. If you have your hair extended with the glue, forget about swimming in the sea and taking saunas. And this is a true sacrifice for the great look.

Extended hair needs thorough and tender care and regular correction at the due time. The correction procedure is made on average every two to four months, though the frequency depends on the extension technique.

And, certainly, you have to consider the cost of the procedure. Hair extension is the costly procedure, and if you are offered it for lower price, you'd better consider the quality.

The hair extension of quality cannot be cheap, while the correction costs twice as cheaper.

And some more words

You need to know that hair extension is not good for everyone. If a woman has too sensitive skin of the head, if she has psilosis, hair extension is forbidden. Also it is not recommended with the vegeto-vascular dystonia and when the range of hormonal medications and strong antibiotics are administered.

If you are eligible to extend your hair, and you are ready to care of your hair duly, then choose the highly-qualified specialist who regularly does the hair extension and makes recommendations, and then go ahead and enjoy your new image.

And yet, in spite of all pros and cons of the hair extension procedure, it is highly demanded among women.

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