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Panerai Watches Accurate Luxury

There are plenty of watches manufactured every year and throughout several centuries, though rare watch can boast with the interesting story and eye-striking watches. Panerai watches made in Italy are famous for the black color dial plate and luminous digits which are seen at any distance, even in the muddy water. And what is about water? The point is the Panerai Company was the official supplier of chronographs for officers of the Navy of Italy. Though, the best way is to describe the story in details.

Guess Watches Denim Style

Jeans by Guess brand is known to be the trendy and stylish garment offered by the brand that launches only the best they can. The Guess jeans never outdate for they meet the current demands of consumers at every stage of brand development. The story of jeans goes back to the year 1981 when the brothers Marciano established a small company on tailoring and trade in jeans.

Exotic Travel What Feelings to be Satisfied?

Some time back our grandmas and grandpas enjoyed the opportunity to rest in the resorts that can be found in the territory of residence. Traveling was the hobby or the prerogative of the wealthy who could afford flying to every corner of the planet to find the satisfaction of dreams and wishes. Today the borders are extended to every single part of the world and our income is stably high to the level that we can now afford traveling to wherever we want and plan. And traveling is no longer exclusive and unusual activity for ordinary people.

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Chinese Massage

Sunday, 17 January 2010

chinese massageThe principles of the Chinese massage systematically differ from the technique of the massage performed by the European massager. Partially it was connected with various health life styles. Thus, the Chinese medicine has been using the continuous link between the sound mind and the sound body throughout the thousand of years, which, by the presentation of Oriental healers, is circulated in the organism by meridians as Chi energy.

The contemporary Western medicine has far more points of contact with the Chinese treatment. Anyone could hear of so called reflector zones that have a direct link with internal organs. These zones are concentrated in large quantities as the active biological points on palms, soles, and auricle and in other points. As the Chinese medicine tells, biologically active zones are dispersed in the entire organism and are linked between with particular and specific canals which appear to be the energetic routes for Chi energy circulation. The appropriate and correct impact on these points allows restoring usual passability of energetic canals and, therefore, it rehabilitates the health of a human being. The key procedures of the Chinese massage are based upon the principles of the reflectory therapy. These procedures are not very complicated; they are rather easy to be learnt by anyone. And hence, you do not need to be a guru of reflex therapy to perform the Chinese massage appropriately and effectively. This procedure is affordable for everyone unlike the other kind of reflectory therapy, called acupuncture where the high precision of pins insertion is of very essential and vital meaning. And if you mistaken and insert the pin in the wrong position shifting to one to two millimeter, you may have the adverse effect onto your organism. And you will never know the reason and consequences of your mistake.

Therefore, acupuncture as the other procedure to impact the biologically active points of the body should be performed by qualified professionals. So, what the Chinese massage results in? First of all, the zones with abundant nervous ends are exposed to external effect that stimulates the complicated chain of biochemical reactions. On the top of it, in the areas full of reflectory points, biologically active substances release, so called tissue hormones, including prostaglandin, kinin, histamine and others. The latter are able to manage the width of the vessel wall, regulate the blood flow intensity in organs and tissues, optimize overall and local metabolic processes, and improve the oxygen supply and nutritious components for the body cells. And with it, these tissue hormones function as the triggering point to start the neuroregulatory reactions.

The Chinese massage technique is good to apply with the aim to prevent diseases and with recreational purposes, since the particular procedures of the Oriental massage may be successfully used for therapeutic purposes. Moreover, the Chinese massage helps to suspend the ageing processes and avoid facial wrinkles. Let us consider some exercises of the Chinese massage and practical benefit for the organism. Thus, with the aim to strengthen the resistibility of the organism to respiratory diseases with the help of massage of nostrils. You have to make 15 to 20 circles with your index finger onto the skin of each nostril on a daily basis. And such an unusual technique for an ordinary European native as a self-massage of the mouth with the tongue will help to strengthen the overall resistance of the organism to various infections. To do that, press with your tongue onto the inner side of the frontal teeth and the hard palate. In order to relief the fatigue and activate the cerebration, place the right hand onto your forehead, and the left hand - onto the back of the head. The, with significant pressing onto the skin, move your right hand towards the occiput and at the same time move your left hand towards the forehead. On the top of all, the circle massage of the occiput close to the foundation of the scull will relieve the headache. If you massage your loins following the Chinese massage technique, you may gain improvement of your vision and hearing, harmonization of the nervous system, and remove functional kidney impairments. To achieve this, you need to put your hands onto the loins area, and pressing the skin tightly, move your palms towards the tailbone. When you move your palms from the outer corner of eyebrows along your cheeks and to the chin, you may have your wrinkles less visible.

Chinese massage is wholesome for every age and it stimulates the overall progress of children in studying. In addition, Chinese massage is a pleasant and painless procedure without any contraindications and side effects that ensures the cheerfulness and positive emotions.

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Evan  - unability to control muscles on right side of face   |2010-10-15 08:53:39
I have been overall, thank G-d, a very healthy individual all of my 30 years. I received several chinese massages in Los Angeles over the last couple years for relaxation...some were very painful. Now, I have trouble moving the muscles in my right cheek. Also I get twitches in my right cheek as well as other parts of my body. In addition, i have a deep pain in my right eye and right ear. Is it possible that one of these chinese massagers on purpose of by accident did some damage? How do I fix this? What do you suggest I do? It is ruining my life.
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