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Panerai Watches – Accurate Luxury

There are plenty of watches manufactured every year and throughout several centuries, though rare watch can boast with the interesting story and eye-striking watches. Panerai watches made in Italy are famous for the black color dial plate and luminous digits which are seen at any distance, even in the muddy water. And what is about water? The point is the Panerai Company was the official supplier of chronographs for officers of the Navy of Italy. Though, the best way is to describe the story in details.

Guess Watches – Denim Style

Jeans by Guess brand is known to be the trendy and stylish garment offered by the brand that launches only the best they can. The Guess jeans never outdate for they meet the current demands of consumers at every stage of brand development. The story of jeans goes back to the year 1981 when the brothers Marciano established a small company on tailoring and trade in jeans.

Exotic Travel – What Feelings to be Satisfied?

Some time back our grandmas and grandpas enjoyed the opportunity to rest in the resorts that can be found in the territory of residence. Traveling was the hobby or the prerogative of the wealthy who could afford flying to every corner of the planet to find the satisfaction of dreams and wishes. Today the borders are extended to every single part of the world and our income is stably high to the level that we can now afford traveling to wherever we want and plan. And traveling is no longer exclusive and unusual activity for ordinary people.

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Beauty with Restylane

Sunday, 12 July 2009

restylaneIt is widely believed that a woman with thin and dry lips make impression of a wicked and nervous woman. Moreover, she cannot be accepted as a young and blooming lady. This may be the wrong impression at the first sight, but you agree that in many occasions the first sight plays the great role in making decisions.

Nowadays it seems so easy to confuse ordinary physiognomy experts, trick the time and make your look a little bit more attractive and sexual. Moreover, it is feasible to do in a painless way, without horrible-looking surgery consequences and distressful follow-up care, yet, with little expenses. This procedure may be performed as a day surgery without taking days off.

Well, this wonder is called Restylane. By the way, this medicine may correct not only the shape of your lips.

Restylane is a colorless homogenous solution for volume correction produced in Sweden by Q-Med, pharmaceutical company, on the base of stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. Hyaluronic acid has properties to retain some amount of water. This feature adds the tissues necessary volume. Medications on the base Hyaluronic acid can correct wrinkles, fill folds and add some volume to tissues in various places.

There are several kinds of medicine available to correct various defects.

Thus, in the earlier age wrinkles are less visual, and with this purpose Restylane Touch is developed. Mature women are offered Restylane Vital to correct more evident tissue changes in the area of nasolabial folds (unlike other medications of this group it is not act as the filler but as the deep moisturizer of the skin of face, neck, low neck and hands).  Restylane Lipp and Restylane Perlane are specially designed versions of Restylane of more compact texture to improve the lip outline. These medications are also used to form better face oval. It is used to add tissues of the chin and make your cheeks look younger. Restylane Perlane is kept in tissues for more than a year in some occasions.

Restylane is not cure-all from absolutely all existing cosmetic and ageing defects, definitely. Though this medicine manages best of all to correct horizontal forehead wrinkles, vertical wrinkles between eyebrows, mimic wrinkles at the outer corner of eyes, nasolabial wrinkles vertical wrinkles in the corner of the mouth, over the upper lip and under the lower lip, including adding volume to lips to look natural.

Any reputed beauty salons should have available various medication and preparations to offer their customers for correction of other defects.

By the way, Restylane wins the popularity among women who wish to look beautiful with the help of this preparation and even cosmetology surgeons who offer this procedure favor it.

Let's go some time back and see that from the time when Restylane was marketed in 1996, more than 15 million procedures were performed in the world. Restylane forms hypodermic cicatrix less than other preparations and there are no scars left on the skin after injection of the above. Yet, the medication does not tend to migrate under the skin spreading towards problem zones causing edema and deformations.

There are few contraindications to use Restylane though there are some of them. Amongst the others they include coagulation failure and anticoagulant intake, any acute diseases, dermal diseases, inflammatory or infectious process in the area of potential injection, pregnancy and lactation period.

Prior to injection you'd better seek advice and consultation by the therapeutist and cosmetologist as well.

The procedure is simple and quick. First, the specialist defines the medication and zones of injection considering the skin condition in the place of injection, depth of wrinkles and extent. Then, the medical card of the customer is examined. In average the procedure lasts for about an hour. If you have low threshold of pain sensitivity you may require for some anesthetic, it is up to you, though injections into fine wrinkles are not painless. Lips filling, smoothing of nasolabial folds and change of face features are procedures requiring more amount of gel and thus, these kind of procedures require local or conducting anesthesia.

The medication is injected by the series of consequent shots with thin needle into the dermis under the wrinkle or fold. When lips are filled, the medication is injected along the lip contour.

In a quite while the medication fills the wrinkles and the skin smoothes and levels.

The medication effect lasts from 8 to 12 months, after this period it resolves and goes out off the body.

Soon after you had  Restylane injected it is recommended that you avoid saunas, baths and swimming pools within a week. Also avoid sunbathing in the sun or solarium within 10 days. No face massaging, no other cosmetic procedures within 2 months.

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