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Yellow Gold – Color of Sun

The yellow gold has stayed permanently trendy throughout centuries since the warm and bright color thereof resembles the sun beam, and yet, the sun is worshipped at all times as the source to life. The night is the time of danger and fear, a sun beam is what runs the danger away and diffracts the shadow. The yellow gold is what symbolizes the sun.

Porcelain Figurines – Pieces of Luxury

Figurines of various sizes made from different material are popular throughout centuries, back from the times immemorial. The figurines were made previously from bones, wood, stone and clay later metal was used to make the miniature figurines and sculpture groups. Previously the figurines were made not only for the purposes to honor gods and spirits being the religious symbols and cult items, but also charming accessories that urged to adorn the severe house holding. The first porcelain figurines were created in China, the motherland of china. As soon as the tiny delicate items arrived to Europe, they seized the hearts of china admirers. The china was considered as the «white gold», it was estimated at the level of the precious metal, and the porcelain figurines became the symbol of authority and wealth, the image accessory for the design of premise and the indicator of the status.

The Magic of Amber – Solid Sun in Gems

The particles of the sun turned to stone have been appreciated from the times immemorial. The legend says that the amber is the residual mineral of the amber castle of Jūratė, Goddess of Sea that was destroyed by the God Perkūnui as the punishment for her love to the ordinary fisherman Kastytis. The ancient Romans used to dispatch the special expeditions to the Baltic to acquire the wonderful golden gums with the hardened insects inside.

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Body Rejuvenation - How to Stop Time?

Thursday, 09 July 2009

body rejuvenationThe scientists have developed a plenty of discoveries to stop time and ageing and almost all nations employ their own remedies to retain life strength and to look younger than they are actually. Yet, rejuvenation is the reversal of aging which requires a repair of the damage that is associated with aging or replacement of damaged tissue with new tissue. Rejuvenation can be one of ways to extend life, but most life extension strategies do not involve rejuvenation.

Various myths tell the stories about the quest for rejuvenation. It was believed that magic or intervention of a supernatural power can bring back the youth and many mythical adventurers set out on a journey to do that, for themselves, their relatives or some authority that sent them.

Youth is a great and unforgettable time. A teenager or a young man growing never recollects the time at school or kindergarten while an older man enjoys telling stories on how adventurous and brave and handsome he was when a young student. The youth time is associated with the best period of life when we don't think of our organism at all. We just take the gifts of life ignoring ageing processes from deep inside. Youth is associated with strength, and health and plenty of reserves for the whole life.

It is fashionable to practice rejuvenation strategies by means of medical means, cosmetology, bio-energy and herbal medicine. Plastic surgery offers a wide range of operations to eliminate ageing processes in a whisk. Cosmetology attracts people with various injections to conceal wrinkles and tone and nourish the skin.

Bio-energy procedure proposes special drops and water of rejuvenation to rehabilitate the bio-energetic aura of a human and accumulate strength and energy to the organism.

Herbal medicine ensure than herbs extracts and tea will help the organism rehabilitate and prevent ageing.

There are many discoveries in the sphere of medicine including the activity of stem cells, cloning development, cryotherapy and so forth.

If scientists and medical personnel discover ways to stay younger, then healers, magicians and sorceresses should be mentioned who offer to return youth and beauty with the help of magician rituals, potions and charms.

Here are tips about several aspects affordable to anyone who wants to reverse ageing.


Essences are known to have a healing effect to organism from old times when ladies had vinaigrette on them to stay young.

Extracts and essential oil of many plants contain a great number of antioxidants to struggle with free radicals causing improvement of water-lipid balance of skin, blood circulation and cell synthesis. Also phytohormones in oils affect the organism since they are similar to the hormones of a human and they rehabilitate hormonal balance of the body.

Herbal essences have compact effects on the organism; they improve skin regeneration process, relieve stresses and have an impact on blood supply, lymphatic and respiration systems. If essence is applied by massaging the body, the effect of essence to active points will improve blood circulation, lymph drainage, tissue metabolism and neurohumoral regulation.

Healthy life style is not available for the majority of people though it is proved scientifically that those who keep regular weight, personal hygiene and go in for sports, they do look younger.

Currently there are lots of diets and plenty of biological additives that enable to normalize metabolism and keep regular weight.

Those who go in for sports are welcome to sports clubs to be trained by the special rejuvenating programs making loads to particular muscles.

Sexual life

The investigations specially conducted discovered that regular sexual life helps stay young and health. Those who have regular sex look 5 to 7 years younger than their contemporaries, in the average.


Good sleep guarantees health and good look. One third of our life we sleep and if we sleep in particular way, we have chances to retain youth and beauty. Psychological visualization technique is used for rejuvenation. We should think positively before sleep as a young and healthy person. You may look at the most liked picture in the age associated with nice memories and feelings. It is believed yogis keep their organism in the required status by the same technique.


Pure drinking water is the perfect means for rejuvenation. Under the basic rules of the science on circadian rhythm of organs, called biorhythmology, a glass of water on an empty stomach heals. Purified raw water is better to drink since boiled water is not digested by the organism. You may take a glass of boiled water with a teaspoon of honey unless you have purified or melted water. Two glasses of cold purified but raw water is perfect to keep you healthy and young for many years.

It is a little bit difficult to identify the most effective way and everyone chooses the technique best suitable. The only thing equally compulsory for everyone is to keep to rejuvenation procedures once you started and the results will be seen soon.

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