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Sophia Loren a Widow in Wealth

Being a living legend of the workd cinematography, Sophia Loren must have agreed to the saying that happiness is not all money. However, she is one of persons who absolutely admit that assets you own is the perfect tool to cope with many problems and misfortune. It is widely known that Loren is the stage name of this actress and Sophia Scicolone paved her way to fame and wealth too long and that was not easy.

Hillary Clinton First Lady For Ever

The title of the First Lady is traditionally awarded to the spouse of the Head of the State in the democratic countries of the West. This title is not permanent and a woman bears it while her husband holds the position. Thus, officially 2001 and till now First Ladies appear to be spouses of George Bush-Jr. and Baraka Obama, respectively. However, there is a woman in the political high society who is believed to be the First Lady of the State for over twenty years by the Americans. This is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton aka Hillary Clinton.

Watches Preferred by Celebrities

Happy people do not care for time. And it seems that celebrities do not fall to the category of these lucky and happy people since they cannot do without watches, and they prefer luxury and exclusive watches to others.

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Balsamic Baths (Aromatherapy) Essences Recommended by Hippocrate

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

balsamic bath aromatherapyHippocrate affirmed that aroma baths and the massage is the right way to rejuvenate and improve the health status. He absolutely knew what he was talking about. With the development of medicine many recipes were relegated to oblivion when more effective means appeared, the aromatic baths are still used without changes. Women who take balsamic baths do the same as did Cleopatra in the ancient time. And the result is ensured.

Balsamic baths render toning and relaxing effect, they soothe and encourage, relieve the spasms and pain and eliminate the headache from migraine.

Balsamic baths rejuvenate the body and the skin looks better, tender, smooth and silky. Balsamic baths help to live without insomnia, cellulite and excess weight. The baths improve the blood flow and extract the waste out.  This is the universal means to achieve health, youth and beauty.

The therapeutic effect is stipulated with the essential oils that penetrate into the lymph net through the skin influencing on the whole organism. Besides, aromatic essences are inhaled when taking balsamic baths.

The bath is taken from 20 to 30 minutes. The water should be warm (35-38°С), and hot water is not recommended since the perspiration prevents from absorbing the essences and thus, reduces the therapeutic effect of the balsamic bath. Before you take the bath, you need to take a shower since the clean skin absorbs the oils better and easier. Use cream with salt, mustard powder, oatmeal flakes and egg yolk for cleansing purposes. The essences produced for bath are mixed with the emulsifier (sea or common salt, honey, sour cream, cream, kefir, serum, whole milk). Apart from essences various herbs can be used. The herbs are put into the linen bag which is fixed to the faucet. Both herbs and essences can be used at the same time. Everything depends on the particular case and the particular recipe, balsamic bath and the anticipated effect.

The balsamic baths have an influence on the body in regards of the essences used for it. When selecting the oil, you have to examine the influence of each particular aroma onto the organism to create the secret bouquet; the unique composition required in particular individual case. The combination of essences prepared by others may also be liked since there are universal mixes of essences.  Though, you’d better use your own set of essences appropriate and suitable for you.

So, the lavender oil renders the favorable influence on the skin, it soothes the itch and peeling, it cleanses the pores and saves from «dark dots». On the top of it, the scent of lavender gives the soothing effect and helps to cope with stresses.

The citrus oil is good to stimulate the hair growth and it makes the hair shining and glossy. When citrus oil is applied to the hair ends, they never split and the hair gets silky and easy to model.  The citrus essence stimulates the ejection of happy hormones into the blood and this ensures the good mood, smile and shining eyes, that is every thing that makes a woman attractive and irresistible.

The ginseng helps the hair grow faster and it makes it healthier. The essence from ginseng peels the heels and toes from the dead cells, especially when preparing for spring and summer time.  The scent of ginseng improves the digestion which improves the skin and removes the pigmentation.

With the purpose to get rid of the cellulite, you’d better take baths with the fascinating bouquet of scents of orange, juniper, grapefruit, cypress and the remedy with enjoy are in one and the same bottle. Take 2 drops of essences and 6 drops of juniper and use cream as the emulsifier.

The scent of orange helps to get rid of the excess weight. The orange oil used when taking a bath furthers removal of toxins, improves the function of the intestine and balances the carbohydrate metabolism and the lipid exchange taking three to five drops at the time.

Essences to take baths come in variations. The particular scent may be selected for every particular case. And it is the case when wholesome and pleasant things can be matched.

Now, choose your own formula, take water into the bath, pour some drops of essences and enjoy the aroma kingdom for good thirty minutes relaxing with the happy smile.

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