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Liliane Bettencourt Money Does Smell

The names of people who can boast with their wealth are known to anyone and their personal and social life exerts the attention of the wide public and mass media either. Nevertheless, the cases are not rare when too wealthy people prefer living a restricted life and the details of their life are revealed only when scandals occur. Liliane Bettencourt, the heiress and owner of the cosmetic empire L’Oreal, grasped the same fate.

Monica Bellucci an Italian beauty

No surprising to see beautiful women around us. There are lots of very beautiful women around us. There is a plenty of sex-symbols who appear with the frequency of once a year in tabloids. And as the contrast with those of them, there are women who are difficult to fall into any category of women. Such legends of various epochs as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and  Catherine Deneuve cannot be confused with changing sex-symbols of our times. And Monica Bellucci belongs to the rare category of women who grew over the category of just sex-symbols. The most beautiful women are believed to appear and live in Russia and in Italy.

Olsen Sisters: Siblings or Profitable Business Brand?

Do you think the wealthiest businessman of the last decade is Bill Gates with his computer kingdom and the largest pocket in the world? Or it is Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google search machines who launched his work in 1998 at the zero financial support and relations and who managed to earn approximately 20 billions by the year 2008? Many men, many minds, as the saying states though there are rare people who can argue one the matter that sisters Olsen are real business ladies with the perfect business instinct who are able to earn the fortune without any help and this ability is worth discussing.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Thursday, 09 July 2009

breast reduction surgeryThough a plenty of community are normally going for breast implants to enlarge their breast size, today, women as chipper as men are having breast reduction to lessen their breast measurement. Some possibly unaware, that the procedure of liposuction is used to arrange the breast decrease surgery. In all cases, breast enlargement is done with the obvious purpose to increase attraction of men.

While reduction mammoplasty is performed more often, and the reasons of the surgery unlike breast enlargement is rarely based on the desire of a woman to grow attractive to men. In general, such surgery is performed under medical indications since hypertrophied breasts make the woman feel discomfort and suffer from spinal cord problems. And these cases are subjects to the surgery, and if done a woman can avoid defected posture which can bring the chain of diseases that affect internal organs.

The issue of reduction mammoplasty is preliminary discussed between the doctor and the patient and is performed considering the idea of the woman on the beautiful shape of breasts. In other words, the patient has a chance to get rid of unpleasant consequences and gain beautiful breasts.

Prior to surgery the woman has a personal consultation with the breast specialist who examines and discovers true reasons for such surgery and hints on the most beneficial way to get rid of the problem without surgery. In the event if the surgery is still indicated, there are some contraindications, namely oncological and particular infectious and cardiovascular diseases, too minor age for surgery, and so on. Once the surgery is agreed upon, then the woman should follow the doctor's instruction for a week or two prior to surgery, thus, she is not recommended that she takes any medicine that can alter blood clotting, like analgetics, tokoferol and others. She needs to quit smoking and forget about a diet to lose weight.

The surgery is made under general anesthesia. As the stage of the surgery, an excess fatty tissue is liposucted, a particular skin pieces is removed, the nipple is put to the above with the surrounding pigmented layer of the breast. Post-operational scars disappear quickly leaving whitish, hardly visible line.

As a rule, the woman should wear a special correction bra that is worn and not take off within three to four weeks.

The patient is discharged from the hospital since the surgery is not very complicated procedure. And she needs to visit the doctor regularly to follow the surgery results. During first post-operation days the woman should avoid physical loads and overstrain. One should not get scared of pain and higher temperature. However, if the woman suffers from increased temperature for longer time, she should seek the doctor to find the reason.

As the majority of surgical intervention, reduction mammoplasty may cause particular complications. First of all, it may cause bleeding with consequent haematoma, yet haematoma is removed by surgical operation. Also the patient should avoid infection into the wound. The symptoms, like sharp pain, redness and edema of skin, purulent discharge are possible if the wound is eventually infected. In this case the doctor prescribes antibiotic therapy. During post-operation period the woman needs a consultation with the oncologist though tumor mass is rare to occur. Sensitivity decreases in the nipples but it will come back later, it is common with such surgery. You must adhere to the particular regime before and after surgery which means you should quit smoking, sleep on your back for the first days after surgery and do not abuse physical exercises. Thus, once you finally decided for reduction mammoplastty, then go ahead and seek for consultation of the medical personnel. Only the qualified specialist is competent in this issue and only the latter is able to consider benefits and the risks and develop the individual therapy procedure for you.

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Any woman who loves herself and want to improve her style with all fashion changes will state that shoes and handbags should be as many as she needs. A handbag is the female fetish for ever days, and when the fetish is from Italy – she is crushed. A Furla Company has made something impossible when it made affordable the handbags it manufactures. The handbags of the Company are luxury details which symbolize the Italian style with unique traditions of handicraft.

Wedding Suits for Men How to Look Like an Ideal Groom

From the old times the wedding gown of the bride is talked and discussed by everyone who is involved in the wedding event, and even at the part and after the part the dress is the major topic of discussion. Nevertheless, the wedding event is when tow of them becomes united as the whole thing. Before they go together, hand in hand, towards the ups and downs of the life, they have to pose and lots of pictures of them are taken, and the couple is exerts the attention of everyone’s attention. Thus, the groom’s suit deserves the same solemn consideration and discussion and involvement as the wedding gown. Moreover, the suit requires more rules to follow.

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Makeup for Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are common, but they are far from ordinary. Despite the fact that gray color is sometimes called inexpressive and unremarkable, gray eyes are not as simple as they seem at first glance. Gray eyes are sort of natural «chameleons», as they often change color depending on the lighting. Blue eyes can also look gray at times. Women wanting to play to that unusual color should use eye make-up that will accent the natural tones within their eyes. Gray/blue eyes will look best in one set of colors while gray/green eyes will likely look better in something else altogether. Sometimes it is advisable to play around with a few colors to determine which ones deliver the specific effect desired.