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Vanisha Mittal and her Extravagant Wedding

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Vanisha Mittal Do you ever believe that only one event could be necessarily enough for a human being to be widely familiar? Yes, it happened in real life. The person is none but a woman - Vanisha Mittal. Just one event made her to be known globally. And the event is her wedding ceremony, an exceptional marriage indeed. The wedding function holds a history in terms of spending money that has never been seen still today like Vanisha Mittal. It will probably achieve the title of «the most extravagant wedding in modern time» in the «Guinness Book of World Records».

Best ever event

The gala wedding of Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia was held at a very expensive five star hotel in France in 2004. Their wedding was enrolled in the ‘billionaire weddings' of Forbes Magazine list where we see the names of world's richest people like Bernard Arnault, Donald Trump, Andrei Melnichenko and so forth. The magazine called it the «grandest wedding affair of the century».

Moreover, Vanisha's name was also enlisted in the record book being a bride at the costly nuptials ever.

Who is she?

Who is Vanisha Mittal that we are talking about? She is the daughter of Lakshmi Mittal, one of the world's billionaires. Vanisha's father is an established industrialist who is also the owner of the world's biggest steel company. In 2008, her father became the fourth richest person around the world.

Vanisha (Vanisha Mittal Bhatia) completed graduation degree in Business Administration from the European Business School. She secured masters degree in South Asian studies from the London's School of Oriental and in African Studies at the University of London.

In 2004, Vanisha Mittal was appointed as a member of board of director in her father's company titled Mittal Steel Co N.V.

She holds slim figure with black color eyes and hair.  Having a trendy appeal in appearance, Vanisha worked many days in television media. Besides, she bears some special interests in social life, business, arts, economy and the issues related on international affairs. 

Money does not matter at all

What does it prove - spending more than 78 million US dollars (£30 million) in a nuptial? The answer is easy - money is not a factor at all to the Indian born business tycoon - Lakshmi Mittal. To bring attraction in the wedding of his 23 years old daughter, - Lakshmi Mittal hired the Vaux le Vicomte. It is very famous in France that described the finest chateau and garden.

There were a lot of attractive features to make the wedding program more and more gorgeous. The French chateau as well as Bollywood's stars added an extra flavor to it.

Married with a Banker

Vanisha got married with Amit Bhatia. He is an investment banker that is based in London. Amit was born in Delhi and 25 years old at the year of his marriage ceremony (2004).

Riding on a jeweled chariot, familiar as ceremonial carriage, Amit arrived at the marriage ceremony.

A lavish wedding

Vanisha's wedding was in a word most expensive, gorgeous and lavish. It was continuing more than six days at a stretch. At least 1000 guests were invited to that occasion where a number of richest people, pop stars, singers, world's celebrities, business tycoons, industrialists were present.

The attendance of some Bollywood stars - Aishwarya Rai, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukherjee and pop star Kylie Minogue brought some special features in it.

Meanwhile the marriage ceremony featured various programs such as Engagement party, (20th June) Mehendi ceremony, wedding sangeet, Indian marriage song etc.

The engagement program was held at the well known palace- Grand Versailles (once it was used for Louis XIV) and the glory entertained program was arranged at the Jardin des Tuileries.

The bridal outfits were designed by Indian top designers like Tarun Tahiliani and Suneet Verma.

Vanisha's parents - Mittal and Usha - promised their daughter to give a surprise. And they really kept their words arranging such a function. Gold and diamond jewelry, fashionable bridal apparel, luxurious hotel, transportation and heavy dinner were some of the features that made wedding exclusive, attractive and really spectacular.   

More surprises remain

The invitation letter of Vanisha's wedding could give you another surprise. Each of the cards distributed among close friends and the relatives contained 20 pages. It was put in a silver box with romantic poems written by Mittal's family member.

To join the Vanisha Mittal's wedding from India to France, 12 Boeing jets were hired for the guests. As part of making the ceremony memorable, the hotel was decorated with full of enjoyment. 

There was a special arrangement for female guests. They were asked to paint their hands with henna (known as mehendi in India) and received luxurious bags.

More than 10,000 flowers, 45 professional cooks and a grand wedding cake were some other features in that occasion.

The wedding reached in another landmark applying strict restriction on journalists to enter into the function.

Md. Asraful Alam

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Tyra  - poor people   |2009-08-31 15:27:55
she should not have had such a huge grand wedding  she sould have given it to the poor
Anita  - Why?   |2009-08-31 20:21:44
Why? It's her money, she can do what she wants. It is indian tradition - to make such huge wedding, I don't see any problem with that, I am not envy to other people's success
Thais  - ABSURD   |2010-01-17 22:35:23
I'm not judging her because most peole would do the same - it is how humans are. But it is strange to see a wedding like that when billions of people are living in complete poverty. How many children could receive an education if she had donated 1/4 of the cost of her wedding?
Usama  - How can you tell she doesnt donate?   |2011-06-13 02:49:15
I get what you means exactly here, but how can you tell that she doesnt donate much more to people?
mary g  - Terrible, brings tears to my eyes   |2010-03-28 21:39:32
Envy is not the issue,I am well aware a lot of people are envious, however her wedding was grostesque as far as money went. jUST NASTY, I mean how many poor people could have been help. Just look at india this is a poor country, How could people be so vain.
Usama  - Its not disgust... its just envy   |2011-06-13 02:54:23
the amount that she spent on her wedding would probably get about 200,000 kids the study, or whatever,but if her and Amit's pair will open up job opportunities, then I'd rather have people be able to work rather than be able to get money that will last a few days before they leave again begging for money... here's the thing, if you want to succeed, you will succeed, if you dont plan on doing it, then you wont... my dad comes from one of the most rural places in India, he was educated in the worst of places, and look at me now, i go to one of the best English schools in my country and im planning to inshalla study abroad
Dincha  - dont blame Poor   |2010-04-29 09:17:05
you are jealous...Tyra
okkoalhi  - Do u know?   |2011-05-08 21:27:45
This is not about envy or jealousy kind of a thing.

I mean how many poor people could have been help

Have you seen poor peoples from INDIA? Do you know how they are living? Have you seen what they eat?

Just to show how wealthy I am ... WTF. Is all about wasting money.....
kundan  - well done   |2010-10-17 06:41:41
this how money flows towards needies,,
end benificial r the poor person but working class.
Micky  - WHY???   |2010-11-29 22:21:26
Tyra, if her dad has worked for the money, earned it, then why cant they spend it on themselves. Hindu weddings a usually big, In other indian households parents will stuggle to feed their children, however, when it comes to thier daughters wedding, they go all out. You obviously read this article beacuse your interested in money, just beacause you cant have a wedding like this, doesnt mean you bagg out on it.
Anonymous  - re: poor people   |2011-03-11 02:47:55
Tyra wrote:
she should not have had such a huge grand wedding  she sould have given it to the poor
Usama  - Seriously?   |2011-06-13 02:48:10
Everybody is entitled to how they spend their money, and if it was your wedding and your dad was worth more than 25 billion dollars, you would want such a grand wedding... and who says she doesnt give money to the poor?
Desi  - Vanity   |2009-10-23 20:16:22
Over 78 million dollars? Is vanity a sin in the Indian culture?
Jeanette  - WOW   |2009-10-27 21:00:37
Spending over 78 million is so crazy!!!
And Vanisha Mittal's wedding is so grant and expensive
Laksh  - Doesnt Matter   |2009-11-30 20:28:49
We spend in the marriages the way our pockets allow us to spend and the amount we can easily afford if she or her parents can afford such a grand ceremony why the f**k r u bothered
Tehniat Sheikh   |2009-12-19 20:02:32
AWESOME!!!i wish my wedding was like tht or i was present at this amazing wedding!!!
Pam  - Excess   |2010-02-18 08:37:53
If you earned the money... use it. That's clear the wau u want... but I believe that abusing will not make you any happier... To invite people u don't know to share that special moment with you... I don't think will fill your hearth in any way. It's just filling up your pride and ego, it's like compeeting for who is the wealthier, I truly hope they stay married for a long ime at least! haha...
rana  - mr   |2010-02-20 01:08:59
after all that ! QPR still struggle,
come on amit sign some players, spend some money ! cheers yaar, say hi tothe misses x
Rebekah   |2010-03-05 13:29:31
I'd love a wedding like that, but it was her fathers money not hers and I hope she appreciates it.
Anonymous   |2010-03-17 00:50:39
they have charity organisations
DD  - SHAME   |2010-03-28 17:41:42
Well...it is their money and they can do with it as they please. I have always been a conservative though...and to me and others around the world would see this as a WTH??? Are you serious??? I think I could find better things to do with my money than this circus show.
Anonymous   |2010-03-28 17:54:23
thats still not going to make them happy everafter.......like me pooer but "Feliz".
linda pugh   |2010-03-28 18:23:37
I hope the bride and from live happily ever after. What can Americans say about her parents spending their money when Americans spend taxpayer dollars freeing young men that destroyed ACORN that helped many poor people just because 1 of them has a father that is an acting U.S. Attorney. Is justice now spelled "JUST US" How much money did that cost to take the roofs over people's heads and trample the rights of the poor. What is the price tag. Leave people alone that are spending their money for things they want. Regardless of how they got it, it belongs to them.
Annon  - Why   |2010-03-28 20:23:19
Why give it to the poor. It is her time to shine and every girls dream is to have a grand wedding. Whats the point of having so much money and working so hard if you cannot spend it at an event like this.
GI JANE   |2010-03-28 20:31:07
It's nice of her father to throw such an extravagant wedding. I agree with Laksh, you spend what you can afford. Why don't you pick on celebraties or directors who make millions off one movie or athletes, when they make millions they don't throw their money to the poor. Everyone needs to stop being so judgemental and envious.
GIBBERSIH  - GIBBERISH   |2010-03-28 23:58:19
That's really their culture and I understand that. But you know, for normal people like us who doesn't own that big amount of money, we would think it as a huge waste of money because it's like tossing millions on the fire!!

But can they at least set aside their lavish tradition and just for a while look around and realize there are lots of people dying because there is nothing to eat..... At least not that big... I know There's nothing I can do because it's their money but WHY are rich people like that? They don't care how much they spend but they care how much they can earn..... WASTE!!
kitty   |2010-03-29 00:58:44
they are both beautiful, and she worked hard to get threw school and he has proved that he is a good man, so i believe the parents wanted to show the world how much they love them and share that with us,
Debbie  - Responsibility   |2010-03-29 01:27:15
"To whom much is given much is expected". In this case - much wealth = the expectation and responsibility to handle it properly...in a much greater way than the average person. This family has the right to spend their money any way they want...but they have a responsiblity and an expectation to know what that means.
Morgan  - money never lasts   |2010-03-29 04:29:53
I'm not one to judge th rich, but it is said that th more expensive a wedding is, th shorter th marridge...so all that money could b a complete, total waste.
Melissa  - helping the economy   |2010-03-29 18:06:05
I don't see how anyone can say the money was wasted. If you take a closer look then you will realize that if the money wasn't spent on this wedding then it would have been wasted by not spending it. Think about how this money trickles down and helps the economy.
rationalist  - Lets not judge   |2010-03-29 20:45:01
Everyone has there fancy.. if you earn the money then spend it. If they dont feel guilty about spending it then u shouldnt feel guilty about it for them. If i had it, i wld spend it so im no one to judge. when its your day, your allowed to think of yourself. the only person that can judge them is God. if he doesnt punish them for spending so much money then you who have nothing positive to say should stya quite.. ssshhhhh. Plus, u wld do the same if u had it, dont act like you wont.
-God Bless and try to be humble
HA! HA!   |2010-04-24 23:16:51
Hope they don't get divorced. Imagine how much would that cost!
pinky  - good luck   |2010-05-12 20:26:24
good luck dont ever get divorce or you will have to spend £20 million again!!!!
Dinesh  - Bad choice.   |2010-12-18 03:19:03
Nice looking bride.

From looking the guy photo's he is mentally & physically weak.
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