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Victoria Beckham: Financial Style Icon

The life story of Victoria Beckham is the story of success. She is a popular performer, happy mother and wife, an acclaimed fashion designer and a successful businesswoman. She is world famous. Victoria Beckham nee Adams has always dreamt of being famous, even as a little girl - she was inspired by watching the musical Fame, and subsequently decided that she would become famous. It was then that her parents enrolled her at Jason Theatre School. At 17 she attended Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, Surrey and studied dance and modelling. She was also in a band called ‘Persuasion'. 99% of girls would settle for this, but not Victoria.

Semi-Precious Stones Glittering Symbols

Mohs scale of hardness put the start to division of stones for precious and semi-precious and in ancient times various stones ere appreciated for various cases. So, the Egyptians preferred jewelry from emeralds, turquoise, amethysts and rock crystal while the Romans loved diamonds and sapphires. During the Renaissance and baroque epochs wealthy people preferred rubies, sapphires and topazes while the rococo period dictated diamonds to glitter on clothing. So, stones were selected to match the clothing, the mood and personal preferences.

Watch caskets luxury accessory for time keepers

The watch is the jewelry that exerts the special attention. The mechanism known for the complex, accurate and delicate peculiarity does not stand the negligent approach for it needs care and foster. Watch boxes is the perfect solution to store reputed watches with comfort as family collection as well as antique wristwatches and pocket time keepers. The exclusive models of cases come as the best gift for VIP persons offering the lavish gift package for the watch of less value.

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Fashion Designer Tarun Tahiliani

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Fashion Designer Tarun Tahiliani dress A widely accepted name Tarun Tahiliani has created a special space in the fashion world by his clothing epitomizes designs, techniques, quality and sophistication. Crossing the national boundary, the Indian prominent fashion designer has reached around the globe while his fashionable works are found in big salons in different major cities. The couture fashion has come to the doorstep of Indian people by the hands of this innovative designer. Besides, Tarun Tahiliani's fashion apparel and sewing garments are very famous among the international celebrities.

Bringing variations

The Indian influential fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani was born at Mumbai in 1964. He studied at the Doon School and the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. Though he secured his graduation degree in Business Management, he entered into the fashion designing realizing the potentiality of this sector especially for couture garments. Being interested in fashion, Tarun Tahiliani achieved a secondary degree in 1991 from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Returning from the west, Tahiliani launched his first world class clothes store named ‘ensemble' at Mumbai in 1987 that led to create retail revolution over the whole India. As part of radical changes in the fashion world, Tahiliani along with his wife Sailaja brought together a number of young talents who contributed a lot bringing variations in their fashion house. With Tahiliani's effort, ‘Ensemble' brought a massive change in the appearance of the Indian's fashion industry.      

Something exclusive goes with Tarun

The Indian trendy person, Tarun Tahiliani believes on classic styles instead of molding art with fabric whereas his vision is to search for something extraordinary and exclusive.

Tarun's dressing style is sensible seen in his winter or fall collection including beautiful sarees and jackets. His lavish weeding garments, well-fit kurtis, flowing gowns, trendy salwar kameez and churidars bear stunning beauty.

Being obsessed with revivify, giving something new or spirit to somebody, Tarun Tahiliani's designs always reflect the modern life styles among its consumers. A variety of moods supplement his sophistications and decorative patterns. Thus Tarun nowadays has become one of the leading designers in contemporary world while his works have much demand both in domestic India and global arena.

Most recently, Tarun launched an outlet in the capital, New Delhi, where weeding and occasional clothes will be fabricated just keeping pace with the modern styles and approaches. The occasional apparels for men and the home decorating items are also put up for sale from his store.

Design sophistications

Having inspiration from the ethnic style, Tarun has been making his fashion arts. He opined in favor of sarees among the women outfits describing it as an elegant dress up that hold arousing sensation and dazzling effects.

Lured by the Lucknow's Chikan embroidery, Tarun Tahiliani sometimes incorporates this needlework in his fashion designs. Besides, beads, Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones are also used in Tarun's decorative design patterns. The unique design items found in Tarun's collections are, for instance, bandhini styles, block printing, beautiful color combination and rich silhouettes.

Why recognized by many

Tarun Tahiliani is well known for his shows held in home and abroad. He came into view with his initial show named ‘The Rubaiyat' at Dorchester in London in 1994. After that some exclusive and exceedingly publicized shows of Tarun were held in big cities, for instance, Moscow, Milan, Tokyo, Dubai, New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Karachi, Durban and so on. But Tahiliani became very popular when he was assigned in 1995 to design the weeding outfits of Jesmin Khan, daughter of deceased UK billionaire Sir James Goldsmith.

Tarun Tahiliani's spring summer collection (2005) was presented at the Milan Fashion Week and the Fashion Coterie in New York in 2004. Besides, Tahiliani's Lakme Grand Finale Fireworks Collection was showed in Mumbai.  

In 2004, Tarun Tahiliani was selected for the ‘Moet and Chandon Fashion Tribute' award while he was asked to join at Hong Kong as representative of India. In the same year, he achieved the ‘F Award' as a best designer for crafting women's couture.

Tarun Tahiliani designs the costumes for a number of bollywood models while his name added with some of the celebrity beauties, for example, Ramola Bachchan, Simi Garewal etc. He did some extraordinary works for the world's top celebrities as well as fashion icons like Aamir Khan, for Oscar presentation ceremony, Shilpa Shetty, royal gathering in Buckingham Palace, Aishwarya Rai, Zee Award Giving ceremony.

Moreover, some media celebrities, to illustrate, Naomi Campbell, Kabir Bedi, Isabella Blow, Fern Mallis, Fern Mallis, Elizabeth Hurley wear Tahiliani's fashionable outfits in regular basis. 

Md. Asraful Alam

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chiara   |2008-11-07 22:20:46
very nice! my new fav Kira Plastinina referred to Tarun as one of her fav's .. love it!
meetika singh  - for traning   |2010-12-17 09:00:40
sir i m from amity unversity as a fashion student .bascaliy i have my @ week traning and want to join your firm
plz let me know
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