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Renata Litvinova - A Goddess of Glamour

In the year 2009 Renata Litvinova was known as a person who was regularly nominated for Silver Shoes Award which was delivered for the most doubtful achievements in show business.  She was nominated in the category We are in need of money or How to Cheat in Show-biz for rather frivolous interpretation of the work by Gorkiy in the performance «Notes of the crazy. Hypothesis».

World's Most Expensive Cell Phones: In the Glitter of Diamonds

In the modern world, a cell phone is not a luxury item but a means of communication and a gadget facilitating business dealings. However, not everyone may agree with this statement. Though most people enjoy having a quality cell phone, they also recognize that cellular phones are a consumable good and will have to be replaced within in a few years. For this reason, people often do not purchase the most expensive cell phone when they purchase their mobile. Some, though, must have a costly mobile phone. The world's most expensive cell phones were made to satisfy just that type of person. However, an expensive cell phone can both an exclusive piece bejeweled with diamonds or a cutting edge technology solution packed into an irresistible design, without any superfluities.

Indoor Fireplaces: The Warmth of Your Hearth

Fireplaces will always have a special allure. The vision of cozying up in front of a roaring fire, mug of hot chocolate in hand, while snow falls gently outside the window or sitting in front of a rippling fire while you and your beloved spend a romantic evening together are two appealing scenarios that may come to mind when thinking of a fireplace. You will definitely find one of your choice and that which suits your house decor and your life style perfectly well. Different people, even if they are successful enough to afford an indoor fireplace, have different business goals and aspirations in life, and their choice of fireplace often reflects their preferences. While some prefer a woodburning fireplace, others will opt for its gas counterpart. To one, an electric fireplace will seem fake lifeless, while another will be happy to watch sparkling fire playing.

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Hair Carving - Is it what we think?

Thursday, 17 December 2009

hair carvingSeveral years ago women all over the world realized that the chemical hair styling so called perm may be safe for hair. The splendid hair style is kept for several weeks, when the procedure may be repeated in two months. Later on, it was revealed that hair gets dull and brittle to correct regularly and seek for a specialist to do that as well as our moms and grandmas were looking for a qualified professional to have perm on their hair. And yet, hair carving appeared to be something different from that.

There is a terrible but popular case. Once upon a time a thirty-year old lady from Moscow arrived to Philadelphia on business trip. When the beneficial transaction was celebrated, the woman decided to take a small walk along the city. She found the local beauty salon and required for carving depicting with fingers the zigzag line on the head, from the forehead to the spinal column, making hints on vertical hair rollers. And nobody knows the reason of what happened then, whether cocktails she drank, or the colorful atmosphere in the American hairdressers or the relaxing massage of the head... But when the lady woke up dreaming of a splendid hair style on her head, she had the real shock: she found an attractive young woman looking at her in the mirror (with slightly swallowed eyes), but with the wide bold stripe over the head shaved with some poor patterns. Though, the patterns appeared to be zigzags on the second look. The remainders of the luxury red head of hair pitifully were trailing over her ears. And the hairdresser with the assistant, clean shaved Afro-American, were following the reaction of the weird client who was not afraid to change her appearance so drastically.

And the point is not the language barrier but the merest ignorance. The «victim» of hairdressers required for the perm popular that time in fashionable salons in Moscow called «carving», while the American masters knew that «carving» was something very different from what she wanted. The word «carve» means cut and correspondingly the word «carving» is the cutting and engraving on something. Hair carving for English-speaking hairdressers is the artistic way of shaving or cutting but not the perm at all. After all, the client wanted zigzag carving, yet she knew exactly what she wanted.

So, what to do with such misinterpretations? Carelessness, plus some inconsistence and wrong use of the term can bring to such unwanted results. So, Schwarzkopf Company, the reputed manufacturer of the chemicals and other hair care products has consistently conducted and still conducting development of various compositions that add the hair style the required volume and thus favorably affecting hair. One day (not the first and not the last) the specialists of the Company presented the composition revolutionary for that time that gave the effect of the tender perm for two months with the hair onto special hair rollers. It is obvious that the Company patented its development, the term that was special for that hair style, namely carving. The composition and all the secrets on how to style the carving hair spread all over the world with the speed of the news. With the lapse of time, and Schwarzkopf Company yielded the right for this term and we are notsure for the reason. May be it is done for the inter-corporate consideration or the hair style outdated, or the profit from this patent was not that high as they expected.  Or may be the word carving was not the precise word to describe the hair style. Now the Company stylists name such hair styling as the «light-perm», and in the meantime the whole world gradually got to know with the idea that hair carving is just the pattern shaving.

This is a simple history of the term evolution though it is not that simple for everyone. The specialists in salon in one sixth of the world decided to leave the word in the specific dictionary of hairdressers instead of dull «chemical waving» since the word carving sounds far more attractive than «perm» so customized in all salons. On the top of it, the price lists of these salons include the perm and carving as tow different procedures while the second may cost higher, just because it is called like this and to impress the clients with the range of procedures they offer and when a girl asks for carving she gets an ordinary perm but she is not shaved, as it happened to our poor business lady.

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Hippy Style Evolution of Floral Fashion

Hippy style keeps the considerable niche in the fashion segment lately and it is apparently one of the amazing tendencies ever happened in fashion culture. Hippy is a counter-culture that appeared in the 60s though currently there is no need to use the detailed concept of hippy style if you want to adopt some of their elements. The point is that hippy style is something to adopt the element carefully not to make real hippies shudder with the look. And today there far many challenges for that.

Oscar de la Renta - a Sensible Romantic

If we all need a reason to justify our existence, Oscar de la Renta ought to have been born if only to design an iconic pink gown with a thin black belt. Be his achievements limited to this single flash of genius, women around the world would be infinitely grateful to him for this chic gown perfect for multiple occasions, including a romantic date, an evening at the theater, and social events. Fortunately, de la Renta is a workaholic committed to the world of fashion, that's why his fashion empire has been in the limelight for over 40 years.

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Japanese Cosmetic Products

Every nation is known for something special and we often talk about mystery Russian soul, French perfume, Oriental wisdom, British restraint. Such epithets are extremely eloquent and it seems that when a word is missing the phrase loses its express and meaning. The Oriental wisdom is often exploited lately when we try to decorate the interior of out dwellings by feng shui stuffy. And the Japanese cosmetic which is the brand itself tells about quality, eeficiency and safety to adore and prefer to others.

Facelift - the Way to Rejuvenate

Facelift is a surgery when the facial skin is lifted by removal of unnecessary skin, subcutaneous fat and by making the fibrous tissue more elastic. The surgery is performed under the general anesthesia and lasts from 1,5 to 3 hours. When the neck sin is lifted it is called neck lift though the procedure is similar. Facelift procedure allows rejuvenating and fixing the acquired result for the considerably long period of time. The length of the operation depends on the individual features of the customer and the technique to be applied. On the average, the results of facelift surgery last from two to twelve years.