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Helena Bonham Carter Money is not Everything for Aristocrats

We know there is a special stratum of actors in this world and we know the part of the high society with the evidenced genealogy to be aristocrats throughout centuries, really nobles not those who acquired titles of nobility in various «societies». As for actors who come from real aristocratic families with old history, there are some of them who we are aware of. Helena Bonham Carter is the actress who is in the group of this exceptional people who can boast with the noble blood. Her great grandfather, Lord Asquith, was titled the Prime-Minister for Great Britain who headed the government of His Majesty within 1908 and 1916, and her grandmother was the Baroness Bonham Carter.

The Occult Minerals Magic of Stones

Stone is one of mysterious things in nature. They stones appear magic to humans since they are durable; humans die and disappear but stones look the same. Actually, stones undergo changes either, due to weathering, for example, though this is far lasting process that it goes too invisible for human beings. It is obvious why people who tend to live eternally aspire to give the stones the magic features as the symbol of unattainable eternal life.

Plaza Athenee Hotel the Heart of Paris

The variety of the Leading Hotels of the World unites several hotels that belong to the network Plaza Athenee. So, the buildings named like this are built in Bangkok and New York. However, the absolute symbol and pride of the Plaza Athenee is the hotel of the same name in the center of French capital. This is the hotel where everything was initiated from.

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Victorian Jewelery - keep your personality up

Thursday, 15 January 2009

victorian jeweleryTo be an extraordinary with some amazing ornaments is desire for all especially the fashionable women who like to keep themselves exceptional. Wearing Victorian style jewelery like necklaces, bracelets, rings worn by famous persons during a significant era in 19th century make you really expensive. Victorian jewelry even today could give you elegant look, show you wealthy and keep your personality up. Similarly, you can at least use the jewelry items like beads, pendant, chain, choker or even medallion as an accessory of trendy outfits.

Past comes back!

Fashion changes with keeping pace with time and era. And the style in clothing, personal appearance, hair, body ornaments have also changed in the shifting time. Revolution has also happened in the realm of jewelry through different period and names called Antique, Pre-Georgian, Georgian, Edwardian, Modernist and Victorian as well.

But nobody could not able to change the concept - old is Gold. Jewelery pieces used in the Victorian age are in fact exceptionally well that are utilized in different designs, shapes, colors and sizes.

Victorian speaks for unique

The Victorian jewelry was designated by the most influential Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain who was in power more than 63 years from 1819 to 1901. Being a significant person, Queen Victoria made a great impact on the globe and that is why her reign was identified as Victorian era. There were some good reputations about the fashion and jewelry items in terms of their beauty and sophistication worn by celebrities. Having a pleasant attitude, jewelry items were very popular at that period produced in England, France and America. However, the ornaments found under the Victorian jewelry still remain their elegance and stylishness to its fashion loving consumer.

Only Victorian jewelry dominated the ornament sphere till 1870 before opening the door of the diamond mines (South Africa) and coming diamond rings. It was then widely acceptable in almost all occasion to all.

Symbol of something

In Victorian age, flowers were used as for different symbols. For example a pansy was the symbol of kindheartedness while a rose was the sigh of love or hope. Bearing similarity with various symbols, different figures and flowers were used in the jewelry items at that juncture.

At the same time, different jewelry items were used in different purposes like ‘Hair Jewelry' was used as for bereavement, remembrance and as a token of love. Besides, each of the jewelry items kept a message behind it.

Why you choose Victorian jewelery

The Victorian items usually used include bracelet, necklace, earring, pin or ring etc. Wearing sets of jewelry in fact was introduced in 19th century while chain sets was also familiarized at that time. The women lived in Victorian age fell in love with cameo known as a semiprecious stone carved to give a raised design in one color against a background of another.    

Engagement rings found in different colored stones like topaz, amethyst and emerald were worn to couples in romantic environment.

The Victorian ornaments are especially made of valuable metals along with gems that has been cut and polished for use as decoration.

Having a beautiful look with unique design, hair jewelry has been using as an exclusive gift in any special occasions including weeding ceremony, get together, homecoming, holiday. This item is made recently applying the ‘cutwork' or ‘palette work' method.

New styles

In recent times, various styles appear in the market just following the aesthetic features of Victorian jewelry. Some of the styles, that can be mentioned here as example, are the Victorian style locket necklace featured attractive filigree face as well as simply open magnetic clasp, heraldic necklace including filigree puffed heart along with a 32 inches necklace chain, cascading chandelier earrings holding Austrian crystals in a gray plated finish or black nickel, modern Filigree choker necklace containing Swarovski Austrian crystal available in multi colors such as pink, olivine, ruby, blue, amethyst etc.

Using the techniques from Victorian age, jewelry items are being designed with keeping pace with the choice of clients. The «hair art» is fashioned with a piece of gemstone and later it placed into a pendant together with a glass rounded cover.

Likewise, the elegant pieces like Pendant Earrings, Gilt Garnet Brooch and Pin, Crepe Stone Bracelet, Black Amethyst Glass Brooch, Belt Buckle Bracelet etc. are the most expensive ones.

Designer is also a fact

Like Gemologist C. Jeanenne Bell, a number of persons design fascinating Victorian jewelry combined with different colors. Bell presented many items just maintaining the market value and the customers taste and choice.

Medal winning ornament designer Jaime Byrd also designs the Victorian jewelry.

Where it found

If you have desire for Victorian stylishness jewelery for any special event or party, just visit the luxury salons placed near you home. You can easily choose or order only visiting various websites as well where you would able to know the price, designs, colors and so forth.   

Md. Asraful Alam

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