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Brigitte Bardot – a Naïve witch or a Wanton Virgin?

There is no a famous actress in our times that evoked such opposite opinions with the wide public as Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot. Mostly known as Brigitte Bardot she is still popular and loved. This legendary actress was acknowledged the symbol of sexual revolution in her young period and yet, the sexual revolution was initiated by her and the range of perception of her is too wide. She is he woman perceived by various people differently. Long time ago Brigitte was known as the first beauty of the cinematography and currently she is the main witch of France and Europe. And what is the reason of such a drastic turn in opinion of the society regarding Brigitte?

Spa Hotels: Rejuvenation and Health-improving Places

Spa hotel is just the component of spa services in the range of the highest category. Historically the spa service dates back the town Spa in Belgium as the basic place. The point is that the local mineral sources were known for their healing capacities and even the ancient Roman authors mentioned them. Later on during the Medieval epoch Spa became popular again and famous and wealthy people used to arrive to the place to improve health and rejuvenate. With the lapse of time Spa turned into the fist resort of modern type while the name of the town was associated with aqua therapeutic procedures. Currently SPA is the complex of rejuvenation procedures with mineral or sea water used to heal, various healing herbs, salts and muds.

Luxury Design of Bathroom

Luxury design of bathroom does not stand for the bath and basin studded with precious stones and crystals. The bathroom design may be done luxury whether it is large or small. Once the idea of design comes into the head, lots of things should be considered, including comfortable location of items, color, lighting and the general interior idea. Ideally, any style used in bathroom interior gains unique features and specificity. So, the French country style used in bedroom and that one used in kitchen include wooden furniture of bright and intensive colors with floral pattern and plenty of fabric that add some color to the interior with checked blinds, covers and furniture upholstery. Yet, bathroom interior can do without wood in French country style.

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Thursday, 09 April 2009

thermageFirst-time demand for cosmetic services give birth to new treatment services that make your face smooth, help you get rid of wrinkles and cellulites, thus they provide a scope of services on the way to the rejuvenated world. Nowadays it is quite feasible to lift your skin through conservative techniques, without addressing to plastic surgery.

What is Thermage

Thermage is surgery-free skin lifting procedure. As you know, our skin contains collagen fibers that guarantee elasticity and freshness of skin. However, collagen fibers loose their ability through age factors, and thus our skin gets flabby and crumpled.

Thermage procedure is performed with the help of the special device of radio-frequency radiation. This radiation goes deep into the skin and reacts directly with collagen fibers heating them; heated fibers become more solid, elastic and flexible. Besides, radio-frequency radiation stimulates formation of new collagen fibers. Such an effect follows the procedure on an immediate effect and moreover, it increases within half a year after the treatment.

Thermage equipment

Thermage equipment differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. High Energy Radio Frequency devices are more popular in USA, for instance. Such equipment requires a special cooling system while working, otherwise the skin is burnt. This service is provided by such an equipment just for one single time, and consequent procedures are strongly forbidden. This technique is recommended be done at the specialized clinics only and by the medical staff.

Europe uses devices of less capacity unlike USA. These devices are recommended for use by plain beauty saloon without fear to have complications with skin further. They give the similar effect as the above, though several procedures are better to take for better results.

Current thermage devices use special high-sensitive head-pieces to control the skin temperature, the depth and intensity of radio-frequency radiation effect that make easy to choose individual treatment courses for every individual customer.

The best time for thermage

Thermage is recommended with:

  • age-related changes in face;
  • wrinkles in the eye corners, in the area of nose and lips;
  • upper lid hanging and «baggy lower eyelids»;
  • edema and pimples in the cheekbones and cheeks;
  • uneven face and irregular hypodermic tissue after liposuction procedure (for instance, in the area of stomach) and other plastic surgery;
  • ageing and scratching of skin in the inner surface of hands, legs and in any other area;
  • cellulite;
  • flabby skin after loose of weight;
  • post-delivery scars and Striae.


There are some contra-indications to use thermage, though. Thus, thermage is absolutely contraindicated for those who:

  • has any implanted electric devices in the body, like pacemaker;
  • has a diabetes milletus;
  • suffers any tumors (both malignant and benign) since this procedure may provoke growth of a tumor;
  • suffers system diseases (like, lupus erythematosus);
  • suffers severe diseases of blood formation and cardiovascular systems;
  • pregnant;
  • suffers various skin diseases in the area potential for thermage exposition.

What is this procedure like?

Thermage is a simple procedure that does not require special preparation from the customer. Just before the procedure the customer is inspected for any metallic items, like metal jewels, and then the skin for the procedure is thoroughly cleaned and skimmed. Afterwards the special gel is spread onto the skin followed by treating with different head-pieces. During this step, the specialist makes multiple movements by individually selected lines (these head-pieces are assigned to have 19 treatment levels which allows individual approach to each and every customer). When the procedure is completed, the remainder of the gel is removed and the affected skin is oiled by the soothing cream.

The course includes one to several procedures depending on the device capacity. The length of the procedure depends on the area of treatment that is from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. During the procedure the skin is treated by special nozzles and the customer feels it like something quick and cold or hot flashes to the skin. The skin does not look very different after the procedure is done, but it becomes younger and lifted, indeed.

Once you exposed your skin to thermage, you are recommended that you avoid other thermal procedures, like baths, saunas, long exposition to sun and heavy physical loads within a day. Later on you are welcome to live your own life style.

Thermage complications

Once you decided to have your skin treated by the high capacity device, and then be aware that it may cause burns, uneven skin and face asymmetry as a result. However, these complications are caused by wrong application of the device, especially of the high energy device. Only medically educated and specially trained staff may work with such a device.  

Efficacy of the procedure

The skin gets young, fresh and it is really lifted. Once you tried this procedure, you will be ensured to get 5 to 10 years younger. Also cellulites may be reduced by this device. Moreover, the thermage effect will grow within six months and retained for two year long. 

Thermage is an efficient technique of the present to lift and rejuvenate your skin easily.  But, do not all of you rush to the cosmetic saloons to have a quick youth and beauty. You'd better go to the clinics first and see the doctor - cosmetologist who is expert in skin and its peculiarities and who may advise how to avoid potential complications.

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Nose Piercing

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