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Golden Bracelets

No image is completed and perfect without appropriate accessories and bracelet can be that detail that helps to complement the look. A bracelet accentuates the femininity and delicacy of female hands or style and reliability of male hands, though a bracelet is rather a female accessory. There are many cases in the past when males used bracelets as talismans and amulets, though currently rare people are ready to wear anything except for watches.

Katana Sword: the Ultimate Lethal Weapon

The katana sword is believed to be ultimate cutting weapon by many collectors of swords around the world. The katana sword is a gruesome looking weapon and its history tells the story of a weapon designed strictly for war, but ownership meant so much more to the samurai and possessors. The katana was mostly made famous by the samurai who were undoubtedly masters of sword warfare. The samurai could unsheathe their katana and cut through just about anything with the precision of a surgeon in a matter of seconds.

Celebrities Who Died in Car Crashes

Celebrities rarely die of old age in their own bed, surrounded by loving family and friends. They are more likely to be taken away in the prime of their life, lost to some terminal illness or meeting their tragic end in an accident or a car crash. From «the Queen of Hearts» Princess Diana and fashion designer Nicolas Trussardi to the rebel icon James Dean and photography guru Helmut Newton, car crashes can be blamed for many celebrity deaths.

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Cheek Implants Surgery

Thursday, 28 January 2010

cheek implants surgeryThe plastic surgery allows achieving various goals in the area of correction of parts of body, including zones where intervention requires special delicacy, consideration and prudence. And the decision taken on the necessity of plastic surgery to the face is the most responsible as for the surgeon and the patient. And why this decision is essential and vital for the patient? The patient should come to the issue consciously and wisely to make such a serious step and be confident that this is what he/she really needs and requires. In spite of the high level of safety plastic surgery currently, no one can guarantee 100% quality surgery that will go without any complications.

The facial aesthetics is the very essential factor in the contemporary society and especially for those whose well-cared and perfect look is the crucial part of the professional image.

And high cheekbones is one of the things anyone wants. Because it is classic look when triangular faces are preferred to round ones. They are thought to be more attractive and beautiful.

And what to do if we are born with lower cheekbones? Moreover, as we age, our faces tend to drop, and what little triangular shape we had diminishes to some extend, though it is different from person to person. Sagging and excess skin, heavy jowls and double chins can round off the bottom of our faces, often making us look older and less attractive. And is it what we always wanted? And who are the people seeking for a plastic face lift surgery? Exactly those who relate to the world of fashion, cinema and show business. On the top of it, the wrinkles get more noticeable and expressive, and facial pores widen. Plastic surgery of cheeks is able to suspend the ageing process for some time. When we talk about the total responsibility of the plastic surgeons, we consider the quality of the surgery, as the primary priority, and the professional foresight of them. In the case when a young pretty 20-year old girl seeks for the plastic surgery only because she has too plump cheeks, the professional surgeon should be able to explain to the potential patient all advantages and disadvantages of the surgery, including all feasible risks of the surgery complications. However, the patient reserves the right to make her mind weather to have a surgery or not.

Cheek implant surgery is one of the demanded and claimed cosmetic surgeries lately. It is an effective cosmetic procedure that helps to remedy the abovementioned condition. Cheek correction can give beautiful and high cheekbones almost to anyone. The procedure can be done in several different ways. One way is when a contoured, custom-designed implant is inserted above the cheekbone. It looks and feels natural. No problems. Another approach is when your own fat is taken from your abdomen for example, or a safe synthetic filler is used that is placed above the cheekbone. But it is not of permanent effect but still, the high cheeks the implants provide look very effective. The obvious advantage of such a plastic surgery is the guarantee to avoid allergic reaction to the own lipid tissue. Moreover, taking «excess» fat from the problematic zones, may be a beneficial for you when you have your cheeks lifted and excess fat liposucked. Though, this approach has its cons when not all fat cells get acclimatized and some time after the particular part of it resolves which takes back to the change of face shape again. Also, as another surgery option, soft tissues of the cheeks are fixed with special reinforcing threads that function as a supporting case. The choice is up to you only.

The plastic surgery is made under local anesthesia. When a patient feels anxious, the sedative preparations are recommended. Though rare in occurrence, cheek implants complications can happen anyway in spite of the professionalism of the surgeon. Initially, there is the risk to have adverse reaction to anesthesia used in the cheek surgery procedure. An anesthesia may lead to complications due the use of tobacco, antidepressants, and other substances.

Post-surgery cheek implants complications may include infections to be treated with antibiotics. Misplacement of a cheek implant can result in shifting that causes asymmetry, sometimes resulting in a repeated procedure to realign the implant. If you are considering cheek implants and you'd like to reduce the chance of post-surgical complications, the best course of action is to take care when choosing a plastic surgeon.

The other side effects of such a surgery are presented as post-surgery edema, temporary dumbness of the upper lip, as well as the possibility to develop allergic reactions to the alien body.

To avoid strong edema and serious complications like rough colloid cicatrices you have to keep to some simple but essential rules. First of all, you ought to avoid mechanic, chemical or thermal impact to your face and you have to wash it carefully. Avoid using makeup, including sun screens, direct sun light within one and a half months. Chemical coloring agents for hair may be used in three to four weeks to avoid complications. And the course of antibiotic treatment is prescribed to prevent skin infection that should be deliberately observed provided that you want the right effect.

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