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Japanese Painting

The Japanese painting is one of the most unique and exclusive phenomenon in the world culture which stipulates the concern in it from art historian and simply amateurs of beautiful things from all over the world. Actually, the development of the painting on the Japanese islands isolated and thus not exposed to the foreign cultural influence appeared to be of exceptional nature. The painting of Japan reflected the special vision of natives of this country to the world showing the specific philosophy to the Japanese. And here the exclusivity of the painting content in Japan matched with the variety of types of art works. Apart from screens and wall paintings so customary for the perception of the Europeans, the works of art include silky and paper rolls decorated with prints, special album sheers and flamboyant fans.

Gold Sputter Coating - Jewelry Fraud or Genuine Idea

Today when there are lots of world-weary people who can afford golden watch or solid bracelet from the precious metal, luxury items are not that to astonish. And the rapturous wonder comes when you realize that the light golden shoes or the lavish golden automobile is nothing but the skilful work of jewelers named the gold sputter coating. Sputtering with gold makes copper or iron items into the rich and luxury jewels. The elegant golden rose in the crystal vase or the golden mobile phone made from the gold is not the illusion but the drastic and incredible ability of the golden powder to react with strange material.

Nicolas Cage - not Easy to Be a Millionaire

Nicolas Cage is the person of wealth though he is aware that a millionaire is not that easy to be. Nicolas Cage is the member of the reputed Hollywood family Coppola along with his grandfather Carmine Coppola, the Uncle Francis Ford and the cousin Sophia Coppola. He is one of actors who won the greatest popularity of population and is highly appreciated by experts winning Golden Globe Award and Oscar and also nominated for these and other awards regularly. He is the actor who is wanted by producers to star in their projects and the movies Gone in 60 Seconds, Windtalkers and National Treasure add another 20 million USD to the moneybox of Nicolas Cage. When someone in Hollywood is suspected to be a financial insolvency, the name of Nicolas Cage will be the last in the list.

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Mitsouko Guerlain: The Most Romantic Fragrance

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Mitsouko Guerlain Fragrance Created by Jacques Guerlain in 1919 Mitsouko became one of fragrances in the chypre line still demanded till now. Jacques Guerlain continued the tradition in perfume production initiated by the unique, the most initial chypre scent by Coty, creating the second vital scent in the family of chypre fragrances. Willing to experiment, the famous perfumer combined quite unusual notes, both natural and synthetic in Mitsouko scent several years prior to appearance of the first aldehydic-floral odor, Chanel №5.

Most scents on the base of chypre are defined with the match of citric upper notes and the end note of the oak moss; Mitsouko is rather the fruity-and-chypre odor when the scent of the juicy peach is added to classic components that give special and a little bit sweet odor to the perfume compound. The synthetic note of peach made by aldehyde C14 allowed having Mitsuoko as unusual, astringent and elegant fragrance, and the notes are well balanced. This scent is not too sweet, nor very heavy.  Besides, the perfume compound includes the notes of bergamot, lemon, rose, jasmine and spices. Mitsouko Guerlain has all the rights to be accepted as the status fragrance altogether with Chanel №5. The scent has all the noble and elegant notes intrinsic to scents proven by the time. Thanks to Jacques Guerlain and his art Mitsouko, the whole Europe fell in the concern with the culture of Japan.

Initially Mitsouko Guerlain was designed exclusively for women, and the true admirers of the scent were legendary Ingrid Bergman and French actress Ines de la Fressange. Nevertheless, Mitsouko was successfully demanded by men as well, including the famous actor Charley Chaplin, who loved Mitsouko Guerlain to the extent that he sprayed the perfume onto the furniture in his house, and Sergey Dyagilev, who once admitted that Mitsouko Guerlain scent reminds of home to him. Mitsouko Guerlain being the favorite scent of the legendary actress Jean Harlow played its fatal joke to her. The second husband of the actress committed the suicide because they finally parted and before he died he poured the entire bottle of Mitsuoko onto himself.

Mitsouko Guerlain has one of the prominent histories in the perfume world. The fragrance got its name to honor the heroine of the novel La Bataille by Claude Farrère. This novel is dedicated to romantic and tragic love history between Mitsuoko, the young wife to the Japanese admiral Togo, and a British officer. The Russian-Japanese War of 1905 parted the beloved couple. The spouse of Mitsuoko and a British officer appeared at the different ends, and Mitsuoko had to wait the final and arrival of her beloved, hiding her real emotions. The history final is rather tragic: her both men died in the battle, and Mitsuoko committed a suicide when she heard of the news.

The word «Mitsouko» means «secret» in Japanese, and the scent totally expresses the symbol, and a rare man can evaluate the mystic charm of Mitsouko Guerlain. Mitsouko Guerlain is assigned for an elegant and calm woman, a little bit enigmatic, as well as any woman with the secret. The fragrance itself is quite abstract, it is rater hard to define and express separate notes that go in harmony with other notes.

Rather graceful bottle from crystal for Mitsouko was created by Baccarat and does differ in design from the bottle of L'Heure Bleue perfume launched by Guerlain House in 1912. Both these bottles symbolized the start (L'Heure Bleue) and the final (Mitsuoko) of the World War I.

Mitsouko Guerlain is still on production being one of the demanded perfumes by Guerlain House. However, like many other vintage scents, Mitsouko Guerlain ceased existing as it was before. Subject to new requirements by the Associations of Perfumers Edward Fresh sometime back managed to re-formulate the perfume compound of the icon scent, removing the notes of oak moss, and thus depriving Mitsouko Guerlain of its unique odor.

Inessa Hyder


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