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Christina Aguilera: You Can't Be Poor If You've Got Talent

To some extent, we all have an idea of the so-called «American dream». If you need to give a succinct definition of this concept, it will be something like «strive to achieve success, find the idea that would bring such success, put in a lot of work, and sacrifice a lot to eventually earn your million dollars which is universally recognized equivalent to success».

Luxury Engagement and Wedding Rings: Expensive Presents for Classy Ladies

In the perfect world, the amount of love we want to pour on somebody is matched by our financial resources, as people who are dear to us deserve only the most expensive presents. In the world of luxury, even engagement and wedding rings are no longer a declaration of love but an effective means to show off and rub the new status of a woman into everybody's face. The size of the diamond is not necessarily the key as to what makes some of these luxurious rings so famous and recognizable, rather it seems to be a combination of the engagement ring itself and the famous lady it is associated with.

Victoria Beckham and her Hairstyles

As a member of a girls’ band Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham was regularly admitted as the voiceless girl who unsuccessfully tries to sing. Within a short time after the group broke, Victoria became one of the acknowledged trendsetters in the world. Victoria is believedtobe the icon of style and taste in her motherland, Great Britain, though USA alsowasconquered by Victoria with the same triumph. The style once chosen by Victoria isadheredby her thoroughly and she only compliments her ever-elegant image with the stylishhairdos. She is not afraid to experiment with her hair and that is why she is a popular trendsetter in this sphere also.

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Your Toiletry Bag What Does it Tell

Wednesday, 05 May 2010

toiletry bagCosmetic products have been used for thousands of years in the whole world. The manufacture of cosmetics is presently dominated by a small number of corporations founded in the early 20th century. The manufacture of cosmetic products is profitable business. Thousands of brands compete for the favor to win the hearts of women and they use various tools to be forward. In conditions when the cosmetic products of all big brands have similar efficiency, the competitive approaches are practiced in regards to chemical content of products to make shampoos and shower gel more attractive to consumers.  

The cosmetic manufacturers do everything to please the consumer. The latter goes shopping and looks for the shampoo and toothpaste to foam and the manufacturers add more sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) – the agent which is used to wash off greasy car details and garages. The substance causes irritation to the skin, stimulates seborrhea and the most terrible thing is that the substance that is accumulates in our tissues and internal organs then provoking the number of diseases. It may seem ridiculous to match the eye cataracts with regular use of shampoo with the strong synthetic aroma, and thus, Sodium Laurel Sulphate is still the popular element to use in production of cosmetic products.

Sodium Laureate Sulphate is used for the same purpose but the detergent quality of the substance is minimized. The lavish foam merely creates the illusion of density and concentrated content. The substance perfectly interacts with other chemicals as components of the same cosmetic product producing nitrates and dioxins. Moreover, it is too cheap and the shampoo on base of this agent is too cheap for the producer thus the sale on the announced price is like the sale of air to the consumer.

It is told that the skin ageing is conditioned with decrease in collagen production. Look at shelves with the cosmetic products of the medium class and you will see that collagen is the component of any anti-ageing cream. This idea is brilliant from the marketing aspect though it is useless in regards to cosmetology effect. Collagen exists in these products though it is animal-based collagen, produced from the skin of the cattle. The size of molecules of such collagen does not allow penetration into the skin and it stays on the skin surface. However, the effect of the lifted skin presents. How come? The cream produces a thing film on the surface of the skin which tightens the skin in some areas and makes it smoother in other. Yet, under the layer of the useless collagen the pores are blocked, bacteria grow and the skin stops breathing well.

It is told that the skin needs to be moisturized regularly. However, currently glycerin is the most popular component of most moisturizing creams. The scheme of glycerin effect is too simple: it raises the moister from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface and as a result we have pseudo-moisturizing effect which lead to simple dehydration of the skin. And again and again we go to buy the new product, more effective.

Vaseline and magical Mineral Oil are often the components of nourishing and moisturizing creams. Both ingredients are the products of oil products re-processing. They are useless and cause harm not health at all.

There is another popular moistening component that is propylene glycol. And this element is the nightmare for all dermatologists. This is extremely toxic substance and it is still used in cosmetic production. These components penetrate the blood immediately and then destroy liver and kidneys. Furthermore, it stimulates acne and comedone development.

By the way, the investigations on comedone are interfered and suspended at first stages. It is easier to make money on problematic skin and any manufacturer will make any attempts to impede the independent investigations.

Nevertheless, in 2006 a small list of components causing acne was prepared.

First of all, the red pigments matter like xanthet, monoazoanylin, indigoid, and so forth. The cosmetic products attire the red shade due to these pigments and so the lipstick and rouge you use should be of the highest quality.

The elite cosmetic products contain pigments but they are not harmful.

The next enemy to the skin is isothropyl and its derivatives, like isopalmitate, isopropyl, isostearate, isostearile, isocetyle, dekyl oleate, octyl palpate, butilstearate. These substances found in the foundation are more harmful since they block pores, make the skin breathe worse, and the skin is exposed to toxic substances and make sure you have all the possible skin diseases.

The other comedo component is lanoline and its derivatives like Corona 9, Solan E, cryolane and polyethylenglycol.

And, last remainder for women. Pay attention to the abbreviated components on the cosmetic product packaging. The toxicological services, like the regular acting US National Toxicological Program, prepare blacklists of the prohibited components and the components appear abbreviated in the other manner in a couple of months.

And the information you seek online is enough to learn about such components.

The consumer philosophy should smoothly move to the new level when we spend more funds and stay healthy than we save some amount of money for lower quality products and expose ourselves to various problems.

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