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Walt Disney – Makes Money to Make Cartoons

We face lots of celebrities in our life, from sportsmen to politicians, artists to actors. Nevertheless, there are persons who became legendary to spell their names with breathing. And their names are rather of public than personal value. So, when saying Bruce Lee while describing a person, we want to accentuate their physical abilities and merits. When a person is called a Schumacher, it refers to quick and perfect driving ability. When we say Disney, it causes all associations with cartoons on the whole and sometimes some people get surprised to know that a real person lived some time ago named Walter Elias Disney.

William Hearst – the Mass Media Magnate

It is known that mass media is also called the forth branch of government emphasizing the influence affected by mass media, radio and TV to the public opinion, activity of particular parties and government authorities, including influence of Internet in the latest years. And William Hearst is one of key figures in the history of journalism to use the best endeavors to be the Godfather of mass media as it is nowadays.

Phuket – the Real Eden

Life is changeable, as anything in this world, all is in a state of flux, nothing is constant and we are aware of it. And we change our attitude towards the leisure places. Many resorts lost the fame of the best and the most prestigious recreational area while the others turn to be fashionable and famous. So, in 1990 the Canaries and other costly tropic islands were a household name affordable by the wealthy. And today, the resorts affordable to medium class population are in the center of attention and promotion. The much-talked about Egypt and Turkey seem to be places people get a little bit sick of visiting, and so the new fashionable craze is known – to rest in countries of South and East Asia, in particularly in Thailand. And one of the popular Thai resorts at the moment is the Phuket Island.

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Bio Epilation

Sunday, 01 February 2009

bioepilationInvention of bio epilation is attributed to the empress of the Ancient Egypt - Cleopatra. Even in those days women tried to get rid of their body-hair. Nowadays this problem is especially acute because of more liberal clothes, which can be worn by women. It is not so easy to discover and show the attractiveness of your body, because this attractiveness should exist, and we have to take pains to create it.

Modern ideas of bio epilation

Bio epilation is the removal of body-hair with the help of wax. The term «epilation» is used here not in a quite correct way, because epilation is the removal of the hair bulb itself (hair-root), and during bio epilation process only the outer part of the hair (its stem) is removed. So, bioepilation is a sort of depilation - the removal of hair without affecting its root.

Types of bio epilation

There are several types of bio epilation, which is also called waxing. This is the use of hot (hard), cold (soft) or low-temperature wax.

Hot wax is mainly used in beauty parlors when it is necessary to remove thick body-hair or to get rid of hair in the bikini area or in the armpits. This type of bio epilation removes withering skin cells (it has the same effect as peeling) and stimulated regeneration of skin cells - your skin gets evener than before and as gentle as silk.

Cold wax is used domiciliary. In the majority of cases it is water-soluble wax (though there are cold waxes which can't be dissolved in water), it doesn't have any irritating effect. A thin layer of cold wax is put on the skin and then it is taken away by means of a special strip of paper. This way of removing hair is more sensible, it causes rather severe pain.

Special resinous waxes (low-temperature waxes) are used to remove thin hair, which usually grow on the face.

Bio epilation technique

At first the skin is thoroughly de-oiled and disinfected by means of a special lotion. Then wax is heated for half an hour and reaches the temperature of 38-42 degrees Celsius. After that wax is put on the skin in the direction of hair-growth: during this procedure the skin gets hotter, and pores get wider - this is beneficial for removing maximum of unwanted hair and partially takes away the painful feelings.

When wax solidifies, it is removed together with hair (in the opposite direction of hair growth); the remnants of wax are taken away with cosmetic oil and the skin is wiped with a special sanitizer. After that the skin is covered with a special remedy that takes away skin irritation and slows down the speed of hair-growth. This procedure take from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on how large is hair-area to be treated.

Contraindications for bio epilation

There are some contraindications for having bioepilation. Wax should never be put onto irritated skin, or when the person has any skin diseases, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis or skin tumors. Waxing also can't be performed when the person suffers from severe illnesses of internal organs, from diabetes, poor blood coagulability; or when the person is undergoing medical treatment with hormones.

Can bio epilation help you to get rid of body-hair forever?

After bio epilation body-hair stops growing for 2-3 weeks. But since hair bulbs are damaged during the waxing procedure, the regular use of this method for several years can gradually lead to total stop of hair growing.

Types of waxes used for bio epilation

There are really many sorts of waxes, meant for different kinds of bio epilation. For example, if you need to get rid of some small amount of hair (e.g. face-hair) and not to feel any pain, you can use natural pine-tree wax, which is manufactured as a mixture with vegetable oil and mineral oil.

To lessen the damaging effect of waxing to your skin, the manufacturers produce wax with olive oil and azulene wax with camomile extract. There are also special bio epilation sets, which include not only the wax itself but also different means for skin cleaning, skin softening (after the waxing procedure), wax heaters, applicators, soothing oils and lotions, lotions slowing down repetitive hair growth, etc.

What type of wax should be chosen for bio epilation

Before having bio epilation one should consult a cosmetologist, because the choice of wax depends on how thick the body-hair is, on the type of skin and on what area is to be epilated. Resinous waxes are used for removing small amounts of hair; hard waxes are meant for bikini area and for the armpits, soft waxes - for domiciliary epilation. All these peculiarities of wax usage are known only by cosmetologists.

What things should be remembered of after bio epilation is done?

Bio epilation can't be performed after an unsuccessful chemical depilation (removal of hair stems by means of special creams and lotions); moreover - right after bio epilation you can't lie in the sun (you should protect your skin with sun screening means) and use self-tanning cream. You can't perform the second bio epilation in less than a week after the first one (the hairs which occasionally were left on the skin are to be removed by means of a pair of pincers).

In modern beauty salons the cosmetologist's consultations (concerning the choice this or that procedure) are usually free. You'd better use this advice - don't rely on yourself: you are unlikely to be able to choose the best possible way of hair removing.

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steff   |2010-11-26 08:40:37
I use Silk'n SensEpil at home.
It is very easy to use, and it feels just like the professional treatments, only with no pain at all!
I started off at the lowest setting and I'm having completely satisfying results. Also, this month,
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared their Silk
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